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“The voices were talking to me: ‘You need to make a sacrifice or we’re gonna get you.’ And then I saw him laying in the grass. I stood over him and I stabbed him.”

Dubbed by the media as Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer, James Fairweather was known by many as a young boy who was detached and introverted. He was just 15 years old when he committed two brutal murders, where he stabbed James Attfield and Nahid Almanea within months of each other. His first victim was stabbed over 100 times and Nahid was stabbed repeatedly with a bayonet.

The troubled teen was obsessed with serial killers and violence, and students recall him threatening to shoot up the school on one occasion. He also idolised Ted Bundy and Peter Sutcliffe, the infamous Yorkshire Ripper. In court, his defence team claimed that a combination of his bullying, paranoia, autism and mental illness resulted in him committing such heinous crimes. The prosecution disagreed, and he was sentenced to serve a minimum of 27 years.

I’ve suggested ‘Phoenix gets kidnapped/held to ransom instead of Maya’ plots before, but what about-

Phoenix is being held hostage, and the defence team is completely unaware. After all, Phoenix isn’t supposed to be in the are right now, is he? 

Until they start investigating and finding out that certain things don’t add up properly about their case.

Apollo goes into the courtroom only to realise that this is going to be his biggest challenge yet - he’s faced going up against former mentors and friends and going against the wishes of the agency, but this is the first time he’s ever had to do this, and it’s turning him into someone who’s at their first court session.

Because right there, at the prosecutor’s bench, isn’t any of the prosecutors he’s faced off adjacent before - and he’s faced off against a fair few, by now - but Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth himself.

Mr. Wright was able to face off against this man because they went way back, they were best friends. Mr. Wright didn’t see Mr. Edgeworth as a legend.

A legend that Apollo would have to defeat, if he were to declare his client innocent.

This, Apollo believes, is gonna be tough.

It’s made both easier (by a margin) and harder (by a mile) by the fact that Prosecutor Edgeworth is very determined to get his guilty verdict. Very. Every time they come close to a victory, it’s gone again. Farewell, my beautiful contradictions, indeed.

The slips start coming after the third or fourth recess.

Edgeworth calls Mr. Wright ‘Phoenix’, which can be let slide as a slip of the tongue, but still a noticeable one.

Apollo’s the one who sees the slight twitch of Edgeworth’s hands - less obvious when apart, and not much more together, but Apollo’s now nothing if not perceptive, and he sees the way the prosecutor is twitching his wedding band.

And Athena keeps saying that she’s hearing a lot of noise in his voice, but she can’t figure out what the source might be.

And that’s before Athena accidentally overhears someone say I’d always wondered what it might be like to have a Chief Prosecutor in the palm of my hand…

(The WAA pulls through. Just like they always do. And Miles Edgeworth isn’t ever fully in anyone’s hand; he never has been. He pushes the trial along for as long as he can. And Phoenix is very clever, really, letting Edgeworth know where he is with just a single in-joke that no one else would understand. Gumshoe is the one who finds him, and the entire courtroom heaves a sigh of relief when the call goes through on speakerphone.)

anonymous asked:

Kasim cannot remove the charges because they are criminal charges. Once the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) has decided to prosecute, it is out of all their hands. In criminal cases, it is not Aaron Dingle vs. Kasim Sabet. It is Aaron Dingle v. the Crown. Because you have literally broken the law of the land. If you have a good defence team, Aaron may even be able to get Kasim to testify on behalf of the defence (defend what Aaron did). But with Pierce, I think that's unlikely.

I thought that’s what it was, I just wasn’t too sure.Thanks for you help.


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Unanswered Questions about Wren Kingston

Why was Wren colouring in the picture of a family on a farm?

Why did Eddie Lamb hate him so much?

Why did he give Cece a visitors pass if she was already a patient?

Who was he on the phone to in 410?

Why did he need to mention “playing a game with Mona”?

What was “his end” he needed to take care of?

Why did he purposely get Veronica kicked off of Ashley’s defence team?

Why didn’t Mona trust him?

What did she mean when she spoke about his “loyalties”?

Why did Mona mention his incorrect spelling of ‘diagnosis’?

Why did A have cards with Wren’s name on them?

Why did Shana go to his house?

Why does his license plate literally say “CHR IM A”?

Why was Wren the one mention an ambiguous loss several times?

Why did we need to know about his family background? His father being in “the nut house”?

Why did Wren say he would “nap in the morgue” and then the same episode, A was in a bed in the morgue?

Why did Spencer mention electric-shock therapy to Wren and A used it in the dollhouse?

Why was “Walkin’ After Midnight” so significant? It directly relates to Melissa, Black Widow and Charles.

Why did Wren “save” Hanna after A told her she was “saving her for later”?

Who put the blood in Spencer’s bag?

Why do many decorations in the dollhouse replicate those in Wren’s house?

Why did A have Melissa’s laptop once?

What was the need for the constant doctor references? (Faust, Hopkins, body parts etc.)

Why did we need to know Wren has OCD?

Why did Wren have Spencer’s number but she not have is? How did he get it?

Why was Alison’s middle name (Lauren) a “huge” clue?

Why did A target Hanna straight after she rejected Wren?

Why did A target Toby straight after Spoby got back together?

Why did Jenna say “even a lie would sound good in that accent”?

Why did Wren and Melissa spontaneously move to London?

Why did Ezra’s cabin have so many Wren connections? (“friend who travels”, rowing paddles etc.)

What was Wren’s baggage?

Why did they show A changing Mona’s visitation rights in the same episode Wren said he extended her visitation hours?

Why does Wren “deserve to be used”?

Why wouldn’t Wren let Eddie into Spencer’s room? He must have known she wasn’t there, so why didn’t he do anything to stop her?

Why did the liars dismiss Wren as being A so quickly? How come e was never investigated like other suspects?

…. All I’m saying is; his shady behaviour cannot be wired down to “he was helping Cece” or “we were distracting you.” There’s too much for him to be insignificant. I am sure I haven’t even covered it all, so feel free to add any of your own questions.

Please see the following links for references to all of the events mentioned above

Onslaught [Closed RP with ask-spacegodzilla]

Humanity knew something was wrong on that warm summer’s day. From the moment the world woke up, systems all over the world were going haywire. First the GPS systems went offline, then a manned satellite in geostationary orbit fell out of position and obliterated itself in the atmosphere.

TAC had been requested to investigate the situation; the systems that the defence team relied on had miraculously escaped destruction.

Seiji Hokuto, a well-established member of TAC, was busy setting up a radar system on the hill behind the TAC HQ. A dish rose out of the machinery he was installing, and it started to turn from left to right, scanning the surrounding sky.

Ted Bundy: Trial 

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Although he was a promising law student himself, Ted Bundy’s defence team were nowhere near experienced, and this perhaps added to his fate, no matter how inevitable it was. Often, judge Edward Cowart was forced to aid them frequently in correctly phrasing questions as they were unsure of certain court procedures. As if this wasn’t enough, a lot of their arguments and cross-examinations were tedious, dull and ended up going nowhere. This caused the jury to denounce their defence and this showed in the final verdict. They weren’t to blame completely though, as Bundy refused to work with his attorneys because he was convinced he could win the trial alone. They had succeeded in banning the “fantasy tape”, the panty-hose mask, his former record and his escape as evidence, so ultimately, it was Bundy who let himself down.They may have been able to actually save his life, if he had cooperated with them.