Considering gems are literally made, they’re probably made for a purpose, and apparently Pearls aren’t made for fighting. 

I’ve theorized that Pearls hold a fairly high spot in gem society, and are considered “upper-class.” If so, Pearl’s affinity for arts and intellectual pursuits make sense, but her mechanical and combat skills are a deviation from the norm. Maybe this is somehow what Jasper meant by “defective.”

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I hate that article, allegedly by a bio teacher, that says "XX =/= female and XY=/=male, humans are more complex, look at--" and then lists a bunch of rare and terrifying genetic disorders and syndromes, with "syndrome" in their name. Most people only hear about shit like that right before they terminate a pregnancy. It doesn't normalize transgenderism to pair it with syndromes and birth defects, or else we'd all be ok with kids with spina bifida.

It does, though. I mean, I’m sorry to be the bearer of uncomfortable news, but trans men are still biologically female and trans women are still biologically male. The world has to understand that medical issues sometimes present differently depending on biology. A trans woman isn’t going to end up with ovarian issues and trans men aren’t going to have to worry about prostate issues. That doesn’t stop trans people being men and women, it’s just an uncomfortable fact that biology is still important when it comes to health, and being trans doesn’t protect from that biology.

The majority of people are either XX and XY, including trans people. There are a large number of intersex people that are only found to be intersex during an autopsy, and so would have never known that they weren’t XX or XY. Other intersex people decide to live as men or women, depending on their personal circumstances. There will also be intersex people that have always been physically closer to one sex and brought up as one sex, but end up being trans because they experience gender dysphoria and need to be the other sex.

I think your final wording is clumsy there, though, to be honest. But you’re right in what you’re trying to say: normalising trans people is a completely separate issue from destigmatising birth defects. Birth defects range from things like spina bifida and intersex conditions, all the way to cleft palates and congenital astigmatism. If someone wants to argue that being trans is a birth defect along those lines – and birth defects are nothing but neutral medical conditions – then I’ll be happy to listen to their reasoning, but that doesn’t mean that it’s “bad.”

It’s just a supreme irony to me that these people, the ones that claim to be “anti-ableism” are so quick to be as ableist as possible when defending people appropriating being trans. It’s absurd.

  • You can't get more bigoted than a soldier. They accept a job to kill the people they dehumanize so far below their own family enough to murder their children. You can't be more of a Nazi than the common soldier, to accept the mind controlling propaganda that you can kill people who are not attacking you. Offense is not defense. Are you too stupid to notice? Ever wonder? why does our government have a genocide machine working in every country on the planet?Maybe mass pollution with radioactive uranium paint painted bombs, poisoning people with cancer and birth defects all around the world for millions of years in the future is not a good use of a government.

E ciudat cum după atâta timp eu încă mă gândesc la tine….încă zâmbesc ca o idioată când îți aud numele și nu știu de ce… nu știu ce mi-ai făcut de am reușit să mă îndrăgostesc de tine și acum nu mi te mai pot scoate din inimă…. ai rămas acolo ca și un tatuaj ce nu mai dispare și nici nu vr ea un să dispară…ai fost singurul care m-a înțeles și care nu m-a judecat…erai cel care era mereu aici pentru mine când aveam nevoie chiar dacă am fost greu de suportat….știu că au fost multe momente când nu îți arătam că te iubesc și știu că am avut o mie și unul de defecte și că uneori nici eu nu mă înțelegeam…știu sunt greu de înțeles, dar tu ai avut răbdare cu mine și m-ai înțeles de fiecare dată, chiar dacă ne certam uneori…. poate acum când auzi numele meu nu te mai gândești la mine sau poate nici nu îmi mai auzi numele…. dar dacă ai face-o mi-ar plăcea să știu că te gândești la mine ca la fata aceea ciudată care te-a iubit cu adevărat și încă o face….fata aia căruia îi spunea “îngeraș”, fata care mereu te va iubi și poate pare banal ea încă te așteaptă….încă îți aștept mesajul, dar știu că el nu va mai apărea, pentru că cel mai probabil acum în viața ta e altcineva….dar să știi că tu vei rămâne mereu în inima mea ca și un tatuaj pe care nu am să îl șterg niciodată, pentru că tu ai fost singurul care m-a înțeles și a descoperit-o pe adevărata eu….

  • what able bodied people think being undiagnosed is like: faking your health issue, not wanting to see a doctor because they'll tell you what you don't want to hear/that you don't have that illness
  • what it's actually like: after seeing nine specialists between 1997 and now the best answer you've gotten was "clearly there's something wrong here but idfk what lmao"

This adorable Australian Shepherd is Toby and while at first glance he may appear to look like any other Australian Shepherd but Toby is special - he has two noses! He was discovered wandering the streets of Fresno, California, and was picked up by a rescue group. However, the so-called rescue group considered him unadoptable and were ready to put him to sleep. That was until Todd Ray, a man who owns a number of animals with birth defects, adopted him and made him a member of his family. 

Me: when will I stop being just mediocre at everything? 

Me @ myself: Every time you accomplish something you raise your expectations and treat it as something anyone could have done with little effort, and in this way you deprive yourself of any satisfaction and commit yourself to a constantly accelerating status quo that ensures that you can never be anything above just average. 


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The cruelest part of this chronic illness is that it let me start with a normal life, Then it took it all away!