Full Moon | Stiles

Everybody knew what tonight was, didn’t matter if you were human or not, you knew exactly what tonight is. The Full Moon, maybe not much to normal people, maybe just people acting a little different, maybe a bit weirder, but for Birdie and her best friend, it was going to be one long night. Birdie’s only had been with Stiles one time during through a full moon, and she thought it went better than what she heard was going to happen. 

Birdie was a little nervous about what was going to happen tonight, but Stiles is her bestest friend and she wasn’t going to let him down, and break her promise that she had made to him when they were twelve. So she was getting ready for whatever tonight was going to bring to her and Stiles. 

“Hey Stile. Are you okay?” Birdie asked him as she found him in the courtyard of the school. 

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