defend what you believe in

  • Me, before watching Keith's vlog: YES I WAITED FOR THIS FOR SO LONG!!
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“Pain is always a surprise. I try to avoid landmines. Avoid caring. I can even see it coming. But until it hits, you have no idea what pain is.

-Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones SE01E13: AKA Smile)

Hunk plays the ukulele

this one person just saved one of my pins of a yellow ukulele to a hunk character board… how could we have been so blind? just imagine him strumming mindless little tunes on a lazy sunday morning, with lance’s head laying on his lap. then all of them humming to a song he plays while they are just doing their own thing. Lance and Pidge ironically singing wonderwall. Keith forcing Hunk to learn some twenty one pilots songs. Him smiling and softly singing along to house of gold with hunk.
Hunk plays the uke, sorry I don’t make the rules.

Just because you don’t get along well with someone, or you disagree with someone, or you have differences in opinion that can’t be resolved, doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. You can’t be best friends with everyone, and shit happens. No one is ever going to get along with everyone. It doesn’t make you a bad person to see a friendship end like this. It just means that you are still learning about who you are and what values you believe are worth defending. Even if it ends badly, try to look on the bright side: everybody learns from these moments. You can walk away with the knowledge that you have learned and that you have a better sense of self because of it.

Friendship is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult relationships to maintain and one of the most difficult things to get over if it ends. When it’s over, it’s hard to accept it because you became friends for a reason; you have good memories with this person that a part of you wants to relive. But you should listen that other part of you that’s saying it’s okay to move on and let it go. It’s okay to give yourself a little space and to let yourself breathe. It’s okay if you need to be on your own for a bit. And it’s perfectly okay to move on even if it was your fault, or if it was theirs, or if it was both or neither or you’re not sure.

This is your life to live and you don’t have to let this hold you back. Keep your head up. Think it through. (You’re not a bad person. Everybody is not for everybody.) Let yourself heal. And move on when you’re ready.

Wrong Place Wrong Time (16)

Part 16 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)
- ⛪️Also mention of Religion.

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 3,926 
(Just wanted to quickly thank those who replied on my previous post letting me know that the longer word counts are totally okay. Feedback is always appreciated guys! 💙)

You were rudely awaken by somebody blowing cool air into your ear, groaning you turned over to your side, your internal clock was telling you that it was not time to get up yet, but the blowing came again and for longer this time.

“Ughh, what do you want Baekhyun?” You rolled over to your side, opening one of your eyes.

“Do I look like Baekhyun to you? Get up!” Chanyeol pouted grabbing the sheets off of your body and pulling you up into a sitting position. You smiled at Chanyeol pulling him into a hug, lingering for a while before you pulled away from him again. “What was that for?” His eyes were wide with surprise.

“I don’t know…I kind of missed you.” You were embarrassed to admit it but it felt good at the same time. He smiled at you showing a row of perfectly white teeth. “Anyway why are you here?!” You pushed his shoulder hard so he fell backwards onto the bed.

“The first thing you do when we become friends again is bully me. I’m offended.” He stuck his tongue out. “I have good news and bad news for you.”

“Bad news first.” You opted, you weren’t sure how much worse the news could get around this place but having said that any form of hell was possible here.

“Okay well the bad news is that you have to do some training with me. I’m sorry I tried so hard to keep you out of this, you don’t know how angry I was when Junmyeon suggested this but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“What do you mean ‘training’.” You made quotation marks with your fingers. “I’m not going to be on field.”

“You are Y/N.” Chanyeol dropped his head, sinking his fists into the mattress. “I’m sorry I tried hard, but he said we need all hands on deck, the only two that will be out are Jongdae; because he’s still not fully recovered, and Baekhyun because he’s the only one that knows what he’s doing when it comes to stitching us up.” He gave you a weak smile.

“What type of training though Chanyeol?” You didn’t like the sound of this; you shifted uncomfortably standing up from the bed and looking down at him.

“Cute pyjamas.”

“Stop side-tracking Chan. What type of training are you talking about?

He began to bite the skin on his thumb. “You know… defending yourself, how and where to hide…how to use a gun…”
You laughed at him in disbelief shaking your head violently.

“There is no fucking way I’m using a gun Chanyeol. Are you crazy? I’m not doing that shit again, I don’t want to turn into a monster, I don’t want to turn into –”

“—me?” Chanyeol smiled sadly finishing your sentence; you couldn’t look at his eyes now. You felt bad but of course you didn’t want to do what he did, why was that so wrong? “I’m not doing this because I want to Y/N. And you won’t be either; you’ll be doing it to defend yourself, in this world it’s dog eat dog, okay? Kill or be killed, and I don’t prefer the latter.” You could do nothing but sulk now.

“What was the good news?” You mumbled, pouting and looking down at the floor, you despised your life right now.

“You’ll be training with me.”

“Really? I was hoping for something better.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Ouch, that hurt my ego.” Chanyeol held his hands above his heart, pretending that you had wounded him. You stuck your tongue out at him, slipping your slippers on and walked towards your door.


“Nooooooooo!” Jongin whinged stomping his feet childishly on the floor. Everyone was in the kitchen apart from Sehun. He was still upset from last night and was probably going through emotional turmoil since he didn’t know which truth to believe. It was awkward since everyone was sitting on the opposite side of Minseok on the table, although the boys thought they were being discrete they really weren’t. You weren’t particularly Minseok’s number one fan, but you felt slightly bad for him. You really wouldn’t be surprised if he was the Tell-Tale he was a secretive and dangerous man, yet something deep down was telling you that it wasn’t him. It had to be someone on the outside and you weren’t sure if they were trying to help Genesis or ruin Genesis.
 Attempting to be the neutral ‘better’ person and bridge the gap you opted to sit in the space between the boys and Minseok, although to be honest he didn’t look like he was too bothered and rather seemed as though he was enjoying his own company.
All of you were around the table eating cereal, there was a slight buzz of conversation mainly about what was going to happen tonight and what precautions had to be taken.

“What’s wrong with you Jongin?” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes, looking down at the bowl in front of him.

Jongin had his head in his cupboard, looking slightly defeated. “I’ve run out of sugar, No! Why me?! Why!?”  You laughed a little bit at his stupidity it was somewhat cute, Yixing gave you a scornful look from across the table. The both of you still hadn’t spoken yet and it was putting you on edge.

“Why don’t you just have Honey like the rest of us for goodness sakes. Why do you have to be so difficult all the time?” Kyungsoo frowned motioning towards Jongdae to pass him the honey jar and tipping it over his cereal.

“Because I’m special and I’m Jongin, so I need to be unique. One of you guys must have sugar in yours.” He whined, looking through the cupboards one by one. The honey was being passed around the table by the boys.

“Honey Y/N?” Junmyeon asked, holding it in your direction. You shook your head, you preferred sugar over honey but your cereal was sweet enough anyway. Junmyeon looked over to the other side of the table at Minseok, but then put the jar of honey down and began talking to the other boys again.

“Um… actually you know what, I’ll have a little.” You took the jar from Baekhyun who reached for it and held it out to you, pouring the tiniest bit in your bowl You didn’t actually want any but since you were playing mediator you had to step in.

 “Minseok…do you want some honey?” You pushed the jar towards him, patiently waiting for a string of abuse and profanities about how ‘he could look after himself’ and ‘if he wanted the honey he’d get the honey.’ He stared at you for a moment raising his brows, taking hold of the jar and dragging it towards him.


Your eyes widened. Minseok just thanked you. The most civil bit of conversation the both of you had shared.

“Y-your welcome.” You stuttered still in disbelief. Everyone in the room looked up at Sehun who had just entered the room, he took the seat opposite you. His eyes were red and puffy, he had been crying and quite a lot too. Your heart began to ache seeing him like this, you weren’t sure how old he was, but you knew that he was young and to be going through all of this must have been proving too much.
You heard a gasp coming from the cupboards.

“Minseok…What the heck is this?” Jongin turned around slowly, holding up a can of red spray paint in his hands. You dropped your spoon on the floor, flicking your eyes between Jongin, Minseok and the can of red spray paint.

He looked up slowly at Jongin and back down at his bowl again, shovelling some cereal into his mouth. “How should I know? It’s not mine.”

“Then why did I find it in your cupboard?” He pointed an accusing finger at Minseok. Everyone in the room was staring at him silently, all apart from Sehun, he was audibly crying now, wiping his face with his sleeves.

“Minseok what’s going on, please tell me it’s not you. Why is this happening!? Why won’t you defend yourself? It’s you isn’t it? You’re the Tell-Tale.” You could just about make out was Sehun was saying, he was hysterical and wasn’t breathing properly, you had to press your hand against your mouth to stop yourself from crying too.

“I’ve never seen that before.” Minseok said nonchalantly, his face unchanging as he stirred his spoon around in his bowl. “I don’t know how it got there.”

Jongin walked over to Minseok’s side of the table banging the can down in front of him. “Really Minseok?! Because you’re not all that convincing right now!”

“Jongin stop it. Maybe it wasn’t him…” You whispered, looking at Minseok who was looking straight back at you, but still his face was giving nothing away and you didn’t know what to believe.

“Are you seriously trying to defend this piece of shit right now Y/N?” Jongin shouted at you from where he was stood. He turned his attention back to Minseok. “So come on ‘Tell-Tale’ Why is it that you’re dropping all these hints for us. Are you on our side or against us? Either way you’re getting all this information from an outside source so how the fuck can we trust you?”

Minseok rolled his eyes upwards, putting his spoon down carefully in his bowl. He quickly slipped a gun out of his pocket pointing it at the other end of the table, making everyone jump back and duck for cover. He laughed in astonishment, slipping his gun back into his pocket.
“Wow! Are you guys being serious!? You’re all actually scared of me right now. You seriously think I’m this Tell-Tale asshole. You’re all doubting me right now? Sehun, you’re doubting me?!” He pointed a reproving finger in Sehun’s direction. Pushing his chair backwards he stood up and walked towards the exit. “I don’t fucking have time for this shit. I have a raid to prepare for.”
You looked over the table at Sehun; he was a complete wreck, shaking violently.

“Sehun its okay” You cooed reassuringly “I’m sure it’s not him.”

“Are you being fucking serious Y/N!? Are you blind? Everything points towards him” Jongdae banged his fist against the table. You frowned getting up from your seat and running out of the kitchen.

“Y/N where are you going? Y/N!”

You were walking up to Minseok’s room, when you saw him leaving it and closing his door behind him. He was wearing the exact same clothes as the night that he slipped out of the house. All black attire with black boots and a bottle of an unknown liquid in his hand. You quickly slipped into the room that you were stood next to as you didn’t want to be caught. You weren’t sure who’s room it was but they were going to have to let you borrow their jacket for a while because you had made up your mind. You were about to follow Minseok.

You kept your distance when following him, and now you were really beginning to wish that you had just gone and put proper shoes on, because these slippers were really not serving any type of purpose. You slid down the streets still trying to keep a fair distance, when suddenly you were being lead to a Church. You were confused and sincerely hoping he wasn’t planning to kill anyone inside because that would most definitely be a new level of low. But instead of walking into the church auditorium he crept through the back, in which you realised he was standing in a graveyard. Your body shivered you weren’t the biggest graveyard fan and you were wondering what on earth Minseok was doing here. You stood behind a tree about two inches away to keep yourself hidden.

“I know you followed me.” You heard Minseok call from where he was positioned, slowly turning round to look at the tree. “Besides that’s the most cliché hiding spot. Maybe if you actually try hiding in a grave the next time it would be harder to spot you.” You had been caught, sheepishly you stepped away from the tree and towards Minseok.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered “I just wanted to get some sort of proof that you really weren’t the Tell-Tale.” You didn’t get too close to him, purely because he was someone you couldn’t trust. “But i’m confused as to why you’re here.”

He sighed heavily. “I’m not the Tell-Tale.”

“I know you’re not, I just kind of had this feeling deep down.”

He looked up at you shocked. “Thanks for believing me. Funny how Sehun couldn’t, after I cared for him so much.” He rolled his eyes.

“So this where you came the other night?” You questioned. He nodded pointing at the two gravestones.

“I Came to see my mum and dad.” He half-smiled pouring some of that liquid he held onto the soil in front of one of the headstones.

“What is that?” You asked, squinting your eyes and taking a step closer to him.

“Rosewater. My mum loved it, she’d never go a day without it.” You nodded your head slowly in understanding. So this is where Minseok had  been coming all this time and it was completely understandable, you felt so bad for how misunderstood he’d been.

 “So your parents were religious then?” You whispered, looking behind your shoulder at the church and turning back around to look at Minseok crouched down in front of the headstone, you crouched down beside him.

“Yeah. My mum especially. She’d take me to church every Sunday, she’d place her loose change in my hand and let me put it in the collection pot. I loved it, it was the best part of my day.” He smiled so sadly, and you felt your heart crumpling in your chest. “I’ve not been to church for years. I can’t. I feel too ashamed, I don’t deserve it. It’s ironic my parents were taken from me, yet I take people from others. At first I told myself for I was doing it for a cause but now I don’t even know what I’m fighting for. I just do it out of anger and hostility. They’d be so disappointed.” A tear rolled down his cheek and splashed onto the dying flowers that were in front of him. You couldn’t help yourself at this point and instinctively pulled Minseok in for a hug nestling your head in between the crook of his neck and his shoulder.
“W-what are you doing?” He stuttered, his body stilling at your contact.

“I don’t really know, it just happened on impulse, but please don’t ask again because that will make it really awkward.” You half-laughed. You felt him take a breath again and rest his head against yours. You stayed like that for a few moments before he pulled himself away from you, clearing his throat and broadening his shoulders.

“If you tell the other’s, I’ll kill you.”

“Minseok” You let out a fake gasp. “Your mothers listening, how can you threaten to kill me in front of her? I’m telling you now she is turning in her grave”

“Whatever.” He laughed softly, pushing your shoulder lightly. Minseok was laughing. And it wasn’t one of those twisted evil ones either, it was a genuine heartfelt laugh and it felt like a breath of fresh air. You had almost forgotten what his teeth looked like. You loved this Minseok; you wanted this one to stick around. He stood up, moving over to a grave beside his parents and pouring the rosewater there too. You stood up too and quirked an eyebrow.

“Hey, what are you doing, you can’t go pouring that on everyone’s graves.”

He shook his head lightly. “Relax. This one’s my granddad. Fucking family reunion, I know.”

“Oi! Language.” You whispered bowing your head at the graves and turning round to bow your head at the church. He pulled a sorry face pressing his fingers against his lips and turning around to face the church.

“Let’s go.” He said walking slowly back towards the way you came. You nodded walking beside him, you noticed him laughing quietly to himself.

“What?” You asked, curious as to what was so funny.

“Oh it’s nothing. I just remembered when I was younger my mum had this thing about me holding her hand, but I got to this age where I thought I was too big to hold her hand anymore, so every time we came to visit my granddads grave she’d tell me that if I didn’t hold her hand, one of the hands of the dead bodies would rip through the soil and drag me down under with them. I was so scared, it was the only time she could get me to hold her hand.”

“Aww cute…I think… Actually that’s quite creepy” You made a puzzled face unsure of what to make of the story.

“Oh no. It’s definitely creepy” He smiled. “But it makes for a good story and good memories, I guess I’ll never forget how her hands felt in mine now. I do miss it though.”

You looked forward towards the church and held your hand out towards Minseok. He paused for a moment staring at your hand and back up at you.

“I know i’m not your mum but It’s not every day I offer my hand to people, take it or leave it.” You cleared your throat, but he was still staring at you. “Oh my goodness Minseok please just hold it, this is getting awkward, it’s really not going to hold itself.” He cleared his throat too, placing his hand in yours; you both walked silently forward staring uneasily ahead. Finally Minseok broke the silence.

“Okay, so wow this is really kind of awkward…”

“Oh, yeah, yeah I totally agree I’m really glad you said that.” You both quickly dropped each others hands and walked even faster to the exit. “So don’t tell the others we held hands otherwise I might actually have to, you know.” You ran a finger across your neck.

“Oh no, what? You think this is good for my image? Trust me I won’t”

Hours later and it was crunch time; everyone was geared up including you. You had a gun in your back pocket and it made you feel physically sick, training with Chanyeol didn’t go particularly well but he promised you that he’d be there to protect you anyway. Baekhyun and Jongdae stayed at home, looking over cameras and prepping medical equipment just incase, but you were sure you would definitely be needing it, someone was bound to get hurt. You were packed into a black van sat in between ‘Kai’ and Chanyeol; you were trying to call everyone by their code names so it would sink in. You were scared to shout for help from Chanyeol and Sehun, purely because their usual role was to stay at home so they didn’t have code names. Everyone was silent, Kai was rubbing circles on your thigh, trying to calm you down and he wasn’t even trying to be discrete about it this time, everyone was watching how touchy he was being with you but he didn’t really care. Yixing did though.

“I’m scared.” You breathing was irregular.

“Don’t worry babe, we’ve got you. You’ll be fine.” Jongin squeezed your knee. Causing Yixing to roll his eyes. Suddenly the van stopped moving.
You had arrived at the Warehouse.

“We all know the rules.” Junmyeon said “Try your best, stay alive. We’ve got this” But you weren’t so sure. Rapidly all of the boys began to run out of the van and towards the block C.

You were frozen in your seat. Cold, alone. Sat there, you couldn’t seem to catch your breath, your life was flashing before your eyes at the moment. There was no way you’d survive this. There were so many things that you still wanted to do with your life, get promoted to the highest level, get married, have beautiful children, but that was never going to happen now.

You heard footsteps running back towards the van.
“Y/N?” A hand shot out in front of your face, you looked up. It was Minseok.
“Quickly, take it before it gets awkward.” He smiled at you softly, you took a breath smiling back and took a hold of his hand, only this time around you didn’t want to let go. “I know you’re scared but you’ll be fine.” You tried your hardest to believe every word he said.

You both ran towards the building catching up with the other guys. Only this time you were surrounded by thirty or so men who were definitely not from Genesis, around 10  of them were armed with guns whilst the others had knives and other weapons.

“Fuck, It’s an ambush.” Jongin sighed.

“Really Jongin? No fucking shit Sherlock!” Kyungsoo screamed, shooting a gun at someone who was fast approaching him, you screamed involuntarily at the bullet that went straight through the mans skull.
“Don’t just fucking scream Y/N, shoot!”

All the guys had spread around by now. You were alone, running and ducking for cover anywhere that you could find it. You dashed beside a crate, and heard a loud bang beside your head, looking up you saw a hole in the crate and a white substance pouring out, you just realised that it had been shot, whipping your head to the side you saw a man pointing a gun at you and licking his lips.

“Such a pretty girl, what a shame.” He walked closer to you.

“Y/N your gun!” You heard Minseok shout, “Y/N use your gun!” but you were paralysed in your spot, you couldn’t take it out of your holder, you couldn’t even breathe. You closed your eyes at the sound of a loud bang. Slowly opening them again you saw the man lying in a pool of his own blood face down on the floor. Minseok standing above his body his chest heaving up and down.
“Hey are you crazy! You could’ve died! Please use your fucking gun!” He dragged you up by your arms, that were jelly by now, you tried regaining yourself.
“Y/N. Please I know that this is hard, but you have to get it together. Okay. Please! I have to go, but goodness, just use your gun okay.” He squeezed your hand and ran off in an opposite direction.
Once you thought you were collected enough, you ran onwards to find Yixing and Chanyeol back to back they were weapon-less and cornered by two men. Your heart began thumping against your ribcage and as if on impulse you ran towards the two of them throwing your gun towards Chanyeol, who caught it in his right hand and shot the man in front of him dead. He turned around to shoot the man in front of Yixing, who then raised his gun pointing it at you.

“Drop your weapon or I’ll shot the girl.”

Chanyeol’s breathing slowed, gun shaking in his hand.

“Shoot Him!” You screamed.

“Drop your fucking weapon, now!”

You saw Jongin running into your section behind the man holding his gun at you. “Kai help us!” You screamed, you were weapon-less and Chanyeol was slowly but surely lowering his gun. Jongin was the only one who could do anything about the situation.

“Okay.” He said turning around to face you all, he smirked at you mischievously.


You screamed, your blood running cold. Shock taking over your system and code-names flying out of the window.
“Oh my God! Jongin!”

why do people not understand that any far side is bad?
far left is retarded, so is far right.
and that doesn’t go to just sides, what about radical movements, such as feminism. i don’t care if you’re a feminist, but as soon as you go rad, i draw the line, man, radfems are the fucking worst.
like, the further you go in your own asshole, the proner you are to completly ignore whatever’s outside of it.
BLM, sure, you wanna protect black people from the very real racism in our society? that’s great. you might wanna keep in mind tho, not every single white person is racist and oppressive.
you’re an sjw and want to defend social justice, it’s pretty noble. if you wanna defend it by ignoring facts and making a hissy fit about how autism is one of the 87 million genders you made up, then you might wanna rethink what you defending.
all and all, believe in whatever you want, just don’t go so fucking far that you ignore the opposing sides and you can’t debate like a normal human being.

And one day,
I pray you will find true love,
but not just to any man
But that you will marry a man
who’s first love is Al-Islam
So if you want a man like Muhammed ‪ﷺ‬
be a woman like Khadija
The first supporter of this cause
and a mother to believers
Have the courage of Nusaybah,
never back down from what is true
Defend what you believe even
when the whole world is out for you
Have the knowledge of Ayesha,
become a scholar of this deen
Cure the people of misconceptions because Ignorance is a disease
Have the piety of Hafsa,
always keep Allah upon your mind
Fast the days and pray the nights,
to help your nafs stay in line
Have the honour of Bilqis,
make the world treat you with dignity
When they see you on the streets,
let them know that you’re a queen
Have the strength of Sumayya
and the sabr of Hajar,
Be steadfast like Maryam,
with tawakkul like Musa’s mother
And when things get tough,
be like the wife of firuan
Attach your heart to al-Jannah,
and never let it go.
—  Boonaa Mohammed

I’m going to say this loud and clear: One right doesn’t erase or excuse the hundreds of wrongs which were committed. It doesn’t make you a good person. 

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May I request a scenario where the RFA + V + Saeran first realize they're in love with MC (not following game canon necessarily, maybe they were just hanging out and the realization hit them) 💚

hi love! thanks for the request, this was a lot of fun to write! -mod seven

The two of you would go out on a date you wanted to do, and he was against, like a carnival. He wouldn’t enjoy it one bit, but watching you smile and have the time of your life made his heart warm, and let him realize he would do anything to make you smile.

Everyday in class, Yoosung would always find himself daydreaming about you and not paying attention (more than usual, of course). He’d constantly doodle your name on his notes, and would only imagine spending time with you. It wasnt until he’d look over his notes that were filled with your name, would he realize that you were the thing he cared about the most.

Seven would see the love you showed his brother, even after everything he’s done, and would realize you mean the universe to him. Seeing how you brought Saeran in and how you treated him like family and saw the good in him, Seven knew you were is one and only.

Jaehee would know as soon as she knew you’d be with her until the end. Everytime she’d be stressed you’d always hug her and cuddle her, you’d run warm baths and prepare tea for her. It wasn’t until she stressed about Jumin’s projects and was on the verge of a breakdown, when you showed your undying support for her, is when she realized she loves you.

Zen would fall in love with you in the most random way, probably with you doing something domestic. He’d realize while just watching you cook or do laundry, his eyes would widen and he’d zone out. You’d turn around and see his face was paled, and when you’d ask what was wrong, he’d get up and grab your hands. He’d look you in the eyes and tell you just how much you mean to him.

The both of you would be out and about. Something would set you off, and you would definitely defend yourself. Watching you so passionate about what you believed in and how you were so sure of yourself, Saeran would easily melt for you. Seeing you so sure of who you are, and so confident in yourself, he’d fall so hard for you.

🌙 V
As cliché as it sounds, he’d probably be snapping shots of you with his camera, you’d pose and such for him. But once you’d get distracted, he’d take off-guard photos of you. When he looks at them while you’re busy with something, and sees the photos of you smiling with your natural beauty. It’s then he finds out he loves you, and immediately prints them out so he can always keep them.

Peter Parker Dating a Sagittarius

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Zodiac Series

You / Peter / Other

  • Peter makes you feel safe, in the way he worries about you or wraps you up in his arms
  • ‘I have to go home Peter’ you say, but the words only get muffled by his chest as he held you tighter
  • ‘A few more minutes’
  • ‘Peter it’s already dark, I have to go’
  • ‘Okay let me put on my jeans and we can go’
  • ??? ‘Peter I can walk home by myself’ you say getting up and grabbing your stuff
  • ‘There was an actual fire and robbery just last month only two blocks from here, no you’re not’
  • ‘Well then how will you walk home, alone? Seems a little hypocritical.’
  • Seeing the holes in his plan he gives in ‘How about I’ll walk you down to the end of the street and call me when you get home okay?’
  • ‘Deal’ 
  • He’s always there to bring you up when you’re feeling down. Peter is there through everything, like seeing the confidence grow in yourself
  • With Peter you help him see his future, and like always, his long term future has you in it
  • You have a habit  of creating larger than life plans for yourself, often times losing yourself a bit, but Peter is always there to keep you grounded ad help rediscover your path
  • The first way you two really get intimate is through communication, opening up with each other truly gets you to understand each other’s world and fall the ever more in love with one another
  • The love between you two is the sweetest. It’s the type that makes you giddy and feel warm all over
  • You and Peter are the ‘fun’ couple, the two people who’s smiles light up the room and bringing positive energy all around them
  • ‘Peter! Put! Me! Down!’ you’d yell out laughing as Peter strolls around the hallway with you on his shoulder
  • ‘What, didn’t hear you from up there?’
  • ‘Peter!’
  • ‘Hey Ned’ Peter greets as he comes up to his locker, ‘MJ’
  • ‘Peter’ ‘Hey Peter’
  • Spinning himself around you lift your head up to see an upside down Ned and MJ ‘hey guys’
  • ‘What did you do this time?’
  • ‘I might have hit Peter with a water balloon, accidentally, on purpose’ 
  • Putting you down, Peter showed off his battle scar, a large wet spot on ht middle of his t-shirt, ‘all because I whined one time about the weather for today’
  • ‘You said it was too hot! I wanted to help you cool down!’
  • ‘Whatever, just remember this the next time you ask me to get you food before I come over’ Peter says teasingly throwing an arm around your shoulder while MJ and Ned watch you two in amusement
  • ‘Oh my gosh, I’m sorryyyy’ you exaggerate, reaching over to kiss him on the cheek
  • ‘Yeah, that’s what I thought’
  • ‘Love you’ 
  • ‘mmhmm’
  • ‘Love. You.’
  • ‘Love you too’
  • ‘Usually PDA is gross,’ MJ interjects, ‘But with you two? Not as gross’
  • One of Peter’s favorite things about you is how courageous you are, you’re willing to speak your mind and defend what you believe is right.
  • You two together inspire each other to do more, to give back. So, you and Peter do try and make time to volunteer for fun, since what else is better than doing good with one of your favorite people in the world
  • Your relationship with Peter is passionate, and albeit a little intense at first, but you love it. Your love for Peter and his love for you is like a fire, strong, warming, and bright, but unlike a fire, it never dies out
  • You’re both generally carefree and charismatic, willing to live life to the fullest. Going through life with someone like Peter by your side, who’ll cherish and appreciate you, challenge and entice you, you’ll be living life in the best way possible.

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Valhalla is where you are - Part 2

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

Part 1 here

Words: 1908

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

The both of you arrived at the center of the village. At that moment there were already a lot of people there so your entrance wasn’t noticed much. The people were standing in a circle and Rollo was pacing back and forth in expectation of the offer. He was carrying a giant axe, the one that was always used for offers who weren’t from the same village. Actually it was an execution that was about to find place, but nobody called it that. The crowd became quiet when Rollo spoke out loud. “This day, we offer a sacrifice to Odin the mighty one. To thank him for the victory of Jarl Borg.” Immediately everyone started to cheer. Some Vikings smashed their axes against their shields, some women kissed their partner out of excitement. The yelling continued until Torstein entered the circle. In his hand he was holding a rope that was connected to the neck of the offer. “Release him from his bonds, I know he want to die well.” Rollo ordered. Torstein nodded and started to take the ropes of the prisoners neck and hands. In the meantime the crowd became quiet again, as if everyone was holding his breath. Björn was standing next to his mother and you were positioned right behind him. Because of the density of the people you were able to hold hands without anyone noticing. Björn knew you weren’t a fan of beheadings, so he pinched softly in your hand to made you know that he was there with you. “Kneel.” Again Rollo’s voice. The prisoner from Jarl Borg’s army walked forward and sunk down on his knees. But instead of looking down in fear, he raised his chin right up. Immediately when the man was down Rollo started to speak the words for making an offer. “In the presence of the gods and in their honour, I offer this sacrifice.” He raised the axe and aimed for the neck, but when he was about to slash through it, he was held up by Ragnar.
“Stop.” Everyone looked up to the earl who doomed out of the shadows. Ragnar jumped into the circle and walked upon Rollo. With his hands he gestured Rollo to hand over the axe. Rollo frowned his eyebrows, did what he was asked and took a step back. The atmosphere was obviously tense between them. Ragnar took grip on the axe and for a moment it looked like was going to make the offer himself. Until he turned to Björn and reached the axe out to him with a meaningful look in his eyes. You felt Björn clamp together, but he didn’t show any sign of weakness. “Father?” He asked Ragnar with a surprised glance on his face. But Ragnar kept quiet because he knew that Björn would realise what he was supposed to do. Just as Björn you were also shocked by this enormous twist in the offer. Just like he did with you a few moments earlier you pinched in his hand. After that Björn released your hand and walked into the circle with a little hesitation. He and his father exchanged a few glances before Björn took over the axe. It was heavy, heavier than any other axe he had worked of fought with. But that didn’t stop him from throwing it slightly up in the air and clamming his hand around a lower part of the wooden shaft. As he stood in the middle of the circle with all the eyes pointed on him, you saw him gaining confidence. A little brutal Björn turned to the man and took the axe in position. While he was looking at the man on his knees he spoke the same words as his uncle. “In the presence of the gods and in their honour.” For a moment he kept quiet and felt his heartbeat raise. “I offer this sacrifice.” Björn swung the axe in the air, only to chop it down with an enormous force, straight through the neck of the offer. Blood spatted in his face and he heard the cracking sound of the bones breaking. But the noise was overthrown by the cheering of the people around him. For a moment he stood there dead quiet, staring at the head from the offer that rolled away from the body. Björn didn’t realized what he had done until Rollo came up to him with a smile on his face. He had dipped his hand in the blood of the offer and smeared it on Björn’s face without saying a word. Björn nodded to him, still in shock from what he had done. But the feeling disappeared when he saw the proud look on his father’s face.
“Are you alright?” You made your way through the crowd and pulled Björn by his sleave. A little surprised he looked at you. “I think so. Are you?” His question made you smile. He was the one who decapitated a man, but still he was worried about you? “Of course I am, I’m not the one who swung the axe.” Björn smiled in relief and kneeled down by the bowl of blood. He went with his hands through the blood, only to sweep it over your face. “You are right.” You said while you felt the warm blood dripping over your face. “You are good with an axe.” Björn looked down in a timid way and raised his shoulders. He wiped his hands to his shirt to get rid of the remaining blood, but it was already starting to dry up which made it hard. “Maybe I should put on some other clothes and get myself cleaned up. We are about to eat.” You nodded in approval. “So must I.” Without any further word Björn grabbed your hand to prevent him losing you in the crowd. “The street on your left.” You said to him when you both left the crowd behind you. “Y/n, you really think I forgot where you live?” He looked over his shoulder and smirked at you. “I was hoping not.” You admitted and followed Björn to your place. He was still holding your hand although it wasn’t really necessary anymore. But you did not complain.
When the both of you arrived at your place, you were the one leading him into the house. Björn walked in behind you and searched through the room looking for some resembles from when you were younger. “It hasn’t changed much.” You answered the question he was asking with his eyes. “No it hasn’t.” - “But you have!” A deep, manly voice sounded and Björn turned his head towards the source of the sound. In the doorway there was standing a huge Viking with a little beard and braids in his hair. It took him a few seconds to realize who the slightly older guy was. “Vidar.” Björn said with an entertained undertone in his voice. The two walked upon each other and fell into a firm embrace. “By the gods you have grown big.” Vidar said to Björn. “You have doubled in size my friend. What do I say? Tripled.” Björn laughed softly, looked at you while he did that. “We all have grown.” He answered modest. You were standing on the side of the room, looking with joy to your brother talking with Björn. “Now you can protect my sister from trouble instead she has to protect you.” Vidar reminisced with an amused glance on his face. “If that is what you want to believe, brother.” You defended yourself with a smile on your face and pushed Vidar to the shoulder. Vidar chuckled as he made preparative to leave the house. “I see you at the feast, Björn.” Björn nodded with a smile. “And behave. The both of you.” You gasped with laughter and grabbed a blanket that was nearby to throw it at your brother. But he already left the house.
“Here.” You handed over a clean shirt from Vidar to Björn. “I guess you’re both the same size.” Björn took the shirt and placed it on your bed. After that he grabbed the edge of his shirt and started to undress himself. Björn’s back was pointing towards you, and you just couldn’t stop yourself from staring at his back muscles. After a while he noticed and looked over his shoulder towards you. “What is wrong?” Björn asked concerned and looked at you with big eyes. You felt caught by guard and immediately your cheeks started to turn red. “Nothing.” Björn frowned his eyebrows in confusion and turned towards you. Slowly he stepped closer. “Did I do something wrong?” He asked with an uncertain smile on his face and scratched the back of his head. You felt your eyes going downwards on his body. First you looked at the necklace he was wearing and after that you noticed the little hair growth on his muscular chest. “No. But I think I am feeling wrong?” You whispered and took a step back. Out of nowhere there had appeared an attraction towards him, and you didn’t knew how to feel about it. A sore look came on Björn’s face and he also took a step back. “I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable, y/n. If you want me to I can go clean myself up elsewhere.”
“Please no.” you answered quickly. Cautious you walked forward again, until you almost stood against him. Not only your breath and heartbeat raised, it was also happening with Björn. He leaned to the side, took the cloth you prepared for washing of the blood and reached it up to your face. “Stay still.” He whispered and brought it against your face while you closed your eyes. The warm water flooded over your face and neck until your clothes absorbed it. A few times he repeated the gesture, until there was no more blood on your face. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” Björn asked out of nowhere. He dropped the cloth and placed both his hands on each side of your face. His head was so close you could feel his breath on your wet skin. You shivered beneath his touch. “Are you uncomfortable?” he asked you whispering and stared you straight into the eyes. His blue eyes were breath taking. “No.” you answered softly and placed your hand behind his neck. Björn didn’t need more signals to understand where you wanted this to go. So without saying any further word he placed his lips on yours. You pressed forward kissing him a little rougher. Björn took his hands back from your head and placed them on your hips. He pulled your lower body against his and you could feel how much he wanted you. Without further hesitation you opened the buttons of your leather corset and took it off. Just like Björn you were standing half naked but you kept each other warm. Swiftly Björn grabbed you by your upper legs and lifted you on his middle and you reacted by clamping your legs around him. He walked towards your bed and placed you down on your back. “Tell me when you want me to stop.” He panted and brought his fingers up to open your breeching. “Don’t.” you answered and gasped when you felt his fingers on your bare skin. And so Björn didn’t stop, not until the both of you experienced your first time together.

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I really like your lay smut. Using Yongguk was jjang!!! Can I request the same thing but this time Yongguk is your boyfriend and lay is the best friend ? Please and thanks ❤️❤️

Sure Love^^~

“Jagi where are you going?” Yongguk asks you as he sees you putting on some tight red skinny jeans that have rips and tears on them. You put on your crop top that says Love on it the white shirt with red letters showing off your pink bra.

“Out with Lay. You know that.” You say eyeing him as you go into the bathroom doing your makeup. He follows you inside looking down at you with a frown on his plump lips.

“What that outfit on?” He asks grabbing at your ass and you moan swatting his hand away.

“Yongguk stop it.” You warn as you do your makeup and fix your hair.

“Jagi these jeans are so tight. I can see the outline of your panties. And it you even bend over they will rip.” He says pulling you to him and you roll your eyes looking up at him.

“Baby you go every where looking every way. Girls are always over you and I don’t complain much. And lets need not forgot that you have a female best friend whose always to close for comfort. Calm down. Lay is my friend.” You say pushing him softly as you kiss his lips.

You grab you white chucks putting them on your feet after you slide on cute little footie socks. You lace them up walking out the room and down the hall. Yongguk follows close behind you as you move around the house getting your keys and phone. You hear the car horn of Lay’s car and you smile hugging Yongguk quickly so wound up on getting to Lay that you didn’t notice he was trying to kiss you.

“YIXING!” You shout as you run to his car hugging him who holds his car door open for you.

“Hello love.” He greets you his dimples popping out. You both laugh and hug again before he’s putting you in the car driving off with you.

You guys end up spending the day at an amusement park a surprise for you but it made since why he wanted you dressing comfortably. When you guys first get there you take pictures on your phone of you and him posting them on social media’s before you put your phone up noting that it’s on 5%.

You hold his hands throughout the day letting him play in your hair and touch on your cheeks. You show him affection back kissing his cheek every now and then sharing ice cream with him, you both blushing when your tongues get to close. But Lay is practically family. You’ve been known each other all your lives so you never consider the skin ship as nothing more then friendly.

You guys hold onto each other while you get on scary rides and water rides. He even wins you a big teddy bear that you name gunny before the smile reminds you of Yongguk. Soon the day is winding down and you guys are getting in his car to go home. Yixing drives you home deciding to record videos of you guys singing and holding hands because that’s what friends do.

When you get home you bid him goodbye kissing his cheek which he takes a picture of before you get out the car.

“Bye love!” You shout to him as you leave the car going to you and Yongguk’s home.

When you get in you take your shoes off smiling and singing soft little tunes as you walk down the hallway to your room. You open the door to find Yongguk siting on the bed phone in his left hand drink in his right hand.

“Oppa?” You ask him softly and he looks up at you scoffing as he downs the last of his drink.

“What’s wrong?” You ask him quickly putting your shoes in the closet so that you can go back and talk to him.

“Did you have fun with your boyfriend?” He asks you as you sit in front of him and you roll your eyes.

“We’ve talked about this before. Your just being over protective.” You defend crossing your arms.

“You know what maybe I would believe that. But I’ve been calling and texting you and no response. But I get online. And I see all pictures. Him holding your hands. Him holding you by your waist. You kissing his cheek. Sounds like things lovers do.” He says as he lays dark eyes on you.

“Best friends can do it!” You say pouting as your face heats up.

“So if I hugged Song like that you wouldn’t mind?” He asks cocking his head to the side as he watches you. You bare your teeth glaring at him her mere name pissing you off.

“That’s different.” You say through your teeth.

“Bull shit.” He retorts back and you stand it up.

“It is totally different! Besides she’d put her hands on you and try to get with you.” You say as he stands up.

“And your doing better? Let’s test your theory. I’m going to call Song and ask her to hang tonight. Since that’s what best friends do.” He says pulling his phone out of his pocket.

As soon as you hear a dial tone you snatch the phone from his hands.

“– give it back.” He warns stepping close to you and you shake your head backing up.

“No.” You say softly.

“Are you disobeying?” He asks his eyes starting to have a dangerous glint and you feel yourself starting to get turned on. Why not push his limits tonight? Sex would do you both some good.

“If you want it come get it.” You say smirking as you slip the phone into your panties resting right against your pussy.

Yongguk lunges at you crashing his lips against yours as he knocks you against the wall roughly a thud sounding off in the air. You whine out from the pain and Yongguk slips his tongue into your mouth quickly dominating the kiss as he nips and tugs on your tongue with his teeth.

His hands grab at your ass pulling you flush against his body and you can’t help but to tease. You raise a leg up and wrap it around his waist grinding up into him and he places a hand at your throat breaking the kiss as he looks down at you. You open your eyes wide when you see the look in his. Pure dominance. Pure coldness.

“You fucking bad girl. Disobeying me and teasing me? Daddy’s going to punish you tonight.” He snarls biting hard on your bottom lip until its bleeding and your whining pushing at his chest. He thrusts his hips down hard against you before he backs up letting your neck go so you can breathe.

Yongguk picks you up throwing you on the bed. He goes into the closet coming back out with red rope and you swear under your breath.

“D-daddy. Please. I’m sorry.” You whine putting your hands up in surrender. Yongguk shakes his head looking down at you.

“I warned you before. And you kept doing it. Strip and get into position.” He says leaning against the dresser.

Your groan getting on your feet deciding not to piss him off anymore. You take off your shirt dropping it to the floor biting on your bottom lip as you take off your bra palming your breast playing with your nipples.

“Pet.” He warns and you nod your head hooking your fingers around the buttons on your pants unbuttoning them and pulling them down off your body. You pull your panties down blushing at how you expose yourself to him. You get on the bed with your ass facing him, getting on your hands and knees. You lay your chest against the comforter placing your hands behind your back.

Yongguk comes up behind you binding your arms and hands together with one long red rope. He sighs parting your legs before his fingers trail up and down your soft skin slowly. He slowly slides his hand up the inside of your left thigh to your pussy lips before he trails it back down the right side.

“You know the routine. Count them out.” He says and you nod your head.

Yongguk raises his hand, quickly sliding it down to land on your ass. You jump a weak ‘one’ leaving your lips as your ass cheek stings a bit. Yongguk doesn’t play fair. He delivers ten hits to one cheek before he even goes to the other side to do the same thing.

You bury your face into the bed shutting your eyes tight your nails digging into the palm of your hand as he kneads your ass and glides his fingers over his hand print. He moans as he slides his fingers up and your slit feeling your wetness on his fingers.

“I forgot how much you like this shit.” He says as he starts to slap your ass again and all you can do is count out numbers.

After a while of knees digging into the bed with arms stuck in the same position you start to feel tears slide down your cheek. Your pussy dripping with want and need. You love when he spanks you. You don’t know why but it’s so worth it when your ass goes numb and the pain turns to pleasure.

“Now what are you going to do from now on?” He asks as he gets the belt starting to spank you with it drawing more yelps of pain from your lips.

“S-skin ship!” You whine out your voice breaking as fresh tears roll down your face.

“Good girl.” He says stopping. He kneads your ass again feeling a bit bad for you as you lay under him on your stomach skin red and he knows your ass is hurting.

“You took that so good. Do you want a reward now?” He asks you stroking his hands up and down your bond arms.

“I just want daddy inside me.” You say looking back at him.

“No tongue today?” He asks you as he strips out of his clothes slowly revealing his nice abs and tattoos that your mouth longs to taste. You shake your head your eyes running down his body to land at his now exposed leaking member.
He nods his head grabbing your hips and he scoots you down the bed some.
He grabs your hips pushing into you both of you releasing a moan of pleasure as he buries himself inside of you.

Yongguk waits for you to adjust as he leans over pressing his chest against your bound arms and back nudging your head to the side with his so that he can suck at your skin under your ear.

“Guk.” You moan softly clenching and unclenching yourself around his member. He hums pulling out of you and he slams back into you making a moan erupt from your lips as he pushes all the way back into you.

“Daddy’s girl is alright so tight.” He moans as he bites on your ear pulling his thick cock out of you slamming back into you.

“FUCK!” You shout out your eyes shutting closed as he rocks into you slow and hard each thrust seeming to be harder then the first his balls slapping against your ass with every thrust.

Yongguk reaches around your waist to hold you flush against him as he pounds harder into you whispering dirty words in your ear. You throw your head back mewling as he rocks into you a growl escaping his chest as he watches you come undone under him.

Yongguk pulls out of you as picks you up making you straddle him as he lays on his back. Yongguk lifts you up by your hips. His smirks at you before he pushes you down on his cock hitting your spot as soon as he grinds his hips into you.
You throw your head back bucking your hips down taking him deeper as he starts to bounce you on his lap. He watches your breast bounce up and down as he fucks up into you roughly the headboard knocking against the wall.

He lets your waist go on purpose making you fall against his chest and he laughs sliding hands around your waist to grab at your ass.

“Lay still baby. I’ll make you cum.” He promises pulling out of you and slamming back into you.
A shrill cry of pleasure leaves your lips as he starts to brush his cock against your spot over and over fucking you into oblivion. The only thing you can muster out is daddy and occasionally his name.

You feel your orgasm approaching you slowly, your hands digging into the ropes as you tighten up around him and he groans knowing your close. He encourages you while talking dirty into your ear mumbling things about how you love his cock being buried inside your walls and how your such a slut for him.

“YONGGUK!” You shout out throwing your head back as you feel yourself cumming.

“–!” He shouts at the same time filling you up with his warm cum holding you against him. He bounces you a few more minutes before he pulls out of you placing you on your stomach.

Yongguk lets your arms and hands go as he gets some lotion rubbing your ass to soothe the pain. He lays beside you and you drape your body across his playing in his hair.

“Forgive me?” You ask him looking up at him through sleepy eyes.

“I already have jagi.” He says giving you that gummy smile making your heart melt as you drift off to sleep in his arms.

List of Underrated Disney Ladies

Esmeralda: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) She’s far from being a princess, but she definitely has adoring subjects. From nameless peasants to the Captain of the Guard. She has the whole city of Paris wrapped around her finger. She’s strong and independent. She stands by what she believes, and is willing to defend others. If you haven’t joined Esmeralda and the rest of the gang recently then it’s probably time you answer the age old question of “who is the monster and who is the man?”

Judy Hopps: Zootopia (2016) Even though she’s the main protagonist of her own movie she’s greatly over shadowed by her singing, human, princess counterparts. However, this doesn’t make Judy’s journey any less heroic or less touching. She learns very important lessons about serotyping and the consequences of her actions. The themes of this movie are very current and important for viewers of all ages. Judy represents everyone that has ever had a dream and were told that they could never reach it.

Kala: Tarzan (1999) When people think of underrated women in Disney they scream “JANE” from the back row, but what about Kala? She was the one that saved Tarzan from literally everyone! She fended off Sabor (the leopard) in the beginning in order to bring Tarzan home. Then she’s constantly fighting with Kerchak about allowing Tarzan to stay as one of them. She wants to show everyone that it isn’t what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that makes them all family. 

Meg: Hercules (1997) “I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.” Enough said. She won’t take anything from no one not even the sassy lord of the the underworld. With a helping hand from the muses she might finally admit that maybe she’ll allow Hercules to be graced by her presence. 

Mrs. Potts: Beauty and the Beast (1991) The ultimate storyteller, mother, and caretaker. Even though she is cursed into the form of a tea pot Mrs. Potts is able to take care of her son chip, and Belle who has recently been imprisoned. All the while she tries to turn the beast into a gentleman so that he can break the spell placed over the castle. She’s hardworking, caring, and dedicating to helping everyone. She’s willing to give everyone space to grow, and if needed a genlte push in the right direction.

Nani: Lilo and Stitch (2002) It’s hard to raise a child even more so when you’re still a child yourself. Nani struggles with work, romance, and family during the course of the movie (oh, and aliens). However, in every way she alway puts others before herself. She’s super supportive, loving, and what every big sister aspires to be. Even though craziness shakes up her peaceful life she manages to think on her feet and make the most of any situation. 

The Blue Fairy: Pinocchio (1940) Pinocchio is famous for serval things including: “When You Wish Upon A Star”, Jiminy Cricket, and your nose growing when you lie. However, none of these magical things would have been possible without the help of a beautiful and kind Fairy that made the dreams of the characters come true. The Blue Fairy taught the characters important life lessons as well as the value of friendship and family. 

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather: Sleeping Beauty (1959) The Three Good Fairies not only granted Princess Aurora gifts when she was a baby, but they promised the King and Queen that they would keep her safe when she was growning up after being cursed. That meant that they would have to live as humans until her 16th birthday. This shows self sacrifice on their part and determination. In addition, when Aurora finally pricked her finger they cast a spell on the whole kingdom till they could find a solution. When they discovered who her true love was they rushed to his aid. They were motivated and dedicated to helping Prince Phillip prevail in his battle to his beloved be it thorns or dragons. Although they’re a comedic group that likes to bicker they’ll always pull through for each other and their beloved princess.   

A talk on fear

refering to this post that’s about how Major cities aren’t save anymore because of terrorism.

A Disclaimer, I don’t judge anyone who reblogged this. I - by Chance - saw it.

Terrorism is scary. Being afraid of it is human. But fleeing the cities is giving into fear. That’s what the terrorists want – to make you fear for your life, to have control over you.
Don’t get me wrong, for anyone who lost or loses someone in an attack, I can understand the hate, grief and sorrow. I don’t disregard this.
Terrorism can and will never destroy the western world. All they can do is make us fear. Make us stop living a normal life. This is all they want – control over your mind by fear.
They want you to believe you could die tomorrow. It’s an irrational fear, it’s highly unlikely you die because of terrorism. Do you enter a car? Using your reasoning, you probably shouldn’t even leave your room.
Think about it: Have you been in a car accident? Do you know someone whose life was impacted because of a car accident? Maybe died because of it? Do the same for terrorism.
Terrorist want to exploit your fear, they want to make you vote for right-winged-extremists because of it. They want you to elect someone who wants to fight all Muslims because of terrorism, so they can justify their war against the west.
Don’t obey their will: Accept the fact that we have had more terrorist attacks in the last years – in Europe. Accept it as there is no way around it. And show them you don’t let them control you. Stand up for what you believe, tolerance, safety, freedom, peace. Defend your values, don’t let fear take them away from you. Because terrorists aren’t the only ones who want to use your fear against you – politicians, at least a little group of them, want to do that, too. They want you to give them more power by willingly giving up on freedom for security. Truth is, as Dwight Eisenhower said, “if you want total security, go to prison”. But you will be lacking freedom. If you are willing to trade freedom for security, you will lose both.
And now, I want to give you an example in history where people gave into fear. 1933, Germany. Hitler hadn’t ceased power when the attack on the Reichstag occurred. In German, we call it the ‘Reichstagbrand’. To this day, it’s not clear who lit the Reichstag on fire. But it lead to an executive order signed by the former General and chancellor of Germany, Hindenburg, to declare a state of emergency. A few days later, Hitler was elected and told to form a government. The state of emergency granted him a lot of power and the state ended 12 years later – in 1945. When Hitler was dead, Germany defeated. Hitler passed another decree a bit later, the enabling act, that let him be Führer, not just chancellor. But people accepted this, no, they wanted it. Because they wanted security – if it meant giving up a bit of their freedom, so be it. A similar thing happened in Italy. A lot can be justified in the name of security if you give into fear.
Believe me, I don’t want anyone to die because of terrorism. But we must not hide. It’s the only way, as citizens, to fight them. To win against them. By continuing to live normally, we show them they can’t control us. Defend your freedom, and your institutions. There are too many who want to take them away from you, the worst is, they can justify it well. Mourn the dead of terrorist attacks, be angry. But be weary of the impact of terrorist attacks. You may give people more power, specifically your government and the terrorists, if you let yourself be controlled by the fear of terrorism.

Sweet Y/N

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I am writing his letter because every time I attempt to talk to you I make myself look like a complete and utter idiot so I thought if I wrote things down I can get the things I want to say. Besides, if I write this down I will actually get the opportunity to talk to you without your over protective brother leaning over me.

I think your great, you have such a beautiful and unique personality. You’re quirky, you can be girly and feminine, sweet and quiet, your polite beyond belief and there have been times where I have wondered how you manage it wen people have been rude to you in the past. There have been times when I’ve seen a completely different side to you, your fiesty and tough, you don’t take anyone’s nonsense, your able to defend yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

You’re amazing and incredible. I don’t want to just have to watch you to try and work you out. I want to be given the opportunity to get to know you better. I want to know what your favourite colour is? What’ s your thoughts on tattoo’s? Do you have any? Are you considering about getting any? (If you are then I would gladly come with you.) What are your favourite foods? What are your likes and dislikes? There is so much I want to ask you, you could totally ask me questions. I wouldn’t mind answering them.

I believe we could have something really special if we were given the opportunity to get to know each other better.

So what do you say?

Yes -

No -

Maybe -

Baron x

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