defective cores

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This song right here [NSFW] is a very very Martin song for me. From a lyrical stand point.

“ But there’s a language that I never spoke And it’s clogging up inside my throat.”

  “ I know it’s wrong And the warning keeps flashing bright I don’t know which pain to listen to Is it feeling, or being right? What did I say? I never felt this way before Is that what they say? It’s a defect in my core”

Martin is constantly, trying to learn. They are a sponge, really. And they’ve been lied to by their handlers for soooo long. Learning basic knowledge confuses them. And they have a serious issue with communication. They don’t know how to express themselves, they were never really allowed to grow in that aspect. Talking is very very hard for them, they aren’t mute. But it’s a struggle. Which is why they have a lot of fragments for sentences. And simple phrasing. They also don’t know how to explain what they are feeling. 

On a lighter side, and nothing relating to Martin story wise.  I honestly have this song on their playlist, it’s…mood music more so than relevant for lyrical content. But it’s been sorta of a Martin Meme for me. Like some Nicki Minaji songs are.

CL- Hello Bitches  I do consider it a inspiration song. From the energy, from the ‘cuteness’ ontop to the deep underlayer of hardness.

Honestly, I feel like saying this again unless I haven’t ever blatantly said it before but the Portal games just bring me so much joy. Especially Portal 2 because you get dialogue from all sorts of characters and can hear Glados and Wheatley play off of each other a bit.

It’s funny to say because I wouldn’t exactly call Portal a ‘lighthearted’ game. It’s actually very dark and sinister but it’s also completely ridiculous in a lot of ways. The jokes are top notch. If you actually think of the implications of what is being said it all turns out to be very dark but on the surface I just can’t help but laugh. I love Wheatley’s banter and I like Glados’s clever little quips. The very sound of Glados, Cave Johnson, Caroline,The announcer, defective turrets, personality cores and Wheatley’s voices puts a smile on my face.

I don’t really know how to reason this but…Portal is a game that makes me really happy. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of solving the puzzles? Maybe it’s the fantastic characters you can listen to the whole time? Maybe it’s the fact that you feel strongly included because Chell doesn’t talk back it seems even more like the characters are addressing you.

Aperture is not by any means a place that I would like to hang out in for a long amount of time in real life. It’s really creepy, and Chell is in REAL danger there the whole time. But I love being able to adventure through the broken up chambers and the old aperture without fear of harm. I love the look of the games and the atmosphere they give off. The Place is enormous and nearly in continuous shift/expansion. It’s a fantastic world and you get to play in the front seat.

You can sympathize with a lot of the characters. They feel real and when you turn the game on again and do a play through it’s like you’re seeing old friends.

Playing the Lego Expansion for Portal gave me those feelings again and it was such a precious thing. I was smiling the whole way through.

The writing is stellar, the gameplay is fascinating and the world is a amazing. Portal is by far one of the BEST games I’ve ever played and ever will play. It will always be up at the top.


Made a tutorial on how I make the Portal character voices! =)