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Wolf Awareness Week
Few species are as historically vilified, as ecologically valued, and as continually controversial as wolves. Despite the vital role they play in many of our native ecosystems, wolves were nearly eliminated in the U.S. by relentless hunting and predator control programs determined to wipe them out. Today, though wolves have returned to some parts of the American landscape, intolerance, fear, misinformation and loss of federal protections continue to threaten wolves’ recovery and survival.

Happy Wolf Awareness Week, everybody!


North Carolina’s Red Wolf: in the Spotlight and in Peril

The red wolf is a normally a secretive animal that avoids humans, waiting for nightfall to hunt and socialize.  But in North Carolina, these endangered creatures can no longer find safety under the cover of darkness.  The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission recently approved a temporary rule allowing night hunting of coyotes with spotlights, putting the rare wolves at risk of being accidentally shot.

Defenders of Wildlife, along with the Animal Welfare Institute and the Red Wolf Coalition, has filed a court challenge against the NC Wildlife Resource Commission and a request to stop this rule.  Not only does the rule threaten an endangered species, but the NC Wildlife Resource Commission also adopted it illegally, via a temporary rulemaking procedure that violates state law.

There are only about 100 red wolves left in the wild, and they’re all living in North Carolina, their natural habitat. This is the first successful reintroduction of red wolves into the wild, and they need help.

Please help spread the word and consider donating to Defenders of Wildlife.

Victory: Federal Judge Reinstates Federal Protections Statewide

On September 23, 2014, federal protection for the gray wolf species in Wyoming were reinstated after a judge invalidated U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s 2012 decision to delist wolves from the Endangered Species List. The new ruling from the U.S. District Court stops Wyoming, a state with extreme anti-wolf policies, from managing wolves within the state. 

“The court has ruled and Wyoming’s kill-on-sight approach to wolf management throughout much of the state must stop. Today’s ruling restores much-needed federal protection to wolves throughout Wyoming, which allowed killing along the borders of Yellowstone National Park and throughout national forest lands south of Jackson Hole where wolves were treated as vermin under state management. If Wyoming wants to resume management of wolves, it must develop a legitimate conservation plan that ensures a vibrant wolf population in the Northern Rockies.” - Earthjustice attorney Tim Preso

Earthjustice, representing Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, and the Center for Biological Diversity, challenged U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s 2012 decision to remove the gray wolf from the ESA on the basis that Wyoming law authorized unlimited wolf deaths in a “predator” zone that ranged throughout most of the state, and inadequately oversaw protection for wolves in areas where killing was regulated.

“Today the court affirmed that delisting gray wolves in Wyoming by the Obama administration was premature and a violation of federal law. Any state that has a wolf management plan that allows for unlimited wolf killing throughout most of the state should not be allowed to manage wolves. Wolves need to remain protected under the Endangered Species Act until the species is fully recovered. State laws and policies that treat wolves like vermin are as outdated and discredited today as they were a century ago.” - Defenders of Wildlife President and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark

“The decision makes clear that ‘shoot-on-sight’ is not an acceptable management plan for wolves across the majority of the state. It’s time for Wyoming to step back and develop a more science-based approach to managing wolves.”  - Dr. Sylvia Fallon, senior scientist and wildlife conservation director at the Natural Resources Defense Council

“The court has rightly recognized the deep flaws in Wyoming’s wolf management plan. Wolves in Wyoming must have federal protection until the state gets it right. That means developing a science-based management plan that recognizes the many benefits wolves bring to the region instead of vermin that can be shot on sight in the majority of the state.” - Bonnie Rice of the Sierra Club’s Greater Yellowstone Our Wild America Campaign

“We’re thrilled that protections for Wyoming’s fragile population of wolves have been restored. With Wyoming allowing wolves to be shot on sight across more than 80 percent of the state, there is no way protections for wolves should have ever been removed.” - Noah Greenwald, endangered species director with the Center for Biological Diversity

U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s 2012 decision to delist the wolf from the protection of the Endangered Species List in Wyoming turned management over to the state. This resulted in the authorized and indiscriminate killing of wolves in 80% of the land as well as insufficient protection in the rest. Since the delisting, 219 wolves have been killed. 

Backround: In North America, there was once an estimated two million wolves inhabiting the land. By the early 1900s, wolves had been extirpated from most of America and driven to the lower 48 states. By 1960, less than 300 of the remaining wolves existed throughout the lower 48 states, deep in the forests. After 1973, the gray wolf population began to recover and rebound in many areas with the protection of the Endangered Species Act.An estimated number of 5,500 wolves currently live in the United States. 

Photo: Wolves in Lamar Valley, Wyoming, by Rwarrin/Flickr

Bernie’s impressive animal welfare record deserves attention, may sway voters

It turns out Bernie is not only a man of the people. He’s a man of dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, etc. The Bern Man is a regular Doctor Doolittle who’s done a lot for our non-homosapien friends.

Where the presidential candidates stand on animal welfare has received little attention from the media, and this oversight is understandable given other pressing issues: income inequality, campaign finance reform, and overturning Citizens United, to name a few.

Bernie has received 100 percent ratings from the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF), which works to pass animal protection laws and supports candidates who do, and the Defenders of Wildlife, which seeks to protect wildlife in their natural habitats.

Bernie’s strong animal advocacy record is something the Sanders’ campaign needs to publicize because many Americans love their pets, consider them family members, and would gladly vote for a presidential candidate who feels the same.

And Bernie has a record of co-sponsoring animal-friendly legislation covering cruelty, breeding and captivity practices, livestock issues, and wildlife protection.


Once upon a time Bernie said that if he needed to name his campaign with one word this word would be “compassion”. I see this compassion throughout all of his work. I’m glad to know that he takes care of animals, too. I can’t help admiring him. Once again I will say that he’s the only possible presidential candidate today.

Ocean Defender Tour Philippines 
  • Greenpeace activists showing their message at Apo Island while a green sea turtle blends into to the reef.
  • What used to be the healthy corals of the MPA of Apo Island now resemble a coral graveyard.
  • Scientists and volunteers put a coral module at the MPA of Apo Island. These modules are made up out of old coral rubble and cement and can encourage coral growth so the reef can recover quickly. (x)

Pretty awesome gift idea from Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife is my favorite wildlife charity, with 91% of it’s funds going directly to programs and support services, and the other 9% going toward fundraising. When you adopt a wolf your money goes to: 

  • Helping Defenders fight anti-wolf extremism on the ground and ensure a lasting future for wolves in their natural homes.
  • To underwrite wolf-saving work with ranchers to keep livestock and wolf packs apart.
  • To post rewards and help bring to justice people who illegally kill wolves.

The wolf adoption gifts are currently on sale, but they have a ton of other animals to choose from!

New hunting seasons and heavy-handed state management plans could cost the lives of hundreds of wolves across Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

Defenders of Wildlife has a better answer.

That’s why we’re launching new ads in the Northern Rockies to promote support for wolves and secure a lasting future for these magnificent animals.

Ads like these can make a powerful difference for our wolves. They can educate. They can inform. And they can shift public opinion – which too often can paint wolves in an unfavorable light.

Rise early and seize each day, learn much and use this knowledge well, spend time with those you love, never abuse your pets, use logic to fight the irrational (for it is everywhere), defend the environment and its wildlife as a knight would protect King Arthur, meld mind and heart for greatest creativity, follow your dreams, and become all that you can be.
—  Charles Kohlhase

Look what Wildlife Defence League is up to! They could use your help to make this happen!

“We’re very excited to announce that we have officially launched our Indie GoGo campaign to raise funds for our fall campaign, dubbed Operation Great Bear. Please share and help us STOP the trophy hunt!”

Check the indiegogo page here

Please support other organizations instead of Peta. Peta repeatedly uses offensive scare tactics to get their point across - a lot of PETA’s practices are more destructive and harmful than helpful.

Instead, here are some good organizations you should know about

Farm Sanctuary / Farm Animal Rescue Groups

Humane Society
In Defense of Animals
Mercy For Animals
Friends of Animals

World Wildlife Fund / Defenders of Wildlife


The wolves in the United States are in serious danger. Its not just peoples right that are in danger here. Its the rights of these creatures as well. The Defenders of Wildlife need everyones help here. They can’t do it alone. So there is the link to the information and where people can also donate to try to help save our wolves.