Why do I have to defend everything Taylor does? Maybe that was just a really special, fun night. The point of the picture was that Karlie was SMILING and that she’s a ray of happiness. It’s not like Calvin is looking at the camera. This is the stupidest thing in the world.

the people who are literally losing their damn minds and yelling over this aren’t even the Kaylor shippers tbh it’s the ppl who are so focused on staying up Taylor’s ass + defending everything she does…….

I don’t even know what I am upset about / The Wonder Years

Stiles Stilinski Imagine - Bandages

Stiles Stilinski Imagine - Bandages

Warnings - N/A
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I had no idea how to fight. There was no point in me lying to the pack, especially the supernatural creatures, to stop them worrying. I just couldn’t defend myself and everything the group did to teach me didn’t work. I wasn’t even sure if I would ever know how to protect myself.

Although Scott always said I wasn’t the only one. Scott would always try and train me and Stiles at the same time. It had never worked out. Putting me and Stiles together to train is possibly the worst idea ever. We’d just end up laughing about something and not being able to take each other serious.

However I was beginning to think that maybe I should’ve paid more attention to Scott’s training. Maybe Stiles was beginning to think the same thing, but he wasn’t the one writhing to pain on the ground. While everyone took care of themselves I hadn’t been able to.

I hoped no one noticed that I was in an immense amount of pain. I tried to pick myself off the ground, shake it off and run for the hills. I couldn’t. My head was pounding and I felt as if my brain had been shook around my skull. I couldn’t tell how bad the wound looked but I could feel the blood dripping down my forehead.

My vision was going blurry and my last sight before everything was black was Stiles’ worried face.

When I woke up everything looked peaceful. I was laying on a soft mattress, but it wasn’t familiar. As my eyes dotted around the room I came to the conclusion that I was laying in Stiles’ bed. I only knew this because of the sleeping boy sat in the chair across the room. His hair was ruffled up, his eyes were puffy. He looked so tired even though he was asleep.

I didn’t want to wake him up but I had to know what was going on. I attempted to pull myself out of Stiles’ bed but my legs were dead. My muscles tensed up and my legs gave way, my head pounding again. My body shook and dropped onto the ground next to the bed, my face wincing up in pain.

It was this sound that awoke Stiles. His chocolatey eyes shot open and sent his stare my way. His body ran over to mine, and I was sure that this was the fastest i’d ever seen Stiles run. “You okay?” He asked in a harsher voice than he’d probably intended. “Yeah I just need to go bathroom.” I said softly.
“Do you, um, want help? Or?” I nodded.

Stiles’ large arms wrapped around my waist. It didn’t hurt but felt warm. My weight was now pressed against him, and I was surprised he could hold my weight.

Stiles walked us both to the bathroom. I took a hold of myself and gripped onto the cool texture of the sink and looked into the mirror. There was dried blood covering my face, it looked worse than it actually was.

“Come here” Stiles said holding out his hand. I took it, unsure of what he had in mind. He gently moved his hands to my waist, lifting it. My placed me on the edge on the sink. “Hold still.” He said grabbing a first aid kit from somewhere across the room.

Stiles removed a wipe from the kit and began slowly rubbing the dried blood from my face. It took him some time to remove the gore without causing me an intense amount of pain but somehow he’d done it. “Better?” He asked, smiling.
“Much thank you.” Stiles’ waist was still positioned between my tired legs. I was more happy about our current position than I thought I was meant to be. Then again maybe Stiles was to.

“Why are you staring at me?” Stiles asked. Somehow I thought I’d got some confidence from somewhere, my brain was probably pumping adrenaline. “Just admiring the view.” I smiled at him as Stiles’ cheeks turned a shade of red.

“Whatever Y/N, we better get you to bed.” Stiles said trying to lift me from the sink, but I protested, pulling my weight back. “No, I like it when you’re here alone with me.” I talked wildly.
“Y/N it’s just the medication.” He chuckled. “No, no come here” I slurred, pulling Stiles’ shoulders towards me. He sighed but gave in.

With this new found confidence thanks to the medication. Stiles seemed to have given in now so I was comfortable. I continued pushing Stiles’ shoulders closer to my chest until our faces were inches apart. “You’re not gonna remember this tomorrow.” Stiles whispered.
“Then you’ll have to remind me” I smiled and pressed our lips together.

Our lips moved together in sync until Stiles pulled away. “Look Y/N I would love to continue this, I mean, really i would. But you’re just out of it from the meds, it’d be wrong.” He said.

I sighed, finally giving in to his reasoning. I reached out my arms and legs and Stiles lifted me off the bathroom sink. I could feel myself drifting to sleep as Stiles carried me to the bed. As I was placed into the warm mattress, I could hear Stiles whisper something. He pressed his lips into my forehead, avoiding the wound and whispered “I love you Y/N” into my ear.

- oh and awkward Bekah is back dammit. Ok, so enjoy this….

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so we're all dying to know......... are you, in fact, a defender of big anime titties?

I’m a defender of everything that’s not stupid. So yes.

there are ppl srsly commenting on my post like “WELL I GREW UP POOR AND I NEVER GOT TO EAT AND MY ELECTRICITY GOT CUT ALL THE TIME HOW DARE YOU ASSUME IM RICH JUST BECAUSE MY HOUSE IS CLEAN” and im like. ok then the post wasn’t about you. i dont understand why you chose to take it personally

It just struck me that my recent obsession with Maria from Silent Hill 2 - to the point where I’ve been replaying the games avidly - makes so much sense considering my summer. 

This woman loved her husband with all her heart, lived for him completely, and in the end … He killed her. He grew tired of her and wanted to move on with his life, and so in order to speed along her terminal illness, he smothered her and moved on with his life. When his guilt draws him to Silent Hill, Maria is born - born from the wish of what James wished his wife, Mary, would have been. Where Mary was careful and prudent, Maria was headstrong and reckless. Where Mary was reserved, Maria was sexual and outgoing. She remembers her life before, but she’s been changed completely - her personality, her appearance, the very way she holds herself - in order to fulfill the wish of this man she loves so dearly. 

Yet, when he meets her, he gets so uneasy. She pretends she’s not Mary to calm him down (some say she never truly was), but still, he gets uncomfortable in all but one ending of the game: he realizes all he wanted was his old wife. The one thing Maria could never be, because he wished for her to never be that again. So, once again, she finds the man she devoted her life to growing weary of her; wanting to be rid of her; wanting a different version of her she could never be. She gets angry. She gets upset. She gets hurt. She gets jealous. And ultimately, since we play the man who killed her, she becomes the enemy. The biggest enemy of the game. 

Because that’s how it works, right? in these abusive relationships? No matter how much you change, no matter what you do, he always wants a different version of you. There’s always one flaw that ruins you completely to them. They always grow bored with the way you hold yourself or the way you conduct yourself around them, and the resentment grows. No matter how much you change, it’s not enough, and when you finally get to the point that you can’t take it any longer and you confront them with all your anger, they let you know that you’re the bad guy. They make you internalize it. You can’t tell what you did wrong, per se, but you know you must have done something wrong. Right? The second you stand up for yourself, you become the villain, and that’s exactly what happens to the person you have to kill a second time in this game. 

I was wondering why I couldn’t get Maria out of my mind ever since I came back from San Francisco. I guess now I finally understand.

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SSHEEPLES still defending Kishi after everything he's done and said about Sakura. Does he have to have her eat out of the garage to make them understand that he doesn't care about her?

I was indifferent towards Sakura, I neither liked her nor despised her. I just didn’t care about her. Due to this, I can judge this from an unbiased point of view;

I can tell that Ki$himoto has taken a crap on Sakura’s character and its pretty obvious to see this whether you’re a fan of hers or not. Its obvious. Sasusaku fans need to get their heads outta their asses. Sasuke doesnt give a shit about her and neither does the creator himself.


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I cannot stand tyker posey one bit he's gross and homophobic. Always using homosexuality as a joke is a disgrace and I can't understand why people defend him. Everything he says and does now just angers me.

Tyler Posey is a disgusting human being. He constantly wants to be in the spotlight and can’t handle not being the center of attention. And the way he attempts to get attention is just vile.

First, his whole OUT interview was gross. The whole part where he says how he’s straight, but kisses his all of male friends is just gross. He so desperately wants queer people to like him so he can be popular, but like…nobody fucking wants him near them.

Secondly, his obsession over Sciles is both embarrassing and laughable. He’s so fucking bitter that he was never including in anything back when everybody talked about Sterek and he has always wanted to be shipped with somebody. 

This whole “I want Scott to be gay and get with Stiles” just makes me fucking cringe. 

Like, his “friendship” with Dylan is definitely not what it used to be (if it’s even anything anymore) and everybody can tell. His constant thirst for talking about Dylan sexually and making crude/sexual jokes about him just highlights Posey’s own basic existence. 

He honestly needs to stop using homosexuality as the punchline to all of his jokes in an attempt to make people find him cute and endearing. It doesn’t work and it’s insulting. He’s a gross little straight boy that nobody finds interesting, so he has to constantly make gay jokes to seem interesting. 

Haha. So fucking pathetic. All the other TW cast members are beloved because they’re fucking likable, unlike Posey. They don’t have to pretend like they’re queer to be the center of attention because people naturally want to pay attention to them.

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and maybe also 5ever bitter they didnt get wHET