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You know that people HATE lauren and ship olicity.. This is not about being racist OK So Don't use that excuse :/ just learn to deal with the fact that not everyone likes iris. For me iris and barry are like brothers so i ship her with eddie.

First, HER NAME IS LAUREL!!! DINAH LAUREL LANCE!!! Second, This does have to do with racism! During the summer of 2014, Candice Patton was announced as Iris West and all these comic fans started sending racist tweets to the actress and acting racist on every fucking website! Don’t sit the fuck here and tell me this isn’t about racism! I have tons of fucking receipts that can 100% prove this is about racism! 

Yeah i have A LOT MORE RECEIPTS TOO! “Just learn to deal with the fact that not everyone likes iris” Excuse me?!!! How dare you fucking pretend that race isn’t a part of it! You’re a fucking racist apologist anon! Stop trying to pretend that racist in this fandom doesn’t exist just so you can feel good about yourself. Some people may not like Iris but it’s b/c they never bothered to give her a chance b/c of her race in the first place. It’s disgusting and I’m gonna call it out whether you like it or not! Even Danielle Panabaker herself has said people shipped snowbarry way early on. Gee, i wonder why considering the show wasn’t even on yet. You pretending like this is some imaginary problem is not helping. You are just giving an excuse to the racist to continue to be racist. You are disgusting anon!

How are Barry and Iris like siblings? They aren’t blood and Barry isn’t adopted. If Barry was raised by a grandparent or some other family member and lived next door to Iris his whole life and they stayed best friends all through out, you would still be saying the same shit! You know why? Cause you have racial bias. You would probably make up an excuse like “Oh well, they technically grew up together, so that’s incest.” How I don’t fucking know. You guys just seem to make up the craziest shit. Also, you say you think of them as siblings, but yet all snowbarry shippers do is take everything WA and pretend it’s theirs. I’ve even seen fanfictions of Barry and Caitlin growing up together JUST LIKE HIM AND IRIS! Like what the fuck? How are you guys gonna sit there and call Barry and Iris siblings and then steal everything that’s theirs?! Yeah! And i highly doubt you ship her with Eddie. I have been in the WestThawne tag, and have seen barely ANYTHING! Like almost absolutely NOTHING! Plus Iris and Eddie have barely had any screen time together either so i don’t know how you can even fucking ship them. Keep making shit up and ignoring the racism within your fandom, but I’m gonna stay woke and keep calling you guys out!

I can’t believe it, you guys! Thank you so much!

You are all so wonderful and thank you for following me.

I’m not gonna waste any more of your time, let’s start this. :)

First of all, I’d like to mention a few bloggers that I just simply adore.

badlybehavedbookworm a. k. a. Jess, who is my booklr wife and fellow French fry lover. Kisses to you, my dear. :)

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buttermybooks, we don’t talk much, but I love, love, love everything you post. Summer also gives great advice, whether it’s bookish or not. :)

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If you’re not on the list it’s not because I don’t like/love you, because I do. :)

You swore to protect and serve your community at all costs. You are the defenders of the innocent and meek. Your job requires you to do more than just show up. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you to all of the officers in our lives, it’s not said enough. Happy Police Week 👮

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I'm actually curious so please actually answer this. What do you think qualifies you to tell other women what is and isn't feminism?

You can think whatever you want, it’s just fucking sad to watch you settle for whatever scraps of faux-empowerment men hand you and pretend that it’s something that must be Defended At All Costs instead of realising you can enjoy something that’s entertaining and marginally less exclusionary than most media without treating it like the second coming of Feminist Jesus.

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/post/119609088961/ Not only that, but it is very insulting when sjws do this. :T I'm part Cree and am trans myself, and it's infuriating when people go on about how 'x minority/sexuality/gender must be protected AT ALL COSTS', as if I can't defend myself. I don't need a sjw to fight for me, I won't wilt just because someone has something mean to say. It's patronizing and makes me feel like they think I'm somehow lesser than cis 100% white folks, both physically and mentally.

people who reblog a post and just add “why” are infinitely worse than people who say “destroy the defend at all costs this is so important”. The former is an empty grotesque soulless husk, the latter is a drone with a good heart, like wall-e

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It took me a long time to realise Sarah has a bit of the cult of the individual going on. I used to be in awe of her in every way in my recovery until I realised the bullshit

It’s actually really interesting that, in retrospect, you realise that as, until now, I have only ever heard from devoted followers discarding the very idea that MM had a very cult-like feeling about it, particularly in the way that those who advocate the method are revered in awe. It certainly makes sense that whilst a person is within that kind of situation, they may not be aware of it, so there is definitely something very telling about the fact that you have come to realise Sarah’s cult-like following after having broken out of it yourself. Thank you for choosing to share your thoughts on the topic; I appreciate it. Best of luck with your continued recovery, safely away from Sarah’s bullshit.

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Alright look. There are many reasons as to why some people (not just Muslims) join ISIS. Western imperialism is just one case, discrimination is another, but there are plenty more cases. What he did was ignorant. Just because someone is a university prof doesnt mean that they are intelligent, it just means that they received a piece of paper form someone who is potentially just as ignorant as they are. As a fellow commie it is important for us not to lose our shit and call every sign of 1/2

ignorance a racist act. This was just some dumb motherfucker, which there are many of, talking about something he had no idea about. Religious groups =/= Races. I cant get my head around why some marxist (im guessing youre on too) try to, at all costs, defend Muslims but fail to defend the Christian Minorities in the middle east, which are also getting oppressed. Despite knowing that religion in general is the opiate of the people, self righteous commies ho our of their way, to protect 2/3 

selected religious groups, the groups that they are aware of being oppressed. 3/3

i’ma keep it short because this is ridiculous

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But what if the treacherous Meanyheads to the East hear of this? Surely, they will come to plunder our advanced cuteness technology. Please, your Highness, think of the cuteness!


Homestuck Upd8 5/12/15

this one a long one so sit tight

Battle strategies (Yes)

5 total threats H.I.C the 3 Jacks and female prospitian (Jane, Jade, alt Calliope?)

Once they arrive all hell will break loose

H.I.C is waiting for the Jacks to get the upper hand

Dirk is coming and is a great tactical asset (yaaaasss hes coming)

Karkat is the shittest drawer

H.I.C greatest pieces are Harley and Crocker

H.I.C spent centuries upgrading her abilities including telekinesis variety more common and the kind that involve eye lasers 

She has a mix of Vriska’s and Tavros’ telepathic abilities

Jade MUST stay asleep or it’s game over (nooo)

Keep H.I.C occupied

Prospitian Dog Jack vs Dog Jack

If Jade wakes up she must be by Dog Jack

Prepare for casualities when fight against Lord Jack

Jane will need rapid access to the fronts for the battle

Robo Jack vs Jake and Tavrosprite

Defend Jane at all cost, if she dies we’re fucked