defended the stone

the islamophobic argument that “because some middle eastern countries make homosexuality illegal, islam is inherently immoral” is so ridiculous and lacking in any logic whatsoever.

zambia is an officially christian country with 95% of the population identifying as some form of christian or catholic, and yet homosexuality is illegal there and punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

obviously, this does not mean that christianity is inherently immoral. there are good christians and bad christians, same for islam. hell, there are even atheists who strongly hate queer people. your religion or lack thereof does not automatically determine your morals.

i hear this all the time when i speak out about discrimination against muslims: “why would you defend them? they would stone you to death.” that’s simply untrue for so many muslims. and yet there are plenty of christians or atheists who would deny me my basic human rights, imprison me, assault me, or even kill me for being gay. 

the point is, stop using the outdated laws of few particular governments to dehumanize all the 1.6 billion members of a religion.

Things About Jesus That the Modern World Forgets
  • The Bible: Jesus was born into modern day Palestine
  • Europe: he could've been white
  • The Bible: Jesus had dark skin and hair like sheep's wool
  • Europe: idk maybe he was white
  • The Bible: Jesus defends a woman from being stoned to death for adultery.
  • Europe: *literally murders female adulterers*
  • The Bible: Jesus's stories were meant to be snarky and funny to appeal to more people
  • The Bible: Jesus said the most important thing a person can do is protect and serve those less fortunate because we are all human beings
  • Europe: slavery and caste systems sound fun
  • The Bible: Jesus was an asexual aromantic
  • Europe: Haha, no. He was totes hetero for mary magdalene
  • The Bible: Never refers to Mary Magdalene as a prostitute.
  • Europe: Well...his mom is named mary and he has a friend named mary. How do we make a distinction? I know! Let's just say mary magdalene was a prostitute because women can only be virgins or whores.
  • The Bible: Jesus literally never says anything about homosexuals specifically.
  • Europe: God hates gays

Brianna Collins of Tigers Jaw. Sling in’ merch 8/3/2011 @ The Kave Bucksport, Maine by EYE//STONE on flicker.


Frostkeep Studios es un nuevo estudio desarrollador creado por ex-empleado de Blizzard Entertainment y Riot Games los cuales con su juego debut buscan dar su propio toque a los juegos de sobrevivencia en línea con Rend.

El juego trae tres facciones, un mundo abierto, un mecanismo que limpia los servidores y estos planean tener hasta 100 jugadores a la vez. La idea principal es realizar alianzas estratégicas con otros jugadores para aventurarte en calabozos, destruir enemigos, construir bases y enfrentarte a facciones rivales, todo en pos de llenar y complacer a la Divinity Stone de tu grupo de amigos.

Lo realmente interesante es el evento que “limpia el servidor”. Se trata de una actividas semanal llamada The Reckoning donde debes defender tu Divinity Stone y al mismo tiempo atacar la de tu enemigo. Al terminar la contienda se declara un ganador que “asciende” y la otra piedra es destruida. Luego de eso se resetea el server y todo vuelve a estar como antes. Aún queda ver que ganas “ascendiendo”.

Rend estará disponible para PC en algún momento de nuestro otoño. 

hey guess what? If Liz read @paper-storm ‘s analysis and agreed with it, that probably means that a lot of it is true. Not because she knows Rolling Stone, but because Luke probably told her his side of the story, and obviously it doesn’t match up with the story we got from Rolling Stone. Yes, the article was nasty and patronizing, but 5sos and Luke have never said things like that before. So stop trying to find ways to hate Luke because of what he said and maybe try understand that he may not have meant his comments the way they were portrayed. 


Quick list of what Deadwood is about:

Zelda meets Don’t Starve. A unique blend of adventuring and survival.
• During the day you explore an open world while solving the mystery of the Forgotten Curse
• During the night you secure and defend yourself and your stone companion from waves of hungry wooden zombies.  
•  An incredible story about an unlikely friendship in a world full of unique characters.
•  Scavenge for resources and then build customized weapons and defenses.
• Story-driven side quests encourage players to make assumptions and think outside the box.

Guys, indie Zelda? Need I say more? Another rad Kickstarter that’s going on, these guys have worked on awesome projects like Bioshock and Avatar (the movie with all the blue people :P, not the airbender)

They have ALREADY reached there goal, which means, if you back them you’re just going to make an awesome looking game even better :) Keep it mind, Kickstarter won’t even charge you until the campaign is over, so it’s okay to pledge even if you’re low on funds!

Check it out here:

Be sure to spread the word!