defend syria

This attack is not helping Syrians in any way shape or form?? Some of you actually think trump is doing Syrians a favor like how ugly do you have to be to believe that??? Idgaf what Trumps intention with the airstrike is, INNOCENT people WILL die. Donald Trump hiding behind Asaad’s regime is everything that is wrong with this. Innocent people will die and it will be HIS fault. He isnt doing ANYONE a favor and you’re disgusting if you think this is his way of protecting Syrians from Assad’s regimes and ISIS.

Small tiny brain: We need to look to the democratic rebels who fight Assad and want to build a pro-Western republic!

Big huge blue brain: We need to support the Kurds, who are a modern day Catalonia!

Gigantic Galaxy Brain: We need to support the Lion Assad who is defending Syria from Western Imperialism by bombing hospitals!

Transcendent Universe Brain: Actually leftist should support Al Qaeda,

It’s so ridiculous how similar the rhetoric of Assad supporters sounds to Israel supporters during the bombing of Gaza. You can literally notice it in the way they speak.

“Assad is fighting terrorists”

“Israel is fighting terrorists”

“Assad is defending Syria”

“Israel is defending itself”

“Assad is democratically elected”

“Israel is the only democracy in the middle east”

“The majority of victims are due to the rebels, not Assad”

“The reason Palestinians mostly die is because Hamas spends more money on rockets rather than shelters.”

Ofc there’s more but these are just some things.

…like does anyone else notice how uncanny it is?

The line of march

Defend Russia and Syria. Fight fascist Trump. Oppose CIA coup and Democrats’ anti-Russia witch hunt. Organize working people for self defense and revolution. Patiently explain.

Nobody ever said being a communist would be easy. But it’s essential that we be clear and stand strong in the midst of mass confusion and ruling class misdirection, even if we must stand alone for a little while.

Hezbollah Martyrs That Died In Syria Defending The Arab Dignity …

نحن حزب الله نقسم، نقسم بنجيع الشهداء ان نفدي القدس دماء، و العهد منا للحسن اننا اسود لا نستسلم
يا شعب فلسطين الثائر لا تخشى العدو الغادر…
و بأصوات حرة ننادي لبيك يا نصر الله …

You know, it’d be fine if tankies said “What Russia is doing isn’t imperialism because of this specific thing that Lenin said but what Russia is doing is still bad” but no, not only aren’t they saying that Russia isn’t being imperialist. They’re saying that what Russia is doing is good and should be defended.


126 dead and 250 others injured in 9 terrorist bombings that attacked today two one of the safest cities in Syria today: Lattakia (Jableh )and Tartous. Two cities that sent their men to the army to defend Syria and opened their doors to the refugees from other cities that are considered war zones. These two cities were today attacked for being peaceful, pro government, pro Syria , anti foreigner terrorist and Pro Syrian Army. 

The most cruel part is the mentality behind these brutal bombings that “Ahrar AL Sham” احرار الشام terrorists claimed responsibility of these terrorist bombings. This terrorist group that the US government and European ones call “moderate rebels” and that refused to put them under Terrorist groups. 

These moderate rebels bombed today 2 bus stations and the electricity company killing students and workers. And when the ambulances were  taking the injured people to try to save them at the ER they bombed 2 ER (2 hospitals) injuring the whole emergency staff at these hospitals. Many martyrs are nurses and doctors. 

I really don’t know what can a person say at these moments. It breaks my heart to keep seeing blood being spilled in my country. May all those who passed away today rest in peace. I pray for the injured. And to every terrorist you won’t win until you kill every last person of us. This country is ours !!!!

The pictures above are from the locations bombed today and the pictures are just of some Martyrs that passed away today.

March 5, 2013: Death of Comrade Hugo Chavez, leader of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution.

“Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías breathed his last breath one year ago today. He was only 59. The untimely death of this brilliant human being was a sad loss for humanity, and leaves a gap which is very difficult to fill. One has to guard against hero worship and the Hollywood-style individualised version of history, but there’s no denying that certain people - through their strength of purpose, their understanding, their determination, their heroism, their leadership skills, their creative brilliance, their charisma, their devotion to the people - play an outstanding role. 

"Hugo Chávez was such a person. He worked ceaselessly in pursuit of his vision: for a socialist Venezuela; for a united and sovereign Latin America; and for a fair, multipolar world order free from imperialist domination. His vision was infectious, and served to inspire people around the world. He breathed life into a global revolutionary process that had been little in evidence since the upswing of the 1970s (Mozambique, Angola, Chile (1970-73), Guinea Bissau, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe). In the intervening period we saw the decline and fall of the ‘Eastern Bloc’, the rise of neoliberal economics, the spread of 'structural adjustment’, the genocidal impact of HIV/AIDS, and a deep disillusionment among much of the left. The Bolivarian Revolution brought new hope. Who wouldn’t be inspired by the successes of a socialist-oriented programme that prioritised the needs of millions of ordinary people: the slum-dwellers, the workers, the peasants, the unemployed, the indigenous, the African, the disenfranchised - the type of people that politicians rarely thought about in this Washington-led 'new world order’.

"Furthermore, Chávez understood that countries do not exist in isolation and that the Bolivarian Revolution couldn’t survive alone in the face of the enemy to the north. Venezuela’s example and support has been decisive for the progressive governments in Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Argentina. Chávez pursued the deepest of ties with socialist Cuba. He was a friend to the entire socialist and non-aligned world, from China to Zimbabwe, from South Africa to Belurus, from Iran to Brazil, from Syria to Vietnam. When it was deeply unfashionable to do so, he defended Libya and Syria from Nato-led regime change campaigns. In a world of cowardice and fickleness, he stood up and said: "I am not a coward, I am not fickle.”

“His work and his example will stay with us forever. Work like Chávez!”

Via Carlos Martinez