writers are savage as hell

gmw writers when they got asked about ships

“Does Josh like Maya because she’s wearing more mature clothes?”

Writers: Josh likes Maya as a person not because of her clothes

“Is Josh the reason the triangle was NEVER a triangle?” 


“ Will we get more joshaya moments.?”

Writers: Ski lodge part  1 and 2 especially part 2

“Will rucas get another kiss?”

Writers: Yep, something like “ he’ll get his moment”

*Writers continue defending rucas and  keep talking about how rucas and joshaya will rise in ski lodge*

Luc*aya/riar*kle stans ask about romantic luc*aya/riar*kle


For those of you who are saying that this is a Zouis twitter fight, it’s not. Louis never shaded Zayn nor directly tweeted him on twitter. He never said anything to Zayn. All the sassy tweets from louis were directed towards Naughty Boy. BUT Zayn was the only one (aside from NB) who threw a nasty tweet at louis. I dont get why Zayn would tweet something bitchy to louis when louis never even said anything to Zayn. It’s almost like Zayn got offended by louis tweeting sassy things to NB and he felt like he had to step in. So Zayn was defeding NB while louis was defending himself and liam. Looking at the events, I’m totally #TeamLouis. Louis didn’t fight Zayn. Zayn fought Louis. Zayn is defending someone who started this whole shit rather than defending his 4 brothers. WTF Zayn.