A&E: We believe that women can save themselves. Really… We think women can kick all the butt they want and are powerful and inspirational! I want young girls to watch this and be amazed at what women can do. Our women aren’t damsels in distress. Emma is our own disney princess. She’s special… Our creation. We believe love will truly make you strong. 

Belle: Raised by a loving mother and father. A princess. Very privileged. Sacrificed her freedom to save her family and Kingdom, fought Rumple with everything she had, tried to stop him from hurting perfect strangers because of what she believed in. Never compromised her beliefs. 

Snow: Grew up with a loving father. Had a loving mother. Very privileged and wealthy. Learned to adapt or die in a second and lived in the forest to escape her evil stepmother. Learned archery. Fought to help people.  

Jasmine: Raised wealthy as a princess, privileged and not exposed to the world. Goes to fight for her Kingdom and tries to get other people to help. Fought for what she believed in. Doesn’t back down, isn’t afraid. 

Abigail: Raised as a princess, privileged life, tried to do her duty for her kingdom, but had been fighting and trying to get the man she loved back.

Ariel: A princess, was a mermaid raised under the sea. Went after the human man she fell in love with in a second with reckless abandon. Fought hard for what she wanted. Suffered for it and still found him anyway.

Emma, raised as a princess and the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming: Tra la la la la. Pretty flowers. Oh no… My parents are dead. Whoops! Isn’t my hair and makeup pretty? What is a “belief” or a “fight”. Love is “strength”? No… Love made me this soft marshmallow who won’t actually do anything for those she loves… Ah. I love daisies. 

A&E: Like we said… We love our Queen Regina and women are only strong if Regina allows them to be. Regina is strength. We like the idea that “strength” means “evil and pain” when it comes to Regina and we had this character (reads smudged writing on hand) Ella Smart lying around so we kind of wanted to use her to show that you won’t be willing to fight for love unless an Evil Sorceress ruins your life and tries to murder and curse you. You see this way… The Evil is what’s best… Our precious Evil Psycho can get all the praise she deserves not just from us, but the characters as well. It makes sense. It does.

Everything Stays

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by aestover

Keith couldn’t tell what was worse — the dizzying heat from having Lance on him or the coldness that hit his body the moment Lance let go.

Words: 1206, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Do you ever feel kind of weird about talking so much about negan and defending him and everything when like there are bigger things going on in the world like ISIS

I don’t post about the real world because it’s in our faces enough as it is. And as much as I am up and up with the real world and it’s major problems, I want to escape that and so I blog about Negan and Beth and Daryl as much as I possibly can. My blog is simply an escape for me and anyone else who wants it, and I don’t want to ruin that. Plus, I won’t get into politics or terrorism, because if I do people will find a new reason to bash me.


hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)

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This isn't a hc but...favorite funny moments from voltron? It would make my day :)

oo heck yah:

  • pidge: lance watch out we’re gonna crash
  • lance: man don’t worry, in my first year of flight school you know what they called me? they called me the tailor because of how i thread the needle
  • lance: [immediately crashes the ship]
  • this photo of everyone’s reactions to lance shamelessly letting one rip:
  • lance saying the space equivalent of shut your fuck
  • shiro dabbing:
  • hunk trying to form voltron by barreling into Keith’s lion and yelling COMBINE
  • honestly one of my favorite scenes that made me laugh is when hunk tries to be the head. because when they first formed voltron he yelled with the utmost sincerity “I’M A LEG” and then when you look at that scene……they all just sat there in their lions all stacked and waited while hunk flew to the top and sat on everyone and no one said ANYTHING fkgkwekflj and hunk’s just like……what do you mean i can’t be the head?
  • Shiro in 100% seriousness trying to form voltron by stacking up like a cheerleader pyramid and in pure sincere concentration: “I’ll form the head”
  • Coran trying to time the team’s response to the emergency drill using a meat thermometer
  • this entire exchange:
  • when they go to the arusian village and 
  • Pidge: also, I sweat a lot. I mean in general. Unrelated to the peanuts.
  • this collection of lance frames
  • Coran literally breaking his spine trying to lift the Balmera crystal
  • [sarcastic Keith voice] Winning what? The intergalactic time-measuring competition?
  • Coran attempting to spoonfeed Shiro like a baby
  • Keith honestly considering the most important event during the sendak incident to be him cradling Lance in his arms, so much so that his voice cracks in the way angsty teen voices do when they’re whining
  • Keith getting revenge on Lance for not remembering their bonding moment by pretending he couldn’t hear Lance over the comms. that was honestly rlly cute
  • [Lance voice] nana nana boo boo!!!
  • [hunk imitating allura]: oh LONCE he looks so fine im all atwitter
  • [matt voice] Don’t lie. I know you love those peas dad

Also, in case you haven’t already I highly recommend watching scenes from the original Voltron, it’s golden and had me rolling on the floor.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…