defender class

Lance:Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way

Lance:Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh-

Keith:*under his breath* I’ll ride your open sleigh


voltron characters as things i have heard people actually say in my ap classes part two:

sendak: “i would willingly stab out my own eye with this pencil if it means i look more badass”

haxus: “sometimes i just look at myself in the mirror and think ‘holy shit i’m so attractive’ or ‘who the fuck dragged this piece of shit out of the garbage’ and there’s just no in between”

thace: “sometimes i sigh so loud that i’m genuinely surprised my lungs aren’t catapulted from my chest cavity”

prorok: “wow can you believe you get to breathe the same air as me ??? you must be blessed *finger guns*”

rolo: “wanna hear about the time i saw jesus after mixing four shots of caffeine with two red bulls and a redline ??? lol i don’t know how i’m alive either but i got my essay done in like twenty minutes”

nyma: “i got an 89 on the last essay and a 36 on the one we just got back and all i can say is get you a girl that can do both”

shay: “*shoving cloth into her bag from the theater department* i keep telling everyone that i own cats but it’s a lie. its a dirty dirty lie these are for the raccoons that visit my backyard. i also buy cat food for raccoons can you believe the predicament i’m in”

kolivan: “bitch i would punt you into the sun no hesitation”

ulaz: “my life is the bee movie except every time someone says ‘essay’ i die just a little more inside”

antok: “everyone says i’m a chill guy but my life is crashing down around me and my internal monologue is one giant keyboard smash on caps lock *takes sip of coffee*”

  • Lance: *blows a kiss into the desert* For Keith.

‘Cause baby I’m a dark star, dark star… (ノ°▽°)ノ *✰


So my Philosophy professor cancelled class today so we’d go and vote, but since I can’t (not American), I did this in the meantime.

I have a presentation next class and I’m freaking out so here have a Lance doodle

No one can convince me that there isn’t a tracking device integrated into Shiro’s mechanical arm. There’s just way too much evidence.

  • Maybe you could explain away the Galra ship following him to Earth. Half the empire is probably out searching for the Champion who was going to be Zarkon’s greatest weapon.
  • But then they instantly track the team to Arus, and no one knows how.
  • And then the Robeast literally homes in on Shiro and Pidge as they examine the crashed Galra ship.
  • And the Galra knew Team Voltron was headed back to the Balmera and prepared for their arrival. (Lance blames it on Rolo, but (a) no one ever mentions the Balmera to Rolo (that we see), just that they need to help “a hero named Shay” and “her people,” and (b) we never see Rolo and Nyma get picked up by the Galra so that they could have passed on the information they might not even have.)
  • Once again, the second Robeast zeroes in on Team Voltron, magically. (Allura even comments on it this time. “How do they keep finding us?”)
  • Oh, and then there’s the finale, where Zarkon has a fleet waiting in ambush for the “surprise” rescue mission. The team jump into the center of a gas giant to avoid detection, but Zarkon is ready. Cue Keith: “Why do I get the feeling these guys knew we were coming?”

Individually, you could explain each of these away, but taken together it’s got to be more than just coincidence. After all, Haggar had big plans for Shiro. Do you really think she would take the risk of her precious weapon getting away from her?

Oh, and don’t forget the team’s all separated now, which means Shiro likely won’t have any backup when Zarkon comes chasing after him. :)

So, uh, who else is looking forward to Shiro getting recaptured in season 2?

Interviewer: “So what’s the relationship between Lance and Keith?”