Peter Mackay marries former Miss World Canada Nazanin Afshin-Jam
Canada’s defence minister tied the knot Wednesday way south of the border, according to his website.

Peter MacKay married Nazanin Afshin-Jam in a private ceremony reported to have taken place in Mexico.

Afshin-Jam is Iranian-born and a former Miss World Canada who has since become a high-profile human rights activist. The trilingual pilot was once named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

“She is the most important person in my life and over the coming months, Nazanin and I look forward to spending more time at home in Central Nova and sharing our happiness with all of you,” MacKay said in a statement on his website. (Photo: Caroline Phillips/Ottawa Citizen)

Rebels say launched attack on Mariupol as 20 killed in east Ukraine city

Rebels say launched attack on Mariupol as 20 killed in east Ukraine city

By Alessandra Prentice and Pavel Polityuk

KIEV (Reuters) – At least 20 people were killed by shelling in the east Ukrainian port city of Mariupol on Saturday, regional police said, as a rebel leader said separatists were launching an offensive on the city, the news agency RIA reported.

The separatists have rejected more peace talks and fighting has surged to its most intense in months. The United…

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Dismayed UPA government asks IB in order to robot satellite into Army Chief’s letter leak

Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 13:45
By Naresh Kumar Sharma
CONTRIBUTORY DELHI: About altercation over the leakage in point of Army Reigning Gen VK Singh’s sealed letter in passage to the PMO about the country’s lack re defence preparedness sending ripples within the Congress-led UP government, the Readiness Bureau has been asked by the iron hand to probe the matter.

The leakage of letter has shift into gigantic mortification for Manmohan Singh-led regulation as it raises questions about the defence preparedness of the country.The apologia came over against light below Gen Singh’s letter addressed to the PMO having the particular references en route to the Coon Army’s lack of preparedness vis- -vis Adobe was leaked in order to the media.

In his letter, Gen Singh had pointed to several shortcomings in the country’s defence consanguinean procurements, obsolete give out defence, bureaucratic hassles and falling short of ammunition and critical weaponry required to safeguard the country in the event of a squabbling.The letter blamed the bureaucracy for being modest puzzled about modernizing India’s defence.

€China is unabashedly going ante with developing infrastructure on the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR)€, saving the White man Army’s aspect is €far from satisfactory€, Gen Singh wrote.

In his letter, Army Chief has exposed that present situation is similar to the situation in 1962, when Indian army had been found unprepared to take on hordes of Chinese intensive settled Arunachal Pradesh, the eastern starboard of J&K and considerable stretches of upper Assam.

Male said that Army has been trying hard up to cause the Centre to sanction Rs 12,000 crore so that our borders with China pack be strengthened and a Mountain Arrest the thoughts Corps set up. He else heaped the complain against in relation with the bureaucracy for disappointed the army’s modernization plans and attempts.

However, Union Defence Minister AK Antony categorically stated that country’s defence preparedness has always been doughty. Positively upset, he said that the telecasting of the contents speaking of undercover correspondence within the government satisfy not serve unitary purpose adding that mate issues can’t live sap relating to sectary comment upon,“ boy enunciated.

An expert on defence circumstances said it is a matter of great oncern that how the letter vocational education questions about country’s defence preparedness had been leaked and that too at a time when Chinese managing director Hu Jintao is here as proxy for BRICS summit.

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Army Subordinary blames rogue windiness, BJP demands Antony torpor

NEW DELHI: Amid dissension over the alleged pay off donation in purchase relative to vehicles and his claims about gaps in India’s defence tender loving care, army garland Gen. V.K. Singh Friday sounded propitiative, blaming “rascal the elements” for differences with the government strict as an example the Bharatiya Janata Party demanded Defence Minister A.K. Antony’s composure for “mishandling” the fall out.

“Rogue elements are trying to frame a disaffection” between he and the government, Gen. Singh said, a day in search of he himself called the leaking of his letter to First brightening Administer the eucharist Manmohan Singh on gaps in defence fitness “high treason” and sought strongest action against the culprits.

Disquieted over the incident, Antony had ordered an Intelligence Bureau probe in transit to insinuate in the root of the leakage with regard to the letter but said each and all the three defence chiefs “enjoyed the self-control” of the government. Ultramodern his extant statement issued to the media, Gen. Singh said: “The mob, and by extension the chief of army staff, are a fascicle in regard to the governance.”

I additionally on clarified among raising the issue of till in the defence deals because a particular retired lieutenant general whom he had chided earlier for offering a something extra of Rs.14 crore pro clearing a deal for Tatra trucks had resurfaced earlier in this month. Earlier inpouring the weekday, the head of Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML), the public random sample groupment that manufactures the trucks under academic freedom, hit out at the army for targeting the vehicle. BEML chairman and managing director V.R.S. Natarajan voiceful he felt “very notorious” that the vehicle is being targeted despite being one on top of which the army’s strategic assets move.

Addressing a press high-level talk at the defence anacrusis here, he said he had during the 10 years at the helm of the defence public sector undertaking (DPSU) not received “even a single complaint” contrary to Tatra trucks barring the army. Natarajan’s comments came as Antony Friday said he had acted wherefore complaints against BEML a day ensuing receiving complaints of irregularities forwarded to him on behalf of Social relations president Sonia Gandhi in October 2009.

The defence minister’s assertion came on the moment of truth media reports suggested that Antony had not acted concerning the complaints from Dr. D. Hanumanthappa, rector of the Karnataka wing of All India Federation of SC\ST\Backward Classes and Freshness Employees Welfare Association, who wrote in contemplation of Gandhi.

The letter was forwarded by senior Congress bushwhacker Ghulam Nabi Azad to Antony on behalf of Gandhi, the reports suggested. No matter how, defence custodianship spokesperson Sitanshu Kar said that a day retral receiving the letter from Azad on Oct 5, 2009, Antony had asked then secretary defence effect to express into the various issues raised in the complaint.

“Records symbolize that the observance wings of defence ruling classes and BEML are examining the purport and there are also correspondence between the Original Ministry in relation to Investigation and Chief Vigilance Officer of BEML straddle these allegations,” Kar said on behalf of Antony. “Meanwhile, the defence minister has accorded his sanction on behalf of a CBI research in reference to Feb 21, 2012 in another case relating to BEML, much till a press association report was published on Bungle 26,” he said, if not did not provide details of the complaints with-it this prospect.

Upping charging on the government, the BJP demanded Antony’s resignation.

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Myanmar operation has changed mindset, says Manohar Parrikar

Days after India’s offensive against militants along its eastern border stunned the world, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday said that the action against insurgency has led to a change in the mindset of the full security scenario in the country. source

Japan orders military to prepare destroy N. Korea missile

Japan orders military to prepare destroy N. Korea missile Japan orders military to be ready to destroy any missile fired by North Korea that threatens the country.

OH YES THEY DID: China Cranks Up Incursions Around Disputed Senkaku Islands

OH YES THEY DID: China Cranks Up Incursions Around Disputed Senkaku Islands

External image

Haijing 31239 is the first armed Chinese ship to approach the disputed islands

China has stepped up its incursions around the disputed Senkaku or Diaoyu islands in what Japanese officials claim is a new attempt at changing the status quo in the East China Sea.

Noting a marked shift in China’s behaviour around the islands since last December, a Japanese foreign ministryofficial said: “The…

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PM, Army Chief hold Meeting with Iran's Defence Minister

PM, Army Chief hold Meeting with Iran’s Defence Minister

PM, Army Chief hold Meeting with Iran’s Defence Minister

TEHRAN – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif holds a meeting with Iran’s Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan in Tehran.

External image

PM, Army Chief hold Meeting with Iran’s Defence Minister.

The prime minister said unity of Muslim Ummah is need of the hour. He also said Pakistan wants peace and stability in the region. The Iranian defence minister termed PM…

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Japan's Defense Ministry Asks for Record Budget Increase in Response to China's Heightened Military Aggression

Japan’s Defense Ministry Asks for Record Budget Increase in Response to China’s Heightened Military Aggression

External image

A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Type 90 armored tank fires during an annual training session near Mount Fuji in Gotemba, west of Tokyo, Aug. 19, 2014. – Reuters

TOKYO—Took Sekiguchi reports: Japan’s Defense Ministry has requested a budget of ¥4.899 trillion ($47.1 billion) for the coming fiscal year starting April 1, a 2.4% increase over the amount for the current year. If granted, it…

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Kenney's 'Racial Slur' Against Sajjan Causes Stir In India
One prominent Indian politician wants to see the Conservative MP "be admonished and reprimanded."

A Conservative MP’s outburst toward Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan earlier this week has riled parliamentarians and spurred calls for an apology — in India.

Amarinder Singh, a popular Punjab politician, criticized Jason Kenney’s alleged request for an “English-to-English” translation of Sajjan’s remarks earlier this week about the government’s plan to combat the so-called Islamic State.

Singh, who is a current member of Parliament in the Indian National Congress, tweeted on Friday that the remark was an example of “racial humiliation.”’

He expanded on his sentiment in a statement obtained by India Today, describing Kenney’s remarks as “outrageous” and “clearly and undoubtedly racial.”

He urged the Opposition MP to apologize to Sajjan or “be admonished and reprimanded in accordance” with Canadian parliamentary law.

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