In defense of Shinji

Rewatching Evangelion is an interesting experience. At the moment I’ve just finished the episode where the 5th Angel attacks and I’m just an episode away from the introduction of my favourite character Asuka :)

It’s been some time since I’ve watched it so I had kinda forgotten about how the earlier parts of the series were in terms of how they were set and the interaction between the characters. Shinji is such an interesting character to me, and I’ve always been a huge defender of him.

Everything he does seems realistic, at first he doesn’t want to pilot the Evangelion but in reality who would? You have a character whose mother died at a young age, whose father left him in the care of others and then summoned him into this place to pilot what is essentially a 60 foot death robot, only to then say to him “I called you because I have a use for you.”

It’s no wonder Shinji isn’t just going to happily jump in there and go “you know what, this’ll be a jolly good time.”

From that moment he gets injured in it, blamed for something beyond his control, it’s no wonder he is apprehensive about getting back in it. I know fine well that if that was me, I’d be apprehensive.

What is also interesting is knowing how the series will progress, when I first watched this I had no idea the turns it’d take. Watching it again with that in mind, it allows to watch for the subtleties of it, to catch the little hints of what is to come.

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3 favorite characters and why? :)

Ahhhh this is very difficult??? I’ll talk about three but know that my favourites are not limited to just these! This is going to be super long and I apologize okay I’m seriously so sorry.

Satsuki Shishio

Idk if everyone knows but Shishio is one of the main characters in the manga hirunaka no ryuusei. He’s like my alpha husband tbh. He trumphs them all. Anyway I adore him as a character. He’s playful, beautiful, stylish, understanding, perceptive, rational, and so much more. His role in the manga ended as something antagonistic to majority of the fans but I will defend him with everything that I’ve got. I feel like he was one of the most “real” characters because of his self-control, rationality, and perhaps even his anxiety. I seriously love him for who he is.  

Akane Tsunemori

Akane is the main protagonist of psycho pass. I tag her as queen because let’s be honest, she is one??? If you’ve watched the show, you know exactly why I love her so much. She is an adorable creature that can cut your throat any second. That’s why I love her so much. Akane has a great sense of justice and rationality and she is able to understand where she must fight and where she must back down. She’s not like your usual female protagonist that doesn’t do anything or is fan service; she is determined, strong, resilient, and caring, so so so caring.  

Tooru Oikawa

Obviously I had to put something haikyuu!! related in this post lol. Basically all characters of haikyuu!! are my children except Oikawa and Kuroo - those two are my boyfriends just saying. Anyway I have a lot of respect for Oikawa. I think it takes guts to be able to say and work at defeating geniuses at something that they’re born good at. Oikawa says “fuck that, I’m coming at you as a commoner and I will defeat you”. That’s really inspiring. Moreover, Oikawa works hard and puts a lot of effort into it. Yes, he’s determined, but what’s so human about him is his anxiety that gets to him frequently enough that Iwaizumi is constantly trying to support him and talk to him before he breaks. THAT is the reason Oikawa is amazing. He is willing to do whatever it takes but he’s also so afraid of the outcome at the same time. 

Okay but Taylor telling us how she’ll never forget how we defended her against everything that was going on in 2013 while she couldn’t correct the false rumors is so touching because we will always be there for her no matter what and now she’s happier than ever with everyone finally realizing that she is an intelligent successful talented powerful woman who is an actual ray of Sunshine

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Why do you ship Claire and Owen??? He was literally an asshole to her the entire movie what the fuck.

okay hold up. this is gonna be a long post so you might as well get ready for it.

yes owen was being rude to her in the beginning of the film, but so was claire. when she went to go see him, that is probably the first time they’ve seen each other since their date, let alone talk. the date ended badly for both of them. so claire had to see him bc masrani wanted a dinosaur expert to see the paddock and he wanted owen. thats why she went and got him.

when she arrived at owens bungalow, they both expressed why it didn’t out for them on their date. for owen it was bc claire was too in control, hence why he said, “it’s all about control with you..”, he needed respect between the two. that’s what missing from the date. for claire, owen was too laid back for her liking. he probably didn’t have any interest on how she wanted the date to go. she had it all planned out and he didn’t take it seriously. but they did like each other enough to go on a date, i can tell you that.

now when she asked him to help her get her nephews back to safety, she knew he would help bc he didn’t want the kids to get hurt by the i-rex. even if he didn’t like her at that very moment bc of the situation that happened earlier that nearly killed him, he helped her bc he didn’t want the kids to get hurt, possibly even killed. it wasn’t until the followed the boys footsteps to the waterfall did he start respecting her. he told her to go back bc he thought she wasn’t capable of handling the real world, based on how she was dressed. to which she mentally said, “screw you,” and started unbuckling her belt, unbuttoned her shirt, rolled up her sleeves and rested her hands on her hips. she told him she was ready and he was taken back. he was impressed but he wasn’t going to show it. he blatantly told her to follow his orders, bc this was his world, and she agreed.

when they arrived at the old park, owen instinctively got ahead of claire, even if he was just starting to respect her, he wanted to make sure no harm got to her. to claire, she was thankful to have owen along. she too was starting to respect the man who she couldn’t stand just a couple of hours ago. when they got to the garage and the i-rex came across them, they quickly hid in front of the old jeep. the two quickly prayed that they both survived. and that’s when they knew they couldn’t lose each other. this is the part when i started shipping them bc i knew they wouldn’t be able to get rid of each other after an experience like this. they just wouldn’t be able to. they have gotten too close.

so now to the part when the pterodactyls, pteranodons, and other flying dinosaurs started to attack the main park, claire had gotten on top of a table looking for her nephews, while owen started shooting at the flying dinos. but he got distracted by something, causing him to forget his surroundings and not notice the dino behind him. he was pushed to the ground by the force of the pterodactyl, he grabbed a hold of its neck, pulling it away from biting his face, when here comes claire. the woman he thought only cared about was how many people come to visit the park. claire hit the dino on the head with the bottom of the gun, tossing it to the ground before she started shooting at it, making sure it was dead when she offered her hand. owen took it graciously, looking at her with awe, when he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to the point that their chests were touching, and kissed her. claire just saved his ass from being killed, again. she seemed surprised by the sudden action that she didn’t move until a couple of seconds when she closed her eyes and moved her hand to his shoulder, melting into the kiss. they quickly pulled away, gazing into each others eyes, softly panting. it was a small kiss but it meant so much from them. it meant that they weren’t going anywhere without each other, they were never going to leave each other’s side after all this. 

so that’s why i ship them bc i see their chemistry, it started off rough bc they didn’t know each other when they went on their first date. all they knew was their names, their job, and that they were attracted to each other. that’s why they clashed bc they didn’t get to know each other, the date must of been awkward, with claires schedule and owens board shorts. but bc of what they experienced together in the woods and literally saving each others life, physically, mentally, or even emotionally, they got close. so close that they were never going to leave without the other. and no one is going to try and tell me they don’t feel love for the other bc i will defend these two with everything i got. just try me.

real talk : furiosa giving the girls hand to hand combat lessons. 

say what you want about Audreys game play but after her first week there is no way there will be a solid majority alliance, or alliance at all for that matter, to dominate their way to the end. If things shift every second in this house then nothing will be predictable giving our faves a chance to save themselves at any moment and our not so faves the chance to leave the house at any moment. this is what good big brother is all about

if she gets voted out next and this is her only contribution she makes to this show then she will have died for our sins and in Audreys name we pray

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would you date a skinny girl?


I almost hate to say this because I feel like on Tumblr you have to defend everything you say because people blow everything out of proportion. 

But lately I’ve been feeling skinny women a lot. 

I still love fat women too but I’m having a phase right now. 

Just…how happy Sherlock is going to be when he realizes he brings someone comfort and joy. How he’s spent his whole life thinking that he’s no good to anyone, but John needs him. John needs him to kiss his cheek and be a bit too clingy and wash his hair in the shower. Wrap around him like an octopus in bed and defend him with everything he has and love him

Downplaying bonds because they’re “in the way” of your pairing is no different than hating a character because they’re “in the way” of your pairing (you know like certain a fandom you make fun of).

Saying side characters should become mains because of being with the main character is no different than saying the main male and main female must end up together because you know, main x main (you know like a certain fandom you make fun of).

Using a film to defend everything in a manga debate (you know like a certain fandom you make fun of).

When will yall realize that just bc u stan audrey doesnt mean you have to defend everything she does. I like audrey and im still in the right of mind to call her ass out when shes acting shitty. ITS FINE

One of the most irritating things I experience as an artist is being really excited about something another artist is doing from their works in progress, but the final piece is just. Not great. I don’t know how else to put it. Like I can see all this potential that wasn’t developed or even approached and uuugh. I get the same feelings as a writer. They have such a good basis or concept or whatever but the delivery was just so off. 

I realize this makes me sound like a complete and utter snobby asshole. Art is a journey with many or no destinations. I just wish I was able to give constructive crit to people more openly. The internet isn’t a place for that, especially to more popular artists with rabid followings. 

Me: “Hey that hand looks a little off?”


True story. 

So instead I stare at other people’s art and make strangling motions over how much more awesome it could have been with a little feedback. Mapping out the third circle of hell. 

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Of course the police will not arrest the one who looks worse or needs medical attention but emma had bruises how could you know if he didn't just go easy on her? Stop trying to defend evan and everything he does if this were the other way round you will be all up on evan's ass. Nobody knows what happen just stop this is over and you look lame

1) Did you read what you sent or do you just speak mess.
2) Do your search because I’m not going to argue on stuff you could just google.
3) Emma /always/ has bruises. She bruises easily. (Also, if you’re fighting someone, who the fuck goes for the legs. Evan’s like 5'11, are you saying he went full squats on her ass?)
4) I’m defending Evan because he’s the victim here. And unlike you I do not excuse her behavior with the /lame/ “I’m going to tell you they were hitting each other so it doesn’t matter and then I’ll reassure you nobody knows what happened” card. Abuse is abuse. (How fucking hard is it to grasp that concept). Also, Evan is not exactly known for being a rude, abusive, nepotistic diva.
5) “if this were the other way round…” Contradiction much? At least you subconsciously know you are wrong.

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What do you think Astrid's backstory should be?

I love this question.  

I think that there has to be something in Astrid’s past that pushes her.  It could be a whole number of things, it could be parents that pressure her to be the best, or being raised by her defamed uncle, or being raised by a single mother, or hell, even a single father who raised her to be tough and defend herself.  There’s something that made her need to be the best at fifteen.  She put a whole lot of pressure on herself and I’d really like it if that didn’t come from nowhere.  

Also, big sister Astrid?  I can see that being adorable as all hell.  That would be so cute.  Her having a younger sibling that she defends with everything she has, that she teaches to be tough and smart and kind.  

What I think is missing from Astrid’s character development as a whole is her sense of self and where it comes from.  Because sometimes, in both movies, in occasional episodes, she has a very strong sense of self.  I want to see where she comes from.  I want to see why she is the way that she is, I want to see why she softens for Hiccup.