defended the stone

  • miranda: is wary of shepard and doesn't trust them for the first half of me2
  • fandom: what a colossal bitch with zero redeeming qualities
  • cora: is supportive and encouraging after ryder becomes the pathfinder
  • fandom: she would have been so much better if she didn't trust ryder and there was more conflict???/
  • me: what is the truth

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: when keith has the aux cord by fallingnarwhals by fallingnarwhals

when you give keith the aux cord while forming voltron and lance says “no my chemical romance you emo fuck.”

Skillet - Feel Invincible
Sinch - Tabula Rasa
The Hacker - Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix)
M83 - Midnight City
Sinch - Something More
Stone Sour - Bother
OMORI - Pure Imagination
The Heart Part 4 - Kendrick Lamar - IV -
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
alt-J - Breezeblocks
Cigarettes After Sex - Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby
VARSITY - So Sad, So Sad
Bedroom - Nothing Lasts
Unlike Pluto - Sweet (feat. Mister Blonde)
Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Baauer Remix)
JRND & VMK - Make Dem (feat. Kédo Rebelle)
Traveling Man Lyrics - Chameleon Circuit
Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice
19 - 2000 (Soulchild Remix)

ShanceFluffWeek: Ribs

“Is it- do I? Do I look pretty?” Lance flushed nervously, smoothing his hands on the baby blue pleated skirt. He was nervous- no terrified. So terrified of what Shiro would think of him if he saw him dressed this way. He wanted to hide and yet he couldn’t. That wasn’t him. Lance McClain didn’t hide who he was. It just wasn’t who he was or who his mama let him be. He was proud. So proud but now, in the face of the man he loved, he wanted to hide.

What would Shiro even think? See him dressed this way? Baby blue skirt hugging his hips and baby blue and white cropped hoodie hanging off his frame? Would he think him ridiculous? Strange? Weird? A… A freak?

He flinched at the thought of Shiro thinking he was a freak.

How would Shiro feel, knowing that Lance wasn’t just Lance, but Lorelei too?

He held his breath, waiting for Shiro to make a comment.

“Of course you look pretty, gorgeous even” came his easy and earnest reply. Lance’s heart was ready to beat out his chest. Fuck he loved this beautiful accepting man with his entire being. “But-” came is other reply, Lance heart paused. “This isn’t just about your clothing choices is it?” He said gently grabbing Lance’s hands in his. Lance gnawed at his pastel purple lips, anxiety clawing tightly at his chest. Curse Shiro for knowing him so well.

“No-, I ugh. Fuck, no. No its more then that”

“I’d never judge you Lance. We’ve been through thick and thin together. Trust me when I say our four years together won’t be wasted on what you have to say because I love you. And when you love someone you support them no matter what”

Lance could cry- no wait. He was crying. It was ruining his eyeliner and mascara but he didn’t care because Shiro was a fucking sap. A beautiful honest sap that Lance and Lorelei had the honor of being with.

Shiro wiped away his tears as he steeled his nerves. Like ripping off a bandaid he told himself. Quick and easy. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t quick and easy because this was who he- they were. It wasn’t just Lance but Lorelei too, and they couldn’t go on suppressing who they were.

“I um, I’m genderfluid. Its not just Lance in this hot smokin’ body but Lorelei too and I’d be really honored if we could- all three of us- be happy together” There. He said it.

Shiro smiled. A easy honest smile that had their heart thumping wildly and and palms sweating. Gross.

“Hi Lorelei, its nice to meet you, I’m a little sad Lance held us both out from meeting each other for four years but I’m sure I can forgive him if both of you gave me a kiss” he said fondly, rubbing his thumbs of their hand and god, they could cry even more.

How did they snag such a man?

Throwing their arms around Shiro they pressed a loving heartfelt kiss to his lips.

“I love you, I love you So much Takashi Shirogane and one day we’re gonna fucking marry you”

Shiro kissed their forehead and dug a box out his pocket. He presented them with the white velvet box and opened it to reveal a solid white gold band.

“Why wait now that the whole gangs here?”

The Legend of the Frost Stone, Epilogue

            As Lance lay on the muddy ground, facing the sky as it rained, he wondered how his situation had gone downhill so fast. He sat up, and turning to his left, spotted a helmet. He quickly stood up, and staggered toward the helmet, limping slightly.

            “Oh quiznak,” he thought, “my ankle’s sprained, if not broken. Actually it might be broken. Crap. Wait what does a broken bone feel- oh, right, the helmet.” Returning his attention to the helmet, he kneeled down and picked it up, and after wiping some mud off of it, saw the black top.

            “Shiro?” he whispered, both concerned and confused. He stood back up and surveyed his surroundings, but spotted nothing.

            “Shiro!” he yelled, slightly panicking. Turning to the direction he had gone to get the helmet, he proceeded, albeit slowly, taking care not to damage his leg any further. Clutching the helmet close to him, he called again,

            “Shiro?! Shiro are you here?! Can you hear me?” As he walked, he continued to look around, looking for any sign of his friend, which, unfortunately, led him to the edge of a ditch, where he slipped. He slid down the side of the ditch, gritting his teeth at the pain in his leg.

            “Damn, I’m gonna need a bath.” He thought when he had reached the bottom of the ditch. Standing up, yet again, he scaled the side of the ditch. Continuing on, he spotted something shiny in the distance. He rushed towards it, ignoring his leg. As he approached, the thing he had spotted became clearer.

            “Shiro! Shiro! It’s Lance!” he received no response. He slowed down, approaching his friend carefully. “Shiro?” He stopped, just in front of the older Paladin, and kneeled down. He put a hand on Shiro’s shoulder and shook him.

            “Hey. Shiro? Wake up. It’s me, Lance.” Still, Shiro lay, motionless, on the ground. His armour was cracked, and much of it had come off, revealing his injuries. He had several cuts, of various lengths, widths, and depths, littering his body. He had a piece of metal imbedded in his upper right thigh, that seemed deep enough to have passed by the bone, and another piercing his abdomen, just above his right hip. He also had a cut on his forehead, that was bleeding profusely, and had dyed his bangs a dark crimson. But what disturbed Lance the most, was the large gash on the side of his neck. It didn’t seem deep enough to have damaged his trachea, but he couldn’t be sure; he knew, however, that Shiro was still breathing, though barely, which gave Lance some comfort.

            He knew he had to get help, but he wasn’t sure how. His helmet wasn’t working, and he couldn’t find either of their lions. After a moment of contemplating his next move, he decided that he had to get Shiro somewhere safer. He carefully lifted Shiro, and put his arm over his shoulder, and supported him with his other arm. Shiro was a few inches too tall for it to be comfortable for Lance, but that was the least of his worries at the moment. He walked for what felt like ages, until he came upon something that seemed like a path, and followed it for another few minutes, before arriving at another village. As he approached, some of the aliens living there spotted him, and a few ran away.

            “Wait!” he called, “I need help! My friend is hurt.” He continued toward the village, and was stopped by a guard. Upon closer inspection, these aliens seemed almost human, save for their bright red skin and slightly overwhelming height. He looked up at the guard, and attempted to ask for help, but was interrupted before he could speak,

            “Please, follow me.” Said the guard, motioning behind him. Lance was doubtful, but he knew he had no other options, and followed the alien. They walked in silence through the town, with eyes from every direction centred on them, until they reached a large house. The guard alien knocked on the door and, after waiting a few moments, the door opened, revealing an old looking alien. The guard spoke to the old alien in a language which Lance could not understand, and then left. The old alien turned to Lance and spoke.

            “Come inside,” he said, “I am a healer. I am able to help you.” Lance released a breath he didn’t realise he had been holding, and brought Shiro inside.

            “Put your friend on that bed over there,” the old alien ordered. Lance put Shiro on the bed and sat down, exhausted and in pain. The old alien brought over a chair and motioned for Lance to sit, and he did.

            “My name is Lokrjob. I assure you, you are in good hands here. We are a peaceful people, and recognise you and your friends as Paladins of the mighty hero Voltron.’ Lance beamed. “Now, before I tend to your friend, I shall take care of your wounds.” Lance looked down at himself and realised that he had never looked at any of his own injuries. Upon inspection he found that, aside from his ankle being broken, pieces of his own armour had broken off. He had cuts, shallow and deep, in many places on his body, and his nose was bleeding.

            “While I tend to you, please, tell me what happened to you.” Lance looked at Lokrjob, who was smiling kindly.

            “Ah, right,” he said, somewhat quietly, “It all started when we received a distress signal from a planet called Ilirhis…”

This is the epilogue to a new fic I’m writing. I expect it to be long and to go on for a while. I have no idea if I will have a regular schedule for updating, but I will try.

*slams fist on desk* GIVE ME LANCE AND CORAN BONDING



Rereading Cloud Roads

…and, having gotten to know Stone and Raksura culture by now, the early scenes where Stone has straight-up kidnapped Moon are unbelievably funny.

[if you haven’t read The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells and you don’t want spoilers, SKIP THIS POST]

Consorts are super, super precious and highly-regarded and not terribly numerous. Culturally, they occupy a space equivalent to ‘fairy-tale princess’, ‘First Lady’, or ‘dowager queen’, depending on age, mated status, and the status of their mate. They know it and everyone else knows it from infancy.

Finding one outside of a colony would be ridiculous to even imagine. Finding one alone, wearing raggedy groundling clothing a long-ass way from any colony at all, is unheard-of.

Stone is a consort himself, BUT he’s long since old enough to be in the ‘dowager queen’ category, has always been something of an odd duck, and has the advantage of being able to transform to roughly the size of a bus. He also happens to be on a mission matchmaking for his very eligible great-great-granddaughter. Might as well look, no? Even if this lone consort’s in exile, it’s good to know what the other courts are doing, maybe gain a little gossip for leverage.

Lone consort is quick and mean and wily, and gets away. (Again, Stone is is the size of a bus… because he’s CENTURIES OLD, with corresponding experience. The Little Princess gave Fin Fang Foom the slip.) Lone consort is next seen drugged, beaten, and shackled to the dirt by groundlings to be eaten by a local monster. Lone consort has torn himself bloody trying to get free and is making a solid effort to defend himself with rocks.

Stone is like, okay, clearly I need to learn what this kid’s deal is and see if he at least has an eligible sibling consort somewhere.

Then he picks him up, very slowly teases the story out, and, from Moon’s perspective, accepts the whole thing with equanimity. After picking up three books & change worth of cultural cues and personal backstory, though, it’s pretty clear that Stone is internally doing the wise-grandpa equivalent of ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.

A rough timeline of Stone’s thought processes:
- Trying to strangle me with your bare hands? Seriously? I’m a few hundred years past your weight class; you’ve got either a serious concussion or more violent instincts than sense.
- Holy shit this kid is some kinda mean and suspicious for a consort.
- Why does he think I am going to poison him? He’s acting like I’m a crazy groundling.
- Kiddo, what did your colony even do?
- Obviously you’re not Fell, fool; I might only have one eye I’m not DEAD…
- He can’t be asking me what species I am. He’s either drugged or trying to pull one over—
- He doesn’t know what his own species is?
- This is the saddest fucking thing I’ve ever seen and if any of his court are still living I am going to shred them so fine the Arbora will have to use them for fertilizer.
- After all that, he still thinks I’m going to kill him and eat him. Fucking hell.
- Pearl is going to lose her shit when she sees what I brought home.

the plague of being 
fearless, you 
played so young, 
remember, the flashes, the swift 
smelling asphalt, tasting blood, 
at scorched bedrock, nowhere lower to retreat, fingers stinging, 
the many tentacles, all wearing converse, 
tenderizing your pink stomach, how you found your feet despite those lashings demanding you stay put, and roared, swinging wildly, 
deleting fear, defiantly instead choosing anger,
years, you hung heads on your wall, kept swinging, 
found your power, and held on, 
the mean-face, frizzed hair, the endless stream of 
guttural cursing, you human scarecrow, 
stone-knuckles, defending stone-heart, 
this, the fearless, beneath which all else cower, 
until – they don’t.
Now is the worst time to be scared, and still pretending otherwise. When will you realize weakness is not fatal, is not altogether weakness?



Bamf Shay for Season 3 Please!

In the resistance somewhere, at some time this exchange must have happened. Shay does something wonderful and important to help the team out of a pinch.

Lance calls out before heading back into the fray gun ablazing, “Hey Shay, you rock!”

“I am not a rock, Paladin Lance.” Shay protests bewildered. Is the paladin getting confused with the boulder in her arms? The one she throws at the enemy sneaking behind her Hunk?

“No, no that’s not what he means.” Hunk takes her hand and pats it. “It’s a earth phrase that means you’re amazing or incredible.”

“Oh.” She says and then turns to Hunk fondly squeezing his fingers lightly. “Then you must really rock, Hunk.”

Hunk wants to melt into the ground or into Shay’s arms. He’s not picky really. 

Battle of Culloden facts you may not know
  • Got to start with the most basic - it wasn’t a battle between Scotland and England, it was a continuation of a (broadly) Catholics ~ Protestant British civil war. As many Scots fought against the Jacobites as alongside them.
  • The Duke of Cumberland never actually ordered the execution of Jacobites during or immediately after the battle - he merely told his men to “keep in mind” the false belief that the Jacobites themselves had been ordered to take no prisoners.
  • The Government casualties from the battle officially stand at 309 compared to the 2000+ Jacobite losses, but historians believe redcoat casualties were probably much higher. The Government may have covered up figures, and due to the battlefield graves being a protected heritige site they cannot be exhumed. Certainly the fact that Barrell’s regiment was nigh-on annihilated makes the relatively low casualty figures suspect.
  • The French Jacobite regiment, the Royal Ecosse are suspected of having executed Government soldiers during the battle. At one point they overran a detachment of highland Loyalists from the Argyll Militia who were defending a stone wall - bodies were found buried beside the wall side-by-side, with musket balls through their skulls. Whilst officially this is claimed to have been due to the greater accuracy of the French muskets, such a claim seems unlikely. 
Things that made me SQUEE about “and the eternal question”

In no particular order (since my thoughts are still too much on squee mode to make a timeline)

. Jones STILL having to explain to Jake that everything is possible (especially after everything they’ve seen and been through, how could he doubt that SHC could be a thing?)

. Finding out Eve’s middle inital is B (and her threating Jones’ question as to what that stands for in the most EVE way possible)

. Flynn whisking Eve away for a romantic getaway

. Eve not buying the romance for romance sake and KNOWING something was up (pretty sure he was about to propose)

. THE ANGEL REFERENCE! I legit died.

. The impromtu Gemology lesson by Jake. (i’m such a gem nerd and hearing Christian talk about rocks makes me soooooo happy….stop judging me)

. Ezekiel bringing ALL the weapons in his trench coat.

. GALAHAD!Jenkins. (Everytime i see him handle a sword i swoon. like legit swoon.)

. Jake and Ezekiel’s tandem vamp fight. Back to back, hooked arms, perfection.

.  Jake’s face when he saw Jenkins and his sword.

. Cassandra asking out Jenkins

. Jenkins’ story about his only love 

. Jenkins gently telling Cassie no

. Cassandra’s grief (Lindy is phenominal, for real)

. Cassandra defending Ezekiel and Stone when they were accused of Killing Sophie. They were so Gung-ho about killing vamps and they could have, but they said they didn’t and she didn’t even hesitate to come to their defense.

. Jenkins loving Cassie in every way he can without breaking a vow.

. Throw backs to Simone

. Jenkins saying Cassie is family. when you think back to episode one and how he thought they were invading his space to now calling her family makes me cry a little.

. Eve’s nearly crying at the hospital.

. Flynn’s look of despair at the hospital

. Jake bringing Ezekiel coffee in the hospital

.   Basically eveything about the waiting room scene

. The Sibling vamp fight scene and how they made sure that it almost mimiced Simone’s fighting style from the movie.

. The kiss! Bi Cassie has been such a headcannon for me since the fairytale episode. And there ws no fanfare, no freakout, no “what are you doing?”. It was just a kiss. a normal, everyday, but super meaningful kiss. with a woman, after asking out a man a few tv minutes before. it was a freaking unicorn in TV land and it was perfect.

. Cassie not just NOT losing her gift, but her gift growing to telelkinetic proportions.

There are SOOO MANY more little thing i missed here.

Literally everything about this episode was gold and so freaking well done by the cast and crew.