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I haven’t stood for the National Anthem or the Pledge in years. And I don’t see that changing any time soon.

I am a gay woman whose rights are constantly under attack by the government. Gay marriage was just legalized a couple of years ago and people are STILL trying to take that away from us. Hell, protections for my employment aren’t even guaranteed at this point.

Transgender people have been told that they aren’t wanted to defend their country. A country that constantly puts them down and tells them that they are less than human.

Women’s rights are under constant attack. My reproductive organs are no longer my own. My right to life saving contraception is being questioned. And the fact that my rapist still walks free because law enforcement deemed it nothing more than a “domestic disturbance” tells me that women are not going to be taken care of. 

The mentally ill are stereotyped as dangerous, violent, and not worth time, not worth help. As a country, we refuse to offer them affordable care. We refuse to get them the help they need. And we continue to allow a country to put them down.

Black people have suffered so many injustices that I can’t even begin to name them all. It seems acceptable for them to be gunned down because of their color, to portray them as nothing more than violent and inhumane. And the country continues to allow and support that.

And there are so many other minority groups that I could write essays upon essays of the troubles they face with this country because of the color of their skin. 

I won’t stand up for an anthem that I can’t believe in anymore.Yes, veterans fought for my right to sit or stand. And I choose to exercise my right to sit down while people praise a country that, honestly, couldn’t care less what happened to me or millions of others.

Until we’re all just as equal as the rich white men that run our society, I’m not standing for a country that doesn’t stand for me. And I make no apologies for it.


Hey hey hey, @lanceweek​ Day 1 is here !  Inner Space/Outer Space.

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We already spend more on defense than the next seven countries combined. The U.S. Military spends $610 billion a year and is not subject to audits or has to prove how or why they’re spending the money.

You can argue if this is good practice or not, but, it does seem ludicrous we’re going to give them more money, without even making them prove they’re using it efficiently, at the expense of social programs, the environment, healthcare, and education. Not to mention Flint, Michigan is STILL without water.

If we’re going to spend so much on defense we need to make sure the country we’re defending is a place worth defending.

So I was thinking about what the national anthem would be like in the Pokemon World, and IMMEDIATELY, I’m talking IMMEDIATELY, an entire cinematic masterpiece began to play in my head:

It’s the Indigo Pokemon League.

“Please rise for your national anthem.”

The Pokemon world’s equivalent of Adele walks out into the center of the field. Everyone removes their hats. The Champions–Paul, Iris, Ash, and Leaf–stand and place their hands over their heart as the singer begins:





a really great (and also pretty scary) show of how our country’s army recruiters gets into the minds of kids from a young age is that “youre disrespecting a future US army soldier” video.

(it’s a touch loud, be careful)

the kid has grown up with the idea that hes going to join the army, and thats a fine thing to do, but he’s not doing it to defend his country, hes doing it for respect.
that mindset of “be in the army and you will be better than others” is so heavily pushed that this kid thinks he deserves the respect of a soldier at the age of (what looks like) 13.

he might not even be in high school at that point and he is already dead set on making himself a disposable resource that follows orders without question for a political system that he might not even understand. that’s really scary. i hope he snaps out of it.


Fangirl Challenge: [33/50] Female Characters » Alex Parrish

“To my friends and family, and my fellow agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and my fellow New Yorkers who suffered these unspeakable tragedies: I know how painful these last few months have been for all of us. And I know many of you in this room blame me for what you see as prolonging your suffering. You say I’ve divided a city because I don’t accept your explanation. Which is why we can’t move on from those two fateful days in July. But I won’t apologize for that. I can’t. The search for truth isn’t easy. And when I joined the Bureau, I took an oath to support and defend our country.”