You know you’re one bad day away from being me.

The official trailer for Daredevil Season 2 lands tomorrow.

So someone stripped the video off of facebook and finally got it on to youtube. Not sure how long this will last though since everyone that has got it, youtube took it off. This video has a major story.

  So the bigger husky guy is Casey, a simple kid minding his own business. Then you have the two scrawny kids with no muscle on them. They are the chavs, the bullies in this squabble. Basically Casey takes punch to the face and some insults..and in one quick assault just FUCKING POWERSLAMS THE KID. seriously!

  And with that CASEY got the suspension while the other kids were free to do whatever. What the hell is wrong with the school systems of today? Now mind you, this school is in Australia, so things are different. But even still..

  Reblog this if your against bulleying and support of Casey!

Youtube keeps stripping these videos for no apparent reasons. I’ll take it down if I get a message to take it down but seriously, this NEEDS attention.