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If the Okumura twins were triplets, and had a sister (everything that happened did but just with her there too) Anyways, if she had been dating Renzo in secret and they were found out how would all the demon bros react to their little sister having a boyfriend?

I love this ask sm, it includes most of my favourite characters! Includes manga spoilers!


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  • Would immediately threaten Renzo and pull his sister away from him
  • Wouldn’t hesitate to beat him up
  • He’s flaming up as he does so
  • Bon and his sister literally has to pry him off him
  • He wouldn’t like it at all
  • Not just because his sister has a boyfriend but because its Renzo and Rin knows what a huge pervert he is
  • Also because he’s an illuminati spy so he cannot be fully trusted
  • After a while, he’d come to accept it but would never like it
  • Would watch them 24/7 
  • Would become even more protective of his sister even if she could defend herself
  • Would order Kuro to sneak around and spy on them whenever he couldn’t


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  • Wouldn’t be happy about it either
  • Would threaten Renzo
  • Maybe even point his gun at him
  • But wouldn’t shoot, it’s just to scare him
  • Would urge his sister to breakup with him because he believes Shima is untrustworthy
  • Would make him promise to take care of his sister


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  • If he didn’t already plan it then he might be slightly surprised
  • Would offer his congratulations and make some comment about young love
  • Would think they were cute
  • Tell him to treat his lady well
  • or else
  • However, if Renzo hurt her in any way he’d certainly have a fate worse then death
  • Despite the triplets not acknowledging Mephisto as their brother, they still are, and Mepphy sees that, so he wouldn’t let any harm other then what he plans come to them
  • He might chop Shima’s cock off as punishment cause it rules out sex & masturbating which are literally some of Renzo’s favourite things


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  • Wouldn’t really care too much
  • It would leave a bittersweet taste in his mouth
  • Would often follow them around and spy on them to make sure she is alright
  • He may have tried to kill his sister on more then one occasion but they are still siblings and therefore he would want to protect her
  • He sees himself as the big brother who’ll have her back
  • Wouldn’t let Renzo hurt her in the slightest
  • Would tear him to pieces in seconds without a second thought


  • Doesn’t know his sister well
  • Therefore cannot really say anything about it 
  • However he knows Renzo
  • Would warn him to take care of his sister
  • Wouldn’t be happy if he didn’t
  • Most likely kill him

therapy went well. im proud of myself for talking about thursdays appt. she somewhat understood me and apologized for cursing. the only thing that bugged me was how she tried to defend herself saying things like shes human too and wants to think shes really good at what shes doing. she takes everything maybe too personally. i like that shes open and well, also a human being, but it felt like i was supposed to sugar coat shit to her and like i was supposed to make HER feel good and talented. its her job to help people but it felt like i need to be “nt” and praise her for doing her job and show her that her therapy methods are the best and nothing can go wrong. like she has to “cure” me for her therapy to be good to me. of course if i dont want to talk abt things i dont have to but i sure as hell dont have to make her feel great. shes helping me to help myself but sometimes it feels like shes doing this all just for herself, not at all for her patients. she tried saying that we are equal but i know she places herself above me. i just know it.

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Hi, I'm from Brazil and I loved your blog. What kind of woman would Madara fall in love with? the way you look? personality? Obrigado <3

Hey! Thank you for giving this blog love~~~ <3


  • They would have to be really strong, dignified and well-spoken. He really likes it when someone is able to speak for themselves and stand for what they believe in
  • He would find a little bit of shyness cute? Like someone who is a bit softer in conversation than the average person until they open up more. He would think a soft voice on a woman would be sweet
  • Madara also is really attracted to intelligence, so he’d be more likely to fall for someone who is really smart and has a lot of wit
  • The ability to take care of themselves is also a must for him, because he is so the type to worry a lot about his s/o and he would feel more comfortable with her if she was able to fight well and defend herself
  • He would also find it surprising and enjoyable, to and extent, if she was able to hold him in conversation. Not like talking back, but logically questioning and using reason in arguments. He would want them to be able to keep up with him
  • He would also like someone who is much calmer than him, doesn’t really have a temper and has a lot of patience, because let’s be real anyone dating Madara would need to be really patient lol


  • He finds long hair reaaally attractive. Like, any length below your shoulder blades he would think is really nice. He would also like if a woman looked like she took care of her hair as well, i.e. not a wild mess like his own lol
  • He likes shorter women, at least shorter than him. The perfect height would be if their head fit right under his chin so his head could rest on theirs without effort
  • Madara does tend to notice small details just for curiosity’s sake, so he would notice someone’s hands. He thinks soft, more gentle hands on a woman is nice
  • He’s really not very…picky? When it comes to appearances. The only things he might not be attracted to is excessive piercings or tattoos. As long as they aren’t taller than he is or is really unkempt, he doesn’t have a checklist of things he is looking for in someone’s appearance

Watch: Serena Williams just masterfully defended herself against a manipulative reporter and gave us all a world class lesson in self love at the same time

There are 101 ways this exchange could’ve gone differently. However, Williams’ concise directive, “You should apologize,” did more than demand kindness. It demanded accountability for rudeness. Well done. This is truly the perfect lesson in “How to respond to respond rude people in 2017.”

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everything about this scene is precious gold but can we please talk about how Shiro took off his helmet so he could dry out his little hair tuft and how he’s immensely enjoying letting it blow freely in the wind

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Florida woman not allowed to claim “Stand Your Ground” against abusive husband is freed

  • Marissa Alexander, the Jacksonville, Florida, woman jailed in 2012 over a warning shot she fired to defend herself from an attack by her abusive husband, was freed from house arrest Friday.
  • According to the anti-violence initiative Survived and Punished, Alexander has completed two years of court-ordered home confinement, after she served nearly three years in state prison on weapons and assault charges. 
  • In 2014, following an appeal of her conviction in a jury trial, Alexander accepted a plea deal to avoid a potential 60 years behind bars. Read more.
How Buzzfeed Thinks It's Cool To Tear People Down: a response to their recent article on Taylor Swift.

Vulnerability and victimizing are two very different words, and I think you should learn how to use them. There is beauty in being vulnerable and sharing your story with the entire world. So many artists write their own songs about their personal life and relationships, yet the media only chooses to go after Taylor Swift. She’s not playing the victim, you and the media have MADE her the victim. You have been pinning her as a slut, whore, serial dater, etc., her entire career. You have been labeling her with nasty titles instead of encouraging her, a young woman with the strength to use her stories as lessons. You constantly put her down and the minute she tries to speak up, you tell her that she’s the bad guy for trying to defend herself. You look at her music as her complaining about her heart being broken. But have you ever considered to look at it as “wow, a young woman was emotionally abused and she has the strength to share her story and help other people going through the same thing”? Have you ever considered that? Have you ever considered that maybe she’s not the problem? Why don’t you write articles about the people that have hurt her? Why don’t you write about all the other women doing the same thing? Why don’t you write about male artists doing the same thing? Think about that. Think about what you’re doing. Your words reach as many people as Taylor’s music does, but your words leave a different impact. You take anything good Taylor’s done and then turn it into a crime. You look at her being a good artist and her helping people as her “befriending vulnerable fans”. I’m one of those ‘vulnerable fans’. She left me a message when I needed it most and I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. She took the time to reach out to me and help me. And after that, she took the time to watch me online and welcome me into her parents home. She doesn’t befriend us because she thinks it’s a job, she’s there for us because she cares, and she knows what it’s like to feel the lowest of lows. She’s felt that because of you. So next time you go to write a article that invalidates someone’s feelings, think again. I hope you remember that writing things like this because it’s the ‘popular thing to do’ doesn’t make it okay. If you want to criticize someone for writing about their feelings, you should criticize everyone else doing it, too. I’d keep going but I think i’m going to write an article on how Buzzfeed thinks it’s cool to tear people down.

The signs as stuff people in my creative writing class have said
  • Aries: "God bless A-FUCKING-merica."
  • Taurus: "Turn off the music, Mae, we're trying to pray to Steve Bushemi."
  • Gemini: "Hey, here's a new rule: shut up."
  • Cancer: "I'm gonna go rescue that bird."
  • Leo: "I'm always a slut for being a slut."
  • Virgo: "No swearing in my classroom."
  • Libra: "Marshall is triggered by pasta."
  • Scorpio: "Who else likes to sodomize Jesus?"
  • Sagittarius: "How am I going to get into the NFL now?"
  • Capricorn: "I HATE 13th century France."
  • Aquarius: "Don't kinkshame Emily Dickinson; she's not here to defend herself."
  • Pisces: "We can't scream while Sarah's here."
She is a profoundly gentle person… But this must be one reason for her terribly self-destructive history. She’s rarely known how to defend herself, except by withdrawal (tuning out, running away). How come she never developed even a normal capacity for hostility? … Too much insecurity to allow anger. But if there’s no anger experienced, one feels so vulnerable—
—  Susan Sontag, from As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks 1964-1980

When Lena looks up at Kara as she’s defending herself, “it’s not me”, she is begging Kara not to believe that because she doesn’t want Kara to think it might actually be her, she’s pleading not to believe, that nervous little chuckle in the voice is almost hysteric. My girl Lena doesn’t want her wife to even think she would do this!!! (and be stupid enough to get caught too in case tbh)

tiny detail that i love: while emma is trying to defend herself after her “jeg elsker homser! de er søte” nonsense the camera/isak is not focusing on her at all. isak is focusing on even because that’s who he is listening to and the lesson he’s starting to learn.

of course even is simply shutting emma down and we can take their conversation at face value, but the specific camera focus emphasizes that isak is valuing even’s point over emma’s. sometimes we see that isak has learned something based on his reaction or comments after the fact, but here we are watching the process and learning along with isak via the subtle camera direction. so good.

This statue was created by French sculptor Philippe Kaeppelin (1918 - 2011) and stands in Auvers, Haute-Loire, in France. The statue is made of bronze and was erected in 1995. It depicts the famous battle between La Bête du Gevaudan and Marie-Jeanne Valet that took place on August 11th 1765. During the fight, Valet defended herself and her sister by stabbing the fearsome beast in the chest with a spear. While the strike did not kill the creature, it was an incredible act of bravery and Valet was able to save herself and her sister. The two girls escaped alive. Legend has it that  La Bête stood on her hind legs, placing a paw over the wound and rolled into the river nearby - vanishing until her next kill.

Guys. when I went to go see Louis and stuff. I met this chick in line who has met the guys multiple times each. I asked her how and she straight up was like. I used to stalk. And I’m like….. how are you okay with that? She told me she would park in front of their houses until they came out. And I guess this one time last year she went to this restaurant and Niall and his buddies just happened to show up. And Niall called her straight out. “Guys don’t talk to them they are stalkers.” And she said she got teary eyed and defended herself saying she wasn’t and they were at this restaurant before them. He shrugged and was like, “Well I’ve seen you before. A lot actually. So yeah.” And went on to ignore her and her friend. Like. The guys KNOW. They aren’t stupid. Don’t invade privacy.

Ginny Weasley starts to judge everything by one standard.

“Could this be the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life?”

And the answer, of course, is always no.

Could going on a date be the worst thing ever in her life? Could she survive?

Of course. She picked up a journal once. It couldn’t be worse than that decision. And she survived that.

Could joining a secret underground army to defend against the rising evil be the worst decision ever? Would it kill her?

Of course not. She once wrote in her diary that she was in love with Harry Potter. It had responded with a dozen innocuous questions.

That had been far more dangerous than learning how to defend herself.

Could running away from school with a group of friends into unknown territory and no plan to fight the most feared wizard of her time kill her?

Yes. But he’d already tried once and she’d be damned if he ever succeeded. She knew what she was doing now. She was trained.

Once she’d tried to face him by herself, and he’d already had half her soul by then. This was nothing compared to that.

Could fighting in the final battle of a war that had waged since before she was born kill her? Would it be the worst decision she could make?

It would almost definitely kill her, but she couldn’t think of a better decision. This mattered. This was important.

She almost died once. Once, when the most important thing in her world was a boy she loved and a diary that understood her, she’d almost died just to be accepted.

This was far more important than that.

And so Ginny learns anything is possible if you have enough nerve.

She just hopes no one ever asks her where hers comes from.


Bet you didn’t know I have an Overwatch OC, eh?

I was thinking about Zenyatta’s line in-game when he mentions having brothers and sisters at Shambali, and there’s been a distinct lack of female-presenting/voiced omnics so far, so… I made my own! This is Tekhartha Quanatta–named for Quan Yin, a buddhist figure of mercy and compassion.

Quanatta wanted to help spread Mondatta’s message, so she took to traveling, learning to fight to defend herself (I was inspired by Shaolin Monks) if necessary. She moves from place to place, teaching small groups about human-omnic harmony; especially children, whom she adores. She is soft-spoken, sweet and reserved, adores plants and flowers, and prefers to leave violence as an absolute last resort; she tends to be forgiving of others to a fault.

In a fight, she primarily uses her (collapsible) quarterstaff in swift, close-range combat, rarely staying still–she is fragile but quick, and is capable of blocking some attacks with her staff a limited number of times. She also uses her connection to the Iris to manipulate a set of steel lotus petals, which typically hover around her at rest, and can be shot off as weak ranged attacks (out of combat, she can move them around to make little ‘puppets’ to help tell stories). Her ULT is called Petal Storm, where the steel petal blades kick up in a flurry around her, deadly to anyone who ends up in melee range.

Designing an omnic monk was really fun and I hope to draw more of Quanatta in the future! ♥

“And then you whisper my name,” he murmurs, resting his cheek on her shoulder, his breath coming hard against the side of her jaw. His hair is impossibly soft and it tickles her earlobe, but Rey tries her best not to jerk away and bring him to lucidity. “What a cruel…little thing you are…”

His eyes shut again as he brings in air through his nose and out through his mouth, as if trying to come to terms with her cruelty. Rey stares at the ceiling.

This could not be happening.

“I am not cruel,” she defends, unsure of whether she’s defending herself against a man who’s clearly not even self-aware at the moment or against her own heart as it beats desperately out of her chest.

“Hmmmm,” Kylo mutters against her, and her heart somehow learns how to do the tango in her chest for a moment when his voice comes hot and low against her skin. She couldn’t have ever known what the rumble of his voice in his chest could do to her when it sank into her own. “You are cruel. Your beauty…is cruel… your laugh… is cruel… it’s all cruel…even your—“ he stops, and Rey splits in two between relief that maybe, maybe he’s finally done for good, and frustration at wanting to know the rest. He huffs. “Even your stupidly cute… button nose… is cruel… cruel duckling.”

–– A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 17. (Start from Here On AO3)

Notes: That Scene where Rey tries to argue with an awake-but-fevered Kylo who thinks he’s having the longest dream of his life. Rey, child, you should know it won’t get you anywhere.