“We want to live with our culture & language and because the Turkish state doesn’t allow this, we have created these self-defense forces and will defend our people at all costs.We will try our best to prepare a future of freedom for our people. Until the last drop of our blood.”

- YPS (Civil Protection Units)

Do you love Anakin Skywalker? Are you willing to defend him at all costs? Do you think he’s a unique and interesting character? If so, this network is just for you :)


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upon further examination of Dean’s reaction after Mildred told him he was pining after someone, I bet that if the first or immediate thought  in his mind would have been Amara, he would have had a much more serious, concerned expression, maybe even a worried frown and far off look upon hearing that statement, probably mysterious/ominous music would have played in the background and Mildred would have asked him if he was ok… but instead he just seems to have the typical reaction of “what? pfft nah!” after someone asks you if you like someone you already know as something more, and even playfully states he is “single and ready to mingle” which doesn’t mean you can’t be pining after someone anyways, plus Mildred definitely already knew he was single (that was the point of her telling you to follow your heart Dean, duh, you don’t have to be alone forever)  

Wuh-oh! Here comes my silly headcanon for Roy. X3;

We all know Roy and his defining feature; the pink sunglasses, which shows his burly personality. But the true meaning behind his sunglasses are what’s behind them, and it’s nothing he’s really ashamed of, but actually proud to have. Perfectly groomed, beautiful eyelashes to compliment his eyes! Those are his pride and joy. He takes very good care of them and would defend them at all costs.

To protect them from the elements, he wears those thick sunglasses, they’re of perfect build quality to protect his lashes from anything that could happen from the ‘outside world’. If we thought he’s nothing without his sunglasses, he’s eternally empty if anything were to happen to those lashes! Even if one hair falls out, he gets quite depressed and severely upset. It’s why he’s so reluctant to take them off. He’s very worried something, anything, can happen to them; making him super overprotective. He doesn’t care at all if someone will judge him if his shades are off. Eyes, lashes, he could care less. If anyone forces/throws his shades off, they’re dead meat!

The only time he would show them is when he knows he’s in a safe environment and will only show them to those he trusts; fearing someone he doesn’t know very well, might try to pull something on him that could damage his precious lashes.

Supernatural Season 11: “It's love that won”.

Ok, so I decided to rewatch Season 11 from the start and I noticed something interesting in 11x02 Form and Void. At the start of the episode, when Sam is trying to lure the darkness-infected guy to his trap, he uses a radio monologue as bait. Now, the first time I saw it, I didn’t give it much importance. Just as he used a song later on that same episode to trap more infected people, I thought whatever sound was coming from the radio was probably randomly chosen (also English is not my first language so there were some parts I didn’t get from it). However upon rewatching, it really caught my attention, and this monologue goes as follows:

H-a-t-e. It was with this left hand that old brother Cain struck the blow that laid his brother low. L-o-v-e. You see these fingers? They’re arched. These fingers has veins that run straight to the soul of man. The right hand, friends – the hand of love. Now watch, and I’ll show you the story of life. These fingers, dear hearts, is always a-warrin’ and a-tuggin’, one against the other. Now watch ‘em. Old brother left hand – left hand hates a-fightin’.

And it looks like love’s a goner.

But wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Hot dog! Love’s a-winnin’. Yes, siree. It’s love that won. And old left-hand hate is down for the count.

Upon further investigation, and making it more interesting still, this monologue is from a 1955 film, suspiciously and coincidentally called The Night of the Hunter.

I am now 100% sure that this was NOT randomly chosen and that it serves clearly as foreshadowing of what’s to come. The left-hand, hate, the one that made Cain kill his brother and corrupted him, clearly represents The Darkness, for this was the mark’s fault. It may look like she might win 'cause now Dean is affected with her too and “old brother left hand hates a-fightin’” but it is also stated here that although it may look like love’s a goner, in the end, old left-hand hate will be down, and love will prevail.

I’m more positive about this every time, for at this point and with the way the season is going, it seems like the only logical outcome. The Darkness will be defeated because of love. Make of that what you will.

EDIT: something more interesting still, about this whole night/darkness and morning/light thing. On the previous episode 11x01, as Dean was handing Amara to officer Jenna so she could take care of her, he says “You and her. You’re gonna help each other”, to which she replies “Joy comes in the morning”. This line comes from the Bible, Psalm 30:5, which says “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” It could mean nothing of course, but it caught my attention now, because of the many ways the show seems to be saying lately, real subtly but still there, that light will be the solution to The Darkness problem. Again, make of that what you will. 

Dealing with the sudden (apparent) death of your beloved otherworldly partner: the DOs and DON'Ts

A Guide by Quetzal

DO NOT: OD on fairy drugs and embark upon a quest for immortality because you’re a fucking pansy
DO: shake hands with death. go on a date with death. embrace death. (you’re not trying to get yourself blown up you earned it)

DO NOT: feed your addiction by systematically preying upon the oppressed, because you’re an overgrown piss-baby and can’t handle your feelings
DO: explore healthy outlets for your frustration and despair such as: a. cutting bitches, b. blowing shit up and c. cutting more bitches. defend the oppressed at all costs. kick your oppressors’ ass. kick anyone’s ass. kick your own ass.

DO NOT: set yourself up as a fairy drug-lord, 100% high on your own product 100% of the time (seriously its bad form)
DO: become a motherfucking enchanter. the world is not prepared.

DO NOT: remodel your erstwhile partner’s fortress with the stolen dreams of those it was originally established to help, in a fashion that said partner would find decidedly tacky.
DO: build your own goddamn house with your own goddamn bones because unlike some people you ARE HARDCORE.

DO NOT: use your newfound powers to corrode the bridge your partner spent centuries trying to repair
DO: use your newfound powers to repair the bridge your partner claimed can’t possibly be repaired, blasting Bob the Builder all through the spirit realm

my current feelings about mike are simultaneously mike’s a fucking insensitive dick and mike’s doing his best. defend him at all costs.

mitiscantent asked:

//symbol for misguided advice text (sorry on mobile)

Texting Meme;

Send ☠ for a misguided advice text.

          [ xx:xx ] Well, if someone tries to pick a fight with you, just hit me up
          [ xx:xx ] and we can then barrel them down, because I’m pretty sure
          [ xx:xx ] we’re practically the same height so… unstoppable wall! o vo

                       ❝                             I  think  they  look  very  cool.     ❞    hands  travel  down  her  sidea,   feeling  the  fabric  of  the  robe.  deep  inside,   her  own  heart  didn’t  agree  with  the  colour  but  it  she  would  defend  it  at  all  costs.      ❝     th’  colour  may  be  a  bi’  funny,  bu’  it’s  very  in  these  days.    ❞ 

@vauntiing  |   ( x )



HOLLAND - So…you’d expect someone like this stud ^ to improve in ten years. He has actually gotten worse, LOL. Holland is completely emotionally detached - okay, I wouldn’t say completely because he has his moments with Mael, but majority of the time his responses/reaction to things and people are very bland/generic. Patience and understanding is a must if someone plans to be friends with Holland. Not a lot people can handle his distant personality (thus why he is also single and probably wont be giving Aida any grandchildren LOL) so his circle of friends is very, very small. The only person that probably brings out the best in Holland is Mael because Mael forces him to do things and in the end he actually has fun. Despite being emotionally inept, he is very loyal to his friends and will defend them at all costs. He is definitely not afraid to back down from a fight.

Holland lives on his own in a tiny flat somewhere downtown. He is a police officer (just like his step father!) and during his days off, he is usually spotted with Mael. 

Yes, Sasuke is definitely my inspiration for Holland. Literally everything. I wouldn’t say Holland is exactly like Sasuke, he isn’t crazy :v and at some point Sasuke becomes a better person. Holland is sensitive too! If someone brings up how generic/bland he is, it actually makes him feel worse LOL. Anyway, this is beginning to turn into random ramblings now..

RAI LEE - Beautiful baby girl is no longer a chubby tomato ;v;/ she’s grown into a lovely young woman! she’s not as hot headed as she was before but people still dont mess with her, haha. I’m not sure what her occupation is yet but she definitely has her own place somewhere in Republic City. She tries to visit her mama and papa whenever she has time vuv. 

“Why is it hillarious for me to defend Lestat, does my feminine physique make it shameful? Would you tease him if Louis came in his support? There is no shame for a woman to take part in battle in fact we can be deadlier than men in some circumstances. Never shame my boy for having a mother who would defend him in all costs, maybe you are all simply envious of him.”

cxnorwalsh asked:

connor walsh and lydia martin

connor walsh

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: okay, i think everyone knows that i ship coliver. they have such a cute dynamic. and connor cares about him so much. i’ve really loved the way he’s grown to care. he allows himself to be vulnerable with oliver in a way he can’t with anyone else. but also their sex life seems to be great, so that’s also nice.

favorite friendship: michaela/connor. that’s been my platonic otp since i first started watching. i just have this thing for snarky friends who will defend each other at all costs but refuse to seem like they care in general.

general opinions: if i had to make a list of my fave 10 fictional characters, he’d be on them. he just has a lot going on, and the show has really made him a fleshed-out, morally gray character. but one who we’ve seen has a good heart. he’s so much more than we saw in the first half season.

lydia martin

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: allison and jackson and a little bit of aiden and a little bit of kydia. 

i used to be such a hardcore jydia shipper. oh my. back when season two ended and he left, i was devastated. it was my first otp in teen wolf. just angry snarky babes who love each other and want to save each other. jackson cares more about her than anyone else – even if he is a complete dick to her at times. 

also, she and allison are perfect together. they are two women who will protect each other at all costs. they both are clever, and they both will fight tooth and nail. and they seriously love each other. when we see their developing friendship, really grow to value and love each other so much. just 10/10 wish we’d had canon ladies loving ladies in a non-platonic way.

as for aiden, i was more invested in dethan, but i always love all relationships where one character starts out dating a character for devious reasons and then it ends up backfiring. i just don’t have as strong strong opinions.

tbh we don’t even see that much of kira/lydia (at least when i stopped watching). it’s just that i love the idea of w/w, and they really could have a fun dynamic. but anyway i ship kira/scott quite a bit, so.

favorite friendship: allison. without a doubt. same reason i love them romantically, i love them platonically. badass women who love each other fiercely.

general opinions: i stopped caring for her as much by the time i stopped watching. i didn’t finish season 4, actually. but i ended up becoming much more of a kira and scott stan. i really loved her in the first three seasons, though! i love how she’s femme and badass and smart as fuck. and we get to see some great vulnerable moments in s3. 

Send me a character!


PREVIEW | Curb Stomp (BOOM! Studios)

  • Paperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 27 January 2016
  • Story: Ryan Ferrier
  • Illustrations: Devaki Neogi
  • Colors: Jeremy Lawson, Neil Lalonde
  • “Three gangs. Five girls. No way out. Machete Betty leads a small gang of women under the self-appointed task of protecting their home of Old Beach, one of three boroughs surrounding a rich metropolitan city. When Betty takes the life of a rival gang member in an act of self-defense, she sets off a chain reaction of retaliation, gang warfare, and unlikely allies. It’s up to the The Fever—Machete Betty, Derby Girl, Bloody Mary, Daisy Chain, and Violet Volt—to defend their turf at all costs. Collects the complete four-issue limited series.”
SocGen sees 25 pct probability of Saudi FX devaluation soon

LONDON, Feb 4 (Reuters) - There is at least a 25 percent chance of a near-term devaluation of the Saudi Arabian riyal, rising to 40 percent should oil prices stay at current levels throughout 2016, Societe Generale said on Thursday.
The Saudi riyal’s 30-year old peg to the dollar has come under pressure in the wake of oil’s price collapse, as have other regional currency pegs, although authorities have declared their intention to use their vast foreign exchange reserves to hold the pegs.
Societe Generale said that while the pegs had withstood previous episodes of low oil prices and dollar strength, this time appeared different.
“The probability of the pegs failing is one of ability and willingness to defend the regime at all costs. The market is testing the authorities’ willingness, and rightfully so,” the French bank said in a note.
They calculated the probability of a devaluation or change in the exchange rate regime to be as high as 60 percent if oil prices stayed below $50 a barrel for the next two years.
“Risk-reward continues to favour positioning for the pegs to be adjusted or scrapped. We advise eschewing the temptation to earn carry through being short dollars against the Saudi Riyal.”
SocGen noted that Gulf fiscal balances are in worse shape than in the past and second, Saudi Arabia, once a price-setter in global oil markets, has become more of a price-taker, with less power to influence markets.
Third, Gulf economies have increasingly decoupled from the United States, the bank said, adding all the above factors made a more flexible exchange rate desirable. (Reporting by Sujata Rao; editing by Jamie McGeever)

Richard Mabey: “Some Accessible Country”

I began to wonder — I hope not just rationalising my own naivety — if wilderness was really what I wanted, or should want. Truly wild places should be for the wild creatures that live there, and only secondarily to give us revelatory experiences. If we go into them it should be as a privilege, and on the same terms as the creatures that live there, unarmed and on foot. They cannot be treated as convenience habitats, available off-the-peg […]. But what I missed was some common ground between the wilderness and the thoroughly domesticated, some accessible country — real and metaphorical — beyond the boardwalks and the forest condominiums and the hunting reserves. I realised that what touched me most was not wilderness as a special, defined place, but the quality of wildness, Dylan Thomas’s ‘force that through the green fuse drives the flower’, the untidy, energising edge of all living systems. True wildernesses must be defended at all costs, for the sake of their rightful inhabitants. But I felt that I could settle, like Thoreau and Colette, for just knowing they were there, and leave the real experience to my imagination.

— from the final chapter of Mr. Mabey’s memoir, Nature Cure

anoailxgxnd asked:

♠♠ (one from both of my muses ♥)

For every ♠ I receive, I will post a headcanon about my muse! - accepting

(and that’s totally okay with me) 

First headcanon - The one thing that makes Nikki’s blood boil is when people talk shit about the ones that she loves. She will defend her loved once at all costs, if needed - she’ll punch you in the face. 

Second headcanon - In high school she wasn’t the popular girl, despite being the captain of the girl’s soccer team. She was more into sports and she had a little to no time for boys. Fearless tomboy indeed ;)