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Susan Wright was born on the 24th of April, 1976, in Houston, Texas. She briefly worked as a topless dancer before finding employment as a restaurant waitress in Galveston. It was here that she met her future husband, Jeff Wright. The couple went on to have two children. 

 On the evening or 13 January, 2000, Susan tied Jeff to their bed. What he presumed was going to be an enjoyable night turned into a nightmare. When Jeff was immobilised, Susan stabbed him 193 times from head to toe with two different knifes. She then buried him in the back yard. In fact, Jeff had dug his own grave. He had dug a large hole on the patio which he planned on turning into a fish pond. The following day, Susan filed a domestic abuse report in order to get a restraining order against her deceased husband. She then came home and painted the entire bedroom in an attempt to conceal the grim crime. A couple of days later, Susan asked her attorney, Neal Davis, to come to her home where she confessed to the murder. The dog had partially unearthed his corpse and started to chew on his hand. Neckties were found tied around his wrists and his ankles were bound with a bathrobe sash. There was red wax on his buttocks, thigh, and genitals. Susan had stabbed Jeff with such force that the tip of the blade was discovered lodged in his skull.

Susan was pleading not guilty by reason of self-defence. Her defence attorney claimed that Susan had been suffering from physical and mental abuse at the hands of her husband for numerous years and that she killed him to protect herself and their children. Susan claimed she didn’t tie him to the bed but was in the bedroom when he came at her with a knife. Susan, who was 5'5", said she was able to overpower Jeff, who as 6'3" and 220lbs, and grab the knife from him and stab him over 100 times. The prosecution, however, contended that she was a scheming wife and that she killed him in the hopes of collecting a $200,000 life insurance policy. A friend of Jeff had once heard Susan berate him for filling out the forms incorrectly on the life insurance policy thus delaying the process. The prosecution admitted that Jeff wasn’t the perfect husband and that he had drug issues but contended he never harmed Susan or the children. In fact, they argued that Susan never once claimed he was abusive until after she killed him, adding that she only filed the domestic abuse report the day after his murder. 

The jury sided with the prosecution and Susan was sentenced to 25 years in prison which was later commuted to 20 years.


In 2012, Sheboygan Falls in Sheboygan City, Wisconsin, was shocked by the brutal murder of 78-year-old great grandmother, Barbara Olson, who was hacked and bludgeoned to death with a hatchet and hammer. Even more damning was the discovery of who the murder was perpetrated by – Barbara’s very own 13-year-old great grandson and his best friend. It was a crime that shocked the nation. If you’re not safe in your own home with your own great-grandson then where are you safe? “Did these kids grow up here? Did they grow up here in Sheboygan?” asked Sheboygan County District, Joe DeCecco, when he was informed of the heinous murder. Sheboygan County is an idyllic area and first-degree murder is extremely rare - in fact, on average once a year. Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape looked like your average all-American boys from Sheboygan Falls, so what led them to kill Antonio’s great grandmother with such savagery?  

On that fateful afternoon of September 17th, 2012, Antonio and Nathan went to Barbara’s home on the tree-lined streets of Westwynde Bluffs. After inviting the teenagers inside her home, she was brutally attacked by the duo, whom had brought along their weapons of choice: a hatchet and hammer. Following the heinous attack, the two boys attempted to drag her blood-soaked body to the car which was parked in the garage. Realising that this wasn’t as easy feat, they decided to just ditch Barbara’s body in the garage, with a trail of blood leading from inside the home. A mere $155 was all they were able to steal from Barbara, as well as several pieces of jewellery. After they stuffed the pitiful bounty into their pockets, they grabbed Barbara’s car keys and dumped her unlocked car at a nearby Sheboygan bowling alley. Inside the car, they abandoned the few pieces of jewellery that they had ransacked from the home in the hopes that somebody would steal the unlocked vehicle and then be implemented in her murder. So what would two teenagers do with a pitiful $155, stolen from the elderly lady they just slaughtered? They brought marijuana and pizza. 

Two days later, Barbara’s body was discovered by her distraught daughter. She initially believed that her mother must have had an accident but this was no accident, as she was soon to find out. Within 12 hours, Nathan and Antonio would be apprehended for her murder after bloody clothes and shoes were discovered in Antonio’s locker. It was announced that the two teenagers would be being charged as adults with first-degree murder. In January of 2013, Antonio entered a plea of not guilty by mental disease or defect. Two weeks later, Nathan also entered a plea of not guilty. As the trial date loomed, Antonio changed his plea to no contest as part of a deal with the state which would see him eligible for parole in 35 years. He was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide. Now, only Nathan would be facing a court of law. 

During the trial, Nathan’s defence argued that Nathan was just a bystander. Antionio, however, had a different version of events when it was his turn on the witness stand. While he admitted that he had attacked Barbara with the hatchet, he contended that Nathan wasn’t as innocent in the ordeal as his defence attorney was claiming. Nathan came to Barbara’s home armed with a hammer and with that weapon, he bludgeoned the elderly great-grandmother. He also testified that Nathan was just as compliant in the planning of the murder. When Nathan took to the witness stand, he confessed that he did hit Barbara with the hammer, adding that he only hit her twice and only did so because he was afraid that Antonio would turn on him. He also described how Antonio had a “blank, no emotions” look on his face as he repeatedly bludgeoned his great-grandmother. At one point during the murder, Antonio took off his sweatshirt so that it wouldn’t get in the way of “him swinging,” Nathan told the aghast court room. Fond du Lac County Medical Examiner, Doug Kelley, testified that Barbara had been struck at least 27 times with both sharp and blunt objects. This was the evidence that Nathan, armed with a hammer, certainly had participated in the murder. The entire court room fell dead silent as the gruesome photos of Barbara’s body flashed on screen. Deep wounds to her head, face, arms and hands were enough to make even the most hardened law officials look away. The wounds on her arms and hands were indicative of defensive wounds, meaning that the elderly great-grandmother had attempted to defend herself against the blows. She wasn’ t knocked unconscious by the initial blow meaning she knew very well that it was her own flesh and blood ending her life.

After just mere hours of deliberation, they found Nathan guilty of being party to first-degree intentional murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment with a minimum of 31 years. Antonio Barbeau had already been convicted of first-degree intentional homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 35 years. When Nathan is 49-years-old, he will have a chance of parole and when Antonio is 49-years-old, he will have a chance of parole. Both murders will get a second chance at life – something they denied Barbara Olson as she begged the young boy that she helped raise from birth, for her life.


Rafael Barba + Defence Attorneys
Rita Calhoun

  • Season 14: “Twenty-Five Acts” • “Lessons Learned” • “Legitimate Rape”
  • Season 15: “Amaro’s One-Eighty” • “Comic Perversion” • “Post-Mortem Blues”
  • Season 16: “American Disgrace” • “Spousal Privilege”
  • Season 17: “Devil’s Dissections” • “Criminal Pathology” • “A Misunderstanding”
  • Season 18: “Terrorized” • “Spellbound”


Sexting in Open Court

@barbabangme I am taking a break from smut forever after this omfg.  I hope it’s not too shit babe.
I am so tired rn but I had to post this tonight. I will be back to writing my fluffy stuffs next week guys. 

Lets put this cute gif of Rafi on it cos why not.

His face totally says “Yeah but you can’t send dirty messages like this and still win your case tho can you?” asdfghjkdsghsdjk I need sleep loool bye

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“4,000 years of loyal service to the court and this is what I get? I’m the unluckiest Zircon in the galaxy!”

WE GOT A NAME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Also, she actually seems to be “Rose’s” defence attorney! Why even put “Rose” through this trial anyway? For that matter, why does Homeworld have a judicial system? Whatever, though, still a cool character.

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Prompt: Random girl at bar starts flirting with Jake, Jake is clueless and it all goes right over his head, Amy steps in and gets her to back off

HI THANK U FOR THIS PROMPT I HAD FUN bc jake is a puppy and of course he’s got no clu what’s happenin:

On an early December evening, the warmth of Shaw’s is immediately comforting- as he enters, Jake can feel everything from the freezing cold tip of his nose, to his red cheeks, to the stiffness of his icy fingers, encompassed by the cosy heat of the room.

Reluctantly- despite this warmth- he pulls off his coat and his scarf as he approaches the bar, slipping onto a stool and trying to catch Carl’s eye so he can signal for a beer. This is to no avail; it’s busier than usual in here, even for a Friday, and he’s completely occupied, hands full with dirty glasses while someone gives him an order. For now, Jake relaxes against the bar, pulling his phone from his pocket to check the time.

For what may very well be the first time in his life, he’s early.

He’s due to meet her here in half an hour, to celebrate the end of what’s been a completely tortuous week. Both are working stupidly, painfully long cases, and have barely seen each other, even at work. He feels it in his chest, a tightness, one he’s known long before these couple months of their romantic relationship- a tightness that can only be fixed by Amy.

A hollow grumble in his stomach brings a sharp pang of hunger into his head, which is when he realises he hasn’t actually had anything to eat since breakfast. Mindlessly, he picks at a bowl of peanuts on the bar, only glancing up a couple of times- to order a beer, and to check for Amy.

“Hey, are you okay? You look lonely!”

A saccharine, perky voice makes him do a double take; at first, he’s not even sure it’s addressing him, until he turns round and sees a smiling blonde woman next to him.

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hi! I love your Oliver Queen imagines and was wondering if you could do more?! Maybe where you and Oliver are in a relationship, ( not set in a certain season or anything), and Laurel keeps throwing shade at you but Oliver's there defending you? Anything like that or whatever comes in your mind would be greatly appreciate!! Xx

This is a really interesting idea :) Hope you like it :)

Also because you didn’t specify a season, I’m making it in mid-season two so that Roy, Dig and Sara were on team Arrow and Laurel knew about it, but wasn’t a member.

Also this is inspired by the show Bull, mainly because I had just watched an episode before writing this… seriously though, check out Bull it’s really good. Anyway….


You loved your job. You really did, but sometimes you doubted the constant torment from one person in particular was worth it. You were a defence attorney for a trail science firm and you loved it.

Unlike what most people believed, you only took clients who you genuinely believed were innocent or were being trailed unfairly. That was how you met Oliver Queen. When Laurel refused to represent Oliver back when he was being charged for being the Arrow, he went to your firm and you got assigned to his case.

You believed that was why Laurel always hated you, you defended him when she refused to. As a result, he told you he was the Arrow almost immediately (let’s be real here, you knew from the moment you took his case) while he didn’t actually tell Laurel himself.

You often got called down to the Arrow Cave when they were hunting a suspect and the police had the wrong man, so that you could take the poor man’s case and make sure they didn’t lock him away for a case he didn’t commit.

You honestly loved going down to the Arrow Cave and helping out, also Felicity occasionally needed help with the tech and let’s be real everyone down there was useless with that kind of thing.

That day you had received a call from Diggle telling you to come down so you made your way there, praying that Sara’s sister wasn’t going to be there. She hated anything and everything you did. Especially since you had beaten her on a case last week.

When you arrived, you honestly considered turning around when you saw Laurel but Felicity was already waving you over so you couldn’t just walk out.

“What happened?” you asked as you put your bag down and leaned against one of the tables.

Before you could continue, Oliver and Roy walked in (still wearing their suits). Oliver smiled when he saw you and happily strolled over to give you a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey,” he said before giving you a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey yourself” you replied, not missing the death glare you received from Laurel, “What’s going on?”

He gave you a small smile before nodding to Felicity to let her know she should begin explaining, “Okay so I’m sure you’ve heard about all the stabbings.”

You nodded, “Yeah the police arrested a suspect didn’t they?”

“Yup,” Roy said, “but they got the wrong guy.”

You nodded, “You want me to take his case?”

“We want you to get him to tell you is really behind them,” Diggle as he walked around to join Felicity by the computers, “he may not have done them. But he knows who did.”

You nodded, “Alright, I’ll push to get him to tell me who is actually responsible and see if I can get him a deal at the same time.”

Oliver smiled and wrapped an arm around waist, “You’re amazing.”

You were about to reply, but then you caught Laurel looking like she was going to explode in the corner. Just as she caught your eye, she seemed to have had enough and marched over.

“What makes us think she can even get the information we need?”

Oliver piped in “Because she’s the best and because she’s been able to do it every other time.”

“She is not the best,” Laurel began, “the district attorney’s office could question him and find out everything we need to know. She doesn’t need to be here.”

Oliver was constantly fighting this battle for you, and yes you loved him even more for it but it was about time you finally stood up to her.

“Laurel,” you started, “first of all these murders have been going on for two months now and the DA’s office will want the case over quickly and you questioning him will just make them pin it on him even quicker. Secondly Laurel, you know I am the best defence attorney out there and yeah my methods are sometimes strange but I get the right result in the end. I don’t know what I did to you, but maybe one day you can get your head out of your ass and tell me what it was so we can get over this. But until then I don’t ask you to be nice to me even, but I damn sure expect you to treat me with the respect that you demand I treat you with.”

With that you told Felicity to email you the man’s case files and walked straight out the Arrow Cave.

About three hours later you heard a knock on your door and opened it to find a rather worried Oliver Queen.

“Why weren’t you returning my calls?”

“Sorry,” you responded as you let him in, “I was prepping for a case.”

He nodded as he sat down and pulled you against his chest, “You don’t believe any of that stuff Laurel said right?”

You shook your head.

He chuckled, “By the way Laurel looked so shocked that she just huffed and walked straight out. Sara said all she could get out of her was that she wasn’t interested in talking about it.”

You smiled and leaned back against him, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin your relationship with Laurel.”

“Don’t be, that was ruined ages ago. I’m sorry I didn’t kick her out earlier.”

For a while there was silence before you simply said, “Jacob Sanders.”

“The stabber. His name is Jacob Sanders; Felicity has his address already.”

He chuckled, “How long did it take you?”

“About half an hour.”

“See? Told you I was dating the best lawyer in the city.”


That was horrid, I apologize. Better stuff coming tomorrow though, I promise :)

Feel free to request an imagine or a prompt. I write for the Chicago series all D.C. tv show characters :)

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why are you so mean to manfred

You want to know why I don’t like Manfred von Karma? Alrighty then, buckle up friend because I’m going to show you everything that shows Manfred von Karma’s abuse towards his children.

Let’s start I think with this:

Miles more than respects Manfred von Karma, he reveres him and refers to him as “the God of Prosecuting”

How does Manfred treat Miles though?

he verbally abuses him, and because miles goes completely silent and does not object to it, it’s pretty plain to see that this is a regular occurrence.

I spoke a little about this on twitter earlier:

This is something that applies to all interactions with Manfred von Karma, everyone from the Judge to detective Gumshoe.

i mean this is how he chooses to describe defence attorneys

When asked about Miles, he says this

So. As i said before, “respect me (as an authority) or i will not respect you (as a human being)”.

Speaking of actually, I want to talk about these exchanges between him and Gumshoe:

all it takes to turn gumshoe into a stuttering apologetic mess is a snap of his fingers. Do you know what this reminds me of? classical conditioning.

I have no doubt he did the exact same thing to Miles, especially considering this exchange from before

notice how manfred snaps his fingers and miles goes silent? exactly the same as how pacifica reacts to the bell.

This is barely scratching the surface of course, and I actually think this exchange is the most telling comment that shows Miles’ abuse.

Now then lets see. Miles’ style of dress has completely changed, and his goal in life used to be to become a defence attorney… but instead he became a prosecutor.

Withdrawn is probably the word I would choose if I had to describe Miles in a single word. Miles has absolutely no idea how to express joy (recall his ‘woop’ attempt) and as for eye contact? Take a look for yourself as to how good he is at holding that

but of course, miles is not the only one who was abused by Manfred von Karma - has two children, after all.

Miles’ abuse was very direct and very malicious, but there is more than one way to abuse a child.

you know i dont even know where to begin with talking about franziska’s abuse lmao but ok lets try

In his children…

franziska talks all about the unrealistic expectations that were placed on her at the end of jfa so like, i dont even need to talk about this

she was forced to be something she was not because there would be consequences if she disappointed her father, it just simply was not an option. that’s extremely abusive parenting

and lets not forget his neglect! whilst manfred was off busy making miles’ life a living hell and verbally abusing him at every chance he got, franziska was ignored and shoved aside

“i’ll consider it” he went to miles’ first trial to make sure that he performs perfectly, whereas franziska’s debut is just an afterthought to him. n e g l e c t

and lets not forget how he pitted his children against each other and made franziska feel like she had to prove herself worthy of her own name !

so, to answer your question: why am i so mean to manfred? Because he’s a disgusting abusive asshole and I hate him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rhysand smiled—heartbreaking in its beauty—and put a hand on his chest. “Rhysand? Come now, Tamlin. I don’t see you for forty-nine years, and you start calling me Rhysand? Only my prisoners and my enemies call me that.” His grin widened as he finished, and something in his countenance turned feral and deadly, more so than I’d ever seen Tamlin look. Rhysand turned, and I held my breath as he ran an eye over Lucien. “A fox mask. Appropriate for you, Lucien.”

“Go to Hell, Rhys,” Lucien snapped.

“Always a pleasure dealing with the rabble,” Rhysand said, and faced Tamlin again.

I got bitter ex-boyfriend vibes from this the first time I read it…I still get bitter ex-boyfriend vibes from it now. What else am I supposed to make of ‘Rhys’ ten seconds after ‘don’t call me Rhysand’ like??? Just leave me happily headcanoning past!Rhycien romance okay. It pleases me. 


Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Tatiana Maslany presenting the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” award at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - part 1

Jeffrey: These tremendously talented and graceful performers play everything from a KGB officer posing as an American, the host of a Wild West theme park, a high-profile defence attorney, a dystopian…a handmaid in a dystopian - I was working on dystopian all friggin’ day…I’m like “This is gonna hang me up” and it did!


A/N: Just a little something. Maybe even a prediction…

Warnings: Violent content

“And, what does the defendant plead?”

“Guilty, your honour. The defendant has agreed to a plea bargain which was arranged with the district attorney.”

“The stipulations of which are?”

“The defendant has agreed to plead guilty to all charges and co-operate fully with the authorities under the proviso that he be remanded in the custody of a federal facility such as his previous.”

“Very well,” said the judge as she shuffled in her seat. The courtroom was silent with every member of the BAU sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting the next few sentences; their breaths held deep. “Mr. Lewis, do you have anything else to add?”

Standing beside the defence attorney was a well dressed Peter Lewis, a man who had put the team through untold trauma and had been brought forward after giving himself up in a small town in Vermont. There was an unnerving smile pasted across the serial killer’s face as if he still held onto victory in his mind.

“No, your honour,” he answered after a long pause.

“I just have to ask,” said the judge, leaning forward in her seat. “Why hand yourself in when you were so far out of sight?”

“Not sure,” he answered, shrugging. “I guess I’ve done everything I’d set out to.”

The judge sat back in her seat, partly hoping that she would not be the one asked to go through any testimonials by the sociopath that sat before her. The only real thing she wanted was him out of her courtroom.

“Then, I hereby sentence you to life in prison without parole; as set out by the plea bargain. The FBI Supervisory Special Agent that had been the subject and victim of your crimes will be released and exonerated.” The judge lifted her gabble and slammed it down against the sound block.

As the officials went about their duties in incarcerating Peter Lewis, the members of the BAU released their held breaths, turning to each other in joyful tears. Garcia threw her arms around Alvez, letting her tears soak into the collar of his jacket. JJ and Emily let their heads fall into their hands as the stress fell away while Tara leant forward and patted a disbelieving Rossi. It was over. Spencer was coming home.

His hand hovered at the handle, a strange nervousness taking over his body as he stood in front of his own door. Spencer knew that the space beyond the wooden frame was home, safety, his sanctuary, but it didn’t seem to help. It wasn’t till Emily’s hand rested reassuringly on his shoulder that he gained the courage to take hold of the door knob.

As the door swung open, there was a sound of young jubilation. Once open, Spencer looked into his apartment to see JJ, the boys and his mother sitting in the living room. The boys jumped to their feet and ran forward, thudding into Spencer’s midriff as they hugged him tightly. A myriad of smiles lit the room, a moment of true joy unfolding.

“Hey, hey,” greeted Spencer, wrapping an arm around each of JJ’s sons.

“Hi!” exclaimed JJ as she stood and moved toward him. A long hug seemed to be exactly what he needed, but as the embrace released, his eye’s shifted across to the person in the room that mattered the most.

“Mom,” whimpered Spencer, tears welling in his eyes. Diana’s hands came together at the tip of her nose, overwhelmed with emotion while her son moved towards her; free at last.

“Spencer,” she replied, standing as he approached.

“How are you doing?” he asked, making her laugh and wave away the question.

“Your friends have been amazing,” she answered, smiling to the two agents. “I’m just glad to have you back.”

The emotions ran high for the whole of the afternoon as Spencer caught up on how the team were doing, how his mom had been doing and how Henry and Michael had been doing too. Everything seemed to be small talk but it was a simple thing that they’d all missed enjoying. After what only seemed like minutes, but had actually been hours, JJ stood, calling her boys to her to go home to bed. Two disappointed young boys followed their mom to the door and waited while she and Emily said their goodbyes, relieved that Spencer was home.

“Don’t worry about coming back too soon,” said Emily, standing in the doorway.

“Won’t there be a review?” asked Spencer. “I broke policy.”

“Let me worry about that,” she replied.

“Thank you,” he whispered. “For everything.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, placing a hand on his upper arm and smiling. Spencer nodded, his lips pursing as he held back his emotions. As Emily pulled away, the young doctor pushed the door closed, leaning on it as the latch clicked.

“Com’ere,” came his mother’s voice from behind him. As Spencer turned, he was greeted by the warm sight of his mother’s smile. “I’m so proud of you,” she continued as he moved toward her and opened his arms. “And I want you to know…”

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain, like he’d been punched in the stomach. Looking down, his eyes were met by his mother’s arm and the kitchen knife which was buried into his middle. The blood quickly seeped into his shirt as he gasped, the panic causing his heart to race and pump more blood to the wound. “…Mr. Scratch sends his regards.”

Spencer looked up to see the anger in his mother’s eyes, unable to speak, unable to think. All he could do was stand there as she yanked out the blade and slashed at his throat. There was blood everywhere. Spencer gargled and his hands held his throat but there was no stopping the inevitable. The knife clattered to the floor at Diana’s feet and the anger faded, like a switch had been turned off. All she could do was scream as she dropped to her knees to try and help her son as his life poured away onto the floor.

Miles away, sitting on a bus as it headed toward the federal psychiatric prison, Peter Lewis sat on his own, still smiling as he had ever since he’d left the courtroom.