defend itself

VA Breeds Of Dogs

Giorno: Has the cutest Papillon. Though it may be small, it can defend itself. Also it perches itself on Giorno’s shoulders.

Bruno: Dalmatians are his fav. He takes it competitions and always wins. Bruno takes such good care of his baby.

Mista: Loves Basset Hounds and Beagles mainly because they look so similar except on is tiny. He thinks it’s the best thing. Also Sex Pistols like to hide under their floppy ears.

Narancia: Give this boy any dog on the earth and he will be sooo happy. He has a fondness for working dogs, particularly cattle dogs.

Fugo: This boy is so picky with his dogs. Nothing too big. Nothing too small. So he has a Norwegian Buhund. He also thinks Narancia’s dog is gross and needs a bath.

Abbacchio: Afghan Hound. He doesn’t tell anyone but he grooms their hair so often and makes it look like his sometimes.

Trish: Has both a Poodle and a Great Dane. They’re very elegant. Well most of the time.

- Slug

“ “I trust you,” Lance said honestly. Because he did, bizarrely enough, even though Keith’s mouth was opening wider and his teeth were sharp, sharp, sharp, twin knives of ivory, and Lance knew it was going to hurt like a bitch. “

[The Hurricane In His Veins, chapter 9]

O-ho-hoooo-boy! I started drawing this as soon as I finished chapter nine, which was just about two weeks ago. I had to re-work this one so many times, you have no idea! 

And @saltyshiro, your fic is really cool and I like it so so much!!:’) 


  • ’ Why are you all wet? ‘ 
  • ’ Aloha! ’
  • ’ You’re vile. You’re foul. You’re flawed. ' 
  • ’ Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. ’
  • ’ If you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you, though. ’
  • ’ I remember everyone that leaves. ’
  • ’ You! You’re the cause of all this. ’
  • ’ This is my family. I found it all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Ya. Still good. ’
  • ’ Oh, good! My dog found the chainsaw. ’
  • ’ No more caffeine for you. ’
  • ’ Did you lose your job because of me? ' 
  • ’ The managers a vampire. He wanted me to join his legion of the undead. ’
  • ’ Trust me, this isn’t gonna end well. ’
  • ’ I’m sorry I bit you. And pulled your hair. And punched you in the face. ’
  • ’ GIve us a sign you understand any of this. ’
  • ’ Show us that there is something inside you that is good. ’
  • ’ I didn’t teach him that. ’
  • ’ Come on, what’s the big deal? ’
  • ’ Leave my mother out of this. ’
  • ’ You are such a pain. ’
  • ’ Then why don’t you sell me and buy me a rabbit instead? ’
  • ’ I hate it when you use Ohana against me. ’
  • ’ I’m lost. ’
  • ’ Don’t interact with her. ’
  • ’ Oh, we can’t do that. Uh-uh. That would be a misuse of resources. ’
  • ’ Why do you act so weird? ’
  • ’ You look familiar. ’
  • ’ We’re a broken family, aren’t we? ’
  • ’ I shouldn’t have yelled at you. ’
  • ’ You are built to destroy. You can never belong. ’
  • ’ We need something that can defend itself. Something that won’t die. ’
  • ’ I hear you cry at night. ’
  • ’ Do you dream about them? ’
  • ’ You came back. ’
  • ’ Nobody gets left behind. ’
  • ’ I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won’t run away. ' 
  • ’ His destructive programming is taking effect. ’
  • ’ Did you ever kill anyone? ’
  • ’ Are you.. happy? ’
  • ’ I am the one they call when things go wrong and things have, indeed, gone wrong. ’
  • ’ Our family’s little now, and we don’t have many toys. ’
  • ‘ If you want, you could be a part of our family. ’
  • ’ We’d raise you to be good. ’
  • ’ She likes your butt and fancy hair. ’
  • ’ I read her diary. ’
  • ’ Not guilty! My experiments are only theoretical, and completely within legal boundaries. ’
  • ’ He was designed to be a monster, but now he has nothing to destroy. ’
  • ’ I never gave him a greater purpose. ’
  • ’ What must it be like to have nothing, not even memories to look back on in the middle of the night? ’
  • ’ If you promise not to fight anymore, I promise not to yell at you, except on special occasions. ’
  • ’ Stupid head. ’
  • ’ Did you catch fire again? ’
  • ’ This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that. ’
  • ’ Don’t leave me, okay? ’
  • ’ Do you want to be taken away? ’
  • ’ You’re just jealous 'cause I’m pretty! ’
  • ’ My friends need to be punished. ’
  • ’ Heard you lost your job. ’
  • ’ Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience. ' 
  • ‘ After all you’ve put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? ’
  • ’ He’s very persuasive. ' 
  • ’ I know you had something to do with this. ’
  • ’ Oh, good! I was hoping to add theft, endangerment and insanity to my list of things I did today. ’
  • ’ I prefer to be called evil genius. ’
  • ’ You smell like a lawn mower. ’
  • ’ I have just determined the situation to be far too hazardous! ’
  • ’ Don’t worry. I won’t hit her. ’
  • ’ This is low even for you! ’
  • ’ You are all mine. ’
  • ’ You know I have no choice. ’
  • ‘  Please don’t do this. ’
  • ’ You’re making this harder than it needs to be. ’
  • ’ She needs me. ’
  • ’ Leave me alone to die. ’
  • ’ What is that monstrosity? ’
  • ’ Does this look infected to you? ’
  • ’ You’d better not have rabies. ’
  • ’ Hiding behind your little friend won’t work anymore. ’
  • ’ Didn’t I tell you? We got fired this morning. ’
  • ’ That is the ugliest thing I have ever saw! ’
  • ’ It has no place among us. ’

imagine, for a moment, if you will:

a soulmate!au set in the voltron universe with soulmate marks of some sort (first words, names, images, random signs, whatever you want). shiro has a mark, just like a large majority of the population…

but it’s on his right arm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

11 Electrifying Facts about Jellyfish

Some are longer than a blue whale. Others are barely larger than a grain of sand. One species unleashes one of the most deadly venoms on Earth. Another holds a secret that’s behind some of the greatest breakthroughs in biology. In every way, jellyfish are fascinating creatures and today we’re celebrating them with 11 wild facts!

1. Jellyfish have inhabited the ocean for at least half a billion years, and they’re still flourishing even as the sea changes around them.

2. Jellyfish are soft-bodied sea creatures that aren’t really fish. They’re part of a diverse team of gelatinous zooplankton, zooplankton being animals that drift in the ocean.

3. A noted feature of jellyfish is a translucent bell made of a soft delicate material called mesoglea. Sandwiched between two layers of skin, the mesoglea is more than 95% water held together by protein fibers. The jellyfish can contract and relax their bells to propel themselves. They don’t have a brain or a spinal cord, but a neural net around the bell’s inner margin forms a rudimentary nervous system that can sense the ocean’s currents and the touch of other animals.

4. Jellyfish don’t have typical digestive systems, either. These gelatinous carnivores consume plankton and other small sea creatures through a hole in the underside of their bells.

5. The nutrients that jellyfish consume are absorbed by an inner layer of cells with waste excreted back through their mouths.

6. One species of jellyfish glows green when it’s agitated, mostly thanks to a biofluorescent compound called green fluorescent protein, or GFP. Scientists isolated the gene for GFP and figured out how to insert it into the DNA of other cells. There, it acts like a biochemical beacon, marking genetic modifications, or revealing the path of critical molecules. Scientists have used the glow of GFP to watch cancer cells proliferate, track the development of Alzheimer’s, and illuminate countless other biological processes. Developing the tools and techniques from GFP has netted three scientists a Nobel Prize in 2008, and another three in 2014.

7. The jellyfish’s sting, which helps it capture prey and defend itself, is its most infamous calling card. In the jelly’s epidermis, cells called nematocysts lie coiled like poisonous harpoons. When they’re triggered by contact, they shoot with an explosive force. It exerts over 550 times the pressure of Mike Tyson’s strongest punch to inject venom into the victim. 

8. The venom of one box jellyfish can kill a human in under five minutes, making it one of the most potent venoms of any animal in the world.

9. Jellyfish who may be the most successful organisms on Earth. There are more than 1,000 species of jellyfish, and many others that are often mistaken for them.

10. Ancient fossils prove that jellyfish have inhabited the seas for at least 500 million years, and maybe go back over 700 million. That’s longer than any other multi-organ animal. And as other marine animals are struggling to survive in warmer and more acidic oceans, the jellyfish are thriving, and perhaps getting even more numerous.

11. Some jellyfish can lay as many as 45,000 eggs in a single night. And there’s some jellyfish whose survival strategy almost sounds like science fiction. When the immortal jellyfish is sick, aging, or under stress, its struggling cells can change their identity. The tiny bell and tentacles deteriorate and turn into an immature polyp that spawns brand new clones of the parent.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Jellyfish predate dinosaurs. How have they survived so long? - David Gruber

Animation by Silvia Prietov

Okay really though I thought the ATLA fandom was bad about fighting over ships but I JUST started Voltron and joined the fandom and already the hatred and division between the fandom based on ships is blowing me away. ESPECIALLY between anti shaladin/shaladin and klance/every other Keith ship. Some of the posts I’ve seen are absolutely brutal and scathing. And on both sides. I just wonder, man…

okay though like re: the ian post about amethyst’s character development: shouldn’t the fact that there are enough people pointing out that amethyst’s arc wasn’t given full closure, significantly enough people for you to thrust a fanmade analysis at them to defend the canon, prove in and of itself that her arc wasn’t given a solid, strong resolution in-universe


Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller launched anti-Muslim project while in college

  • Apparently, Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller has been spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric since college.
  • Miller, who is one of the architects of Trump’s Muslim ban, co-launched the controversial “Terrorism Awareness Project” in the spring semester of 2007 during his senior year at Duke University, CNN reported on Wednesday. Miller served as co-founder, president and national campus coordinator of the project. 
  • The initiative’s mission was to inform students about the dangers of “Islamofascism,” which is a term coined in 1933 to draw a comparison between Islamist movements and European fascism.
  • The group was created with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed as an anti-Muslim extremist group. 
  • The right-wing group’s mission is to fight “the efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values and disarm this country as it attempts to defend itself in a time of terror.” Read more (2/15/17 12:47 PM)

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After thinking about it, I think the circumstances with Lauren Zuke perfectly explain what’s so bad about this goddamn fandom.

The su fandom doesn’t actually care about issues like body positivity or proper queer representation. They only care about the characters and the ships that they wanna see, just like any immature and hateful fandom, and they don’t care about who they hurt in the process, even if they’re a part of the show like Lauren is.

That’s why they call anyone who ships Pearl and Dewey homophobic, but call Peridot and Lazuli ‘queerbaiting’. That’s why they constantly attack fanartists who draw Rose or Amethyst marginally skinnier than the official artists do, even though the actual staff of the show have publicly said that they don’t care about that and want fans to have fun. That’s why they call people who like Peridot or Jasper ‘abuse defenders’ when the show itself had a whole redemption arc for Peridot. It doesn’t actually involve abuse or homosexuality or anything of the sort, it only involves the characters and ships that do or don’t wanna see, and raise an utter bitchfit when they anyone else daring to do something they don’t want.

A lot of people ask why the SU fandom in particular is so bad, when in actuality, it’s hardly that different from any other toxic fandom. Take it from me, I’ve been on the net for a long ass time, and have seen a bunch of horrible acts, like the FNAF fandom harassing rebornica for not making their comics 100% canon to the FNAF lore, the Undertale fandom harassing let’s players who don’t play Undertale ‘the right way’ even if they’ve already been spoiled about the whole game, the Free! fandom bullying voice actors who were simply casted as characters in the english dub. You’ll notice that kind of pattern from anything that has a large following, because where there is a popular thing, harmful, mean, and flat out toxic people will definitely follow, regardless of its positive or progressive messages.

But what’s dangerous about this toxic section of the su fandom in particular is how it uses topics like homosexual representation and body positivity in their immature statements to shoot down a ship or a drawing. You make Connie’s skin tone slightly lighter than usual because of the lighting? They break out whitewashing. Ship Pewey? Lesbian Erasure. Ship Lapidot? Queerbaiting. Make a redemption story for Jasper? Abuse defender. They throw around terms like these in order to give their petty compaints some sort of political correctness, and somehow prove them right, even if the ‘it’s just their opinion’ argument gets thrown out. That’s why things are so quick to get heated up, hit the fan, and then get into the news, like Zami’s suicide attempt and Lauren leaving twitter. It’s one thing to have shit go down when it relates to a super popular show like Steven Universe, but when it uses terms like those, it makes for the most eyecatching news story to tie into social conflict, especially nowadays.

tl;dr, the su fandom is the same as any other bad fandom. They harass and bully people over stupid shit, and they use big terms like lesbian erasure and queerbaiting to sound smart even though they’re using them improperly and hurting people. 

Seriously. Fucking stop it.


and the pièce de résistance:

MAREANIE VARIATIONS because one was just not enough

But wait! The fun isn’t done!

Preface: due to Mareanie’s aggressive disposition, most of these breeds are already difficult to find in the wild. Nonetheless, at least one of each specimen presented has been recorded and studied, and captured if deemed necessary.

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Okay but bet. BET. S3 vld is going to feature Keith and Shiro’s Pre-Kerberos days via a flashback by Keith. Imagine Keith feeling all this pressure as the Black Paladin™, at first being headstrong and definately due to Lance not accepting the fact that mullet became the (temp!) leader. But then Keith takes off his helmet, calms his breathing, remembers “patience yields focus”, and will convince himself that he can do this because there was a reason Shiro chose him. And BET its going to be due to some sort of memory wherein Keith showed exemplary leader skills in Shiro’s presence. Maybe it was a sim maybe not but i bet you this is how we get to see their past !!

Espeon and Umbreon variations! Here are the explanations:

The Umbreon on the left was evolved at midnight and has very strong dark powers.

The Umbreon in the middle was evolved at night, but not at midnight. Its dark powers are relatively strong and it’s the most common variation of Umbreon.

The Umbreon on the right was evolved shortly before sunrise or after sunset. Its dark powers aren’t as strong as other Umbreon’s, but it has some psychic powers that help it defend itself from Fighting-type Pokémon.

The Espeon on the left was evolved shortly after sunrise or before sunset. Its psychic powers aren’t as strong as other Espeon’s, but they resist Dark-type moves better and have some dark powers.

The Espeon in the middle was evolved in the morning or the afternoon. Its psychic powers are relatively strong and it’s the most common variation of Espeon.

The Espeon on the right was evolved at midday and has very strong psychic powers.

(Submission by Meike11)