Matthew Michael Murdock. Peter Benjamin Parker



This team up will never happen… Oh well… A fan can dream😂😂😂 its all there. These two against Vincent D'onofrios Kingpin!!! Getting to see the Big brother/Little Brother relationship with them… dammit!!!

Even with Frank Castle…

Plus… season 3 is on its way

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Danny tried for the longest time to keep you a secret from his enemies. Unfortunately for both of you The Hand eventually became aware of your existence and that you were their foes fatal flaw. Only a few days after they discovered your significance The Hand had kidnapped you, but not without letting Danny know that they had you.

Many of Danny’s friends knew what you meant to him. Out of concern many of them warned Danny about everything that could go wrong if you tried to save you. A few times the worst possibility was mentioned to him. The worst scenario was that he’d lose his Iron Fist. After hearing this Danny’s response was practically always identical.

“I care about [Y/N]. There’s no way I can just abandon them and let The Hand do as they please with them” said Danny in a grim voice. His eyes became full of sadness every time he said this because a guilt for allowing such a thing happen to you. “If I have to give up my Iron Fist… then that’s what has to happen”.


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Okay but I am 100% here for the fics where the Guardians and the Defenders are all Team Iron Man and where Tony doesn’t need any of the Avengers when they return because he found a new family that treats him right

Bonus if Bucky is lowkey Team Iron Man as well

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Ben and Jerry's: Infinity War flavors
  • Tony Stark: Stark Raving Hazelnuts
  • Bruce Banner: Hulk-A-Hulk-A-Burning-Fudge
  • Steve Rogers: Star-Spangled Sherbert
  • Daisy Johnson: Cheese-Quake
  • Matt Murdock: Pear-Devil
  • Natasha Romanoff: Black Cherry Widow
  • Tyrone Johnson: Cloak-a Cola
  • The Runaways: And-I-Raaaaan-I-Ran-to-the-Lemonaaaade
  • Frank Castle: Punishingly Dark Chocolate (95%-100% dark chocolate)
  • Robbie Reyes: The Ghost Chili Pepper Rider (note: I think this would be the least popular flavor lol)
  • Luke Cage: Powerade Man
  • Jessica Jones: Jessica-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Alcohol
  • Phil Coulson: Cause-I'm-Going-To-Strawberry-SHIELDS
  • Groot: I Am Root Beer
  • Thanos: Well, he doesn't get a flavor but if you order a Thanos, you can get any of the other flavors for half the price.