defenders of the universe

Don’t think about-

Don’t think about the fact that if lance and Keith had to be labeled lance would be destruction and Keith would be creation.

Don’t think about the fact that Lance probably knows that everything he touches dies and crumbles in his care. Don’t think about how when he was growing up he was the only kid in his class who’s plant died. Don’t think about how he probably ran home to his moms out stretched arms ready for the onslaught of cries of her toddler would surly bring.

Don’t think about how Lance envy’s Keith and his natural skill, where else Keith can run the simulator perfectly the first time around. And it takes Lance twenty and then some runs to pass the it- barley. How even after years of being together hours after Keith has fallen asleep Lance stares at him scared at the fact that one day he will ruin this too.  How no matter how many times Keith wipes away the tear’s and promises there is nothing he could do to drive him away. Lance doesn’t believe it, everything always goes wrong, why would his love life be any different?

And for the love of God don’t think about the fact that when he fucks something up, nobody bothers to tell him it’s fine. They expect his to be fine. Because even though he laughs it off he’s itching to punish himself. And on those night Lance will find a quiet room in the castle and remind himself that it’s fine. It’s all fine. He did what he could, and it wasn’t enough. 

L i k e  a l w a y s 

But hey, don’t think about it.

Feel free to add on to the pain