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I Hate You

Request: Scenario where chanyeol find out that his girlfriend (he was going to propose) don’t want to have children. you choose if the end will be happy or sad. Thaaaaanks

Word Count: 2734

Genre: ANGST

Part 2

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anonymous asked:

I'm not disputing the fans bully her and their intentions are bad. However, we seem to disagree on one fundamental issue: what is an acceptable way to speak to people. There's a way to say things. You can defend yourself without using the same language as the offenders. I disagree with people speaking to each other the way either party involved did, regardless of circumstance.

Fine, we disagree. I happen to believe you’re wrong because you reap what you sew. You can try to make this about how you ‘speak to people’ but I don’t believe for one second that’s what this is really about. YOU don’t start a war unprovoked and then say, “well…EVERYONE could have behaved better.” While that may be true and may you look good, if we’re all honest with each other, it actually means shit coming from you. And that’s MY point. You have no moral high ground or a high ground of any kind, nor can you claim to be superior or anyone with regards to maturity when a person reacts negatively in the face of harassment. You appear to literally be only willing to apply this rule you have to the gfs and not the fandom.

And like, I feel the same way I felt back when Alex was dating Alexa and she was getting shit non-stop on twitter and her blog (people wanna act like the Alexa days were so great, like you don’t know anything and its a dead give away how young these people are). You can’t clutch your pearls and act all offended when you’re literally the one provoking the offense and they reply offensively. Does that make sense? Like, usually you would be right, but you understand what I mean when I say its empty and means nothing coming from you? Its nothing but a deflection tactic like you wanna shift blame and obfuscate and turn this into a conversation about bad language? No, this is a conversation about BAD BEHAVIOR. And there’s only one side I believe deserves the blame. And I believe I have logic and reason on my side, sry not sry. Besides, I also happen to be someone who believes like….okay, if you’ve been harassing me, it may not have been classy or refined for me to knock your damn teeth out, but I bet you won’t get up in my face again, will you? Sometimes its the only way people learn. If you disagree, fine. Stay up out my face then.

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Are you doing the 'if you dated...' thing still?? If so can I make a request for Daryl Dixon? (Sorry if it is to much to ask...) I love this blog! (>////<)

  • Daryl really isn’t the romantic type per say but he’d love you with all his heart. 
  • He’d be concerned for your saftey before himself with the “Are you alright?” Anytime you looked shaken up
  • Teaching you to defend yourself with one on one lessons
  • Dealing with his vulgar and hickish language that you’d tease him about some of his sayings
  • You being literally the only person that’s allowed to ride and touch his bike without him flipping out
  • He’d be very cold when it came to romantic stuff like kisses but eventually you’d get a smile out of him with a sweet check kiss from you 
  • Small gifts that you’d thank him for and he’d be like “nah, it don’t mean much.” 
  • You two would probably never actually “date” just always be together and go on runs with each other 
  • Seeing the softer side of him more than anyone else
  • Hugs where he just stands there and accepts finally coming around to hugging you back after a while
  • Daryl would brush off anything romantic or sweet thing he’d do for you but you know it’s because he really likes being around you

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Oh man misogynistic slurs left and right on the blog of a white boy...yikes :/ idk why you're even trying to defend yourself as the language you use on here invalidates any intellectual or argumentative potential you may have had. Clean up start over and try again

Please, I’m a fucking gay humor blog. What you may think is misogynistic is not meant in that way at all and y'all know it. The whole point of me doing that thing was to see how much you guys would turn around and say something and not even do research into it. At the end of the day I am who I am and I know deep down that I’m not Racist, Misogynistic or anything like that so really and truely….

Protect Our Own- Draco Malfoy imagine

Request: Hello c: I may have requested this from you already but I’m not sure if I remember. Could I get an imagine where you’re a Slytherin girl in your 6th year and you’re arguing with your Ravenclaw boyfriend, and he’s been known on campus for being a complete asshole. So your boyfriend raises his hand and strikes you and Draco catches the whole thing and goes right for him before comforting you? (The whole protect-your-own vibe with lots of fluff and stuff c:) Thank you! <3


“How could you get held back from Hogsmeade? You’re supposed to be going with me!” Your boyfriend pouted his lip pathetically. You huffed.

“I didn’t mean for Snape to critique on every tiny little movement I did wrong.” You cried out, raising your voice slightly. Your boyfriend scoffed rather loudly and dramatically.

“Maybe you should learn to do the potion correctly then, Y/N.” He said the words like it were a funny joke and the asshole couldn’t stop himself for laughing.

“I can’t believe you! You’re blaming me for an accident!”

“I will not have you yelling at me like this.” His mouth perked up in a smirk. Yes, it was sooo hilarious to see you defend yourself against his abusive language. This wasn’t the first time; always claiming you as his property or roughly handling you around his friends. You were sick of it.

“We’re done, asshole.” Lost in thought, you hadn’t realized you cut him off mid-sentence. The evil Ravenclaw’s eyes widened at you as if a ‘fly like yourself’ couldn’t make sense of words, much less put them in a sentence. Meaning: he thought you were stupid for saying what you just did.

“You will not speak to me like that!” Your boyfriend shouted, rearing his hand back. Before you could do anything, a sharp sting contacted your face, making your cheek already turn red under the Ravenclaw’s removed hand.

“What in blood hell do you think you’re doing!?” An enraged voice captured both yours and your boyfriend’s attention. You almost sighed in relief as you saw a fellow Slytherin come to your rescue.

“Well, isn’t it Draco Mal-” Draco shoved your now EX-boyfriend into the wall; a crack sounded from his head. You gasped when you saw he went limp and sank to the ground, finally flopping on his face. Draco turned to you and his fiery expression softened greatly with concern.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Ah, don’t worry about him. He’s just knocked out.” Draco said smoothly and quietly, standing just before you.

“I wasn’t worried about that jerk. Just scared me is all.” You faintly responded. Draco placed an arm around your shoulder and guided you away from him. You instantly relaxed once you saw Draco meant no harm.

“He’s an ass for a Ravenclaw.” Draco muttered. You shrugged lamely.

“I don’t know why I said yes in the first place.” You said, regretting ever meeting the asshole.

“Well, it’s over now. You don’t have to worry about him. I’ll break his neck if he touches you like that again.” You couldn’t help but giggle a bit at his threat.

“I’m counting on it. Why’d you do that for me?” You asked. Draco looked at you like it were obvious.

“Slytherins protect their own. It’s in our blood.” He answered casually. You nodded in agreement.

“That they do. Thank you so much, Draco. He was awful.”

“It’s no problem. Now…” He studied you for a second, tenderly touching your cheek, “how about we go get something for that mark, eh?”


Thanks for requesting!

star-b3ast-deactivated20170331  asked:

For outed anon, if someone comes at you w/ "its unnatural" remind them that neither is the polio vaccine or canned food. If they try something, by god hit them back. I don't care if it hurts your knuckles, you'll know you defended yourself.

 M.O.D. recommends this video.

He uses a lot of harsh language, and he’s harsh, but his messages are clear. 

 Use your teeth when you need to.