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Charles Green Shaw (1892-1974) explored his delights and his passions through a variety of professions: satirical journalist, painter, defender of avant-garde art, children’s book author, and poet. The Charles Green Shaw papers, donated to the Archives of American Art in 1974, narrate the artist’s journey. 

In his 1947 children’s book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, Shaw uses simple sentences and even simpler pictures to create a guessing game that urges children to use their imaginations when looking at the world around them. Shaw’s white-on-blue illustrations recall the amoeba-like shapes that appear in some of his paintings.

anonymous asked:

Aishwarya had a hard time conceiving? I didn't know that. Also aaradhya is so tall for a 5 year old i wonder how tall she'll be when she hits puberty

She had a hard time conceiving, and then after Aaradhya was born she had health complications. Which makes the media backlash regarding her weight even more insidious, because apparently everyone knew she was struggling with her health and chose to skewer her for her appearance anyway (this was according to a journalist who defended her at the time).

Aaradhya is definitely going to be a tall girl! Both her parents are tall, her maternal uncle and paternal aunt are tall, her grandfather is tall…if she’s even an average of all of them, she’s still going to tower over everyone lol (and it’s going to be really funny if she decides to act and debuts alongside Abram and Azaad, because they’re bound to be short like their parents).