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An extremely belated comic about The Pacifism Defect inspired by our first attempt at round 3 with random players.  Had much better time with really good random players later, but doing a comic about that wouldn’t have been as fun. ;)  The cute Ancient Healer that I posted earlier and was featured on Prime Time #157 was from this comic.

everytime one of yall goes ‘but natasha met the winter soldier when she was a teenager’ i lose a year of my life 

A Semi-Accurate Timeline of Natalia Romanova, Pre-Defection

As pieced together by me from all the retcons. Will add citations for each of these events later. The dates preceded by asteriks are conjecture; the ones without are dates which are officially given in comics.

1928 (Birth) – Natalia Alianovna Romanova is born in Stalingrad, USSR
1928-1930 (age 0-2) – Natalia is orphaned as a toddler; adopted by Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov
1938 (age 10) – Ivan leaves for war; Natalia recruited for Romanoff’s Spy Academy; brainwashed to believe Taras Romanoff is her father and forget Ivan. Meets Logan (Wolverine) and befriends him.
1941 (age 13) – Kidnapped by the Hand, taken to Genosha, rescued by Wolverine, Captain America, and Ivan. Later that year, she is given a mission to kill Wolverine, who was given a mission to kill Taras Romanoff. She allows him to kill her ‘father’, and disappears into the woods.
*1942 (age 14) – Found in wilderness by Ivan and his unit of soldiers, who she joins.
1944 (age 16) – ‘marries’ Nikolai, a soldier in her unit, while serving together; becomes pregnant with his child. Nikolai dies in the war, and the baby is stillborn.
*1945 (age 17) – Recruited to the Black Widow Ops program. Given treatments that enhance her physiology, but make her unable to have children.
*1945-1956 (age 17-28) – At some point during her training in the Red Room, meets the Winter Soldier and begins a clandestine relationship with him.
1956 (age 28) - She and Ivan are beaten badly in Berlin. With Ivan near death, both were given the gift of a life-prolonging chemical from the Winter Soldier; her aging is nearly halted at this point.
1958 (age 30) –  Forced to break off her relationship with the Winter Soldier and marry Alexi Shostakov; brainwashed to believe she is a ballerina with the Bolshoi, covering her entire history to this point with happy, false memories and repressing her spy training.
*1961 (age 33) – The Kremlin fake the death of her husband, predicting (correctly) that she will offer to serve her country in honor of his memory; she begins spy training anew, and takes to it easily due to her repressed memories.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year, and if I happened to miss anyone, it wasn’t intentional. Feel free to message me about it.

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Super fabuloso RocketDog over at TSDF  hinted today that Scott Gimple’s preview of S7 including Carol’s still wanting to run (and will she get what she wants?) might actually be happening. Something to consider is ; 

I note they are filming on a stretch of road next Monday.
I also remember there was a car chase during episode 2 during which Dwight runs off after the escapee Saviour?
I wonder if it would be interesting that Carol should run into Dwight at some point, notice him wearing Daryl’s jacket, and thats where our stories start linking together??

There’s a REASON Dwight is wearing Daryl’s jacket. Everyone else in Team Family KNOWS where Daryl is and what’s happened. Carol…does not.

Carol wants to run away. Will she get that? Perhaps not if theres something, or SOMEONE who keeps pulling her back to the group??

I originally thought Dwight would help Daryl escape to Kingdom as Dwight defects in the comics, but what if Dwight defects/is just running off here and there, runs into Carol and they team up?

Also just realised how this “Carol running away” is just like Michonne’s Pirate Arc in the comics!

Thoughts? Or rubbish?