From Kanou’s words, Seidou vomits. Kanou merely watches Seidou’s reaction with interest.

Kanou: Oh, it’s causing a rejection to the residues in the stomach.
Kanou: How perfect!!

Kanou seems satisfied as Seidou is covered in his own vomit.

Kanou: I’ll be examining your general reflexes later okay?
Kanou: They’re easy tests where I’ll just be scratching inside your stomach a little and pointing light into your eyes.
Kanou: That and defecation and ejaculation.

The scene shifts to a laboratory showing a crying Seidou. The lower part of his body is covered in blood.

Seidou: Ahihe… Ahe…
Seidou: Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh.

His body throbs.

Tatara: …Are you also into sadism?
Kanou: Wrong. Giving him external injuries in order to prompt the erosion of the RC cell tubes…
Kanou: The body of a living being will be made better.
Kanou: …Even for cases where the brain loses a function due to damage, other regions in the brain will compensate for it.
Kanou: In order for an individual to maintain its activites, they will try to adapt to the situation.
Kanou: I’m just intentionally causing the damage.
Kanou: As an analogy, you can say ‘Ghoulification’ is similar to 'Grafting’.
Kanou: By putting the Ghoul as a the budwood on top of the 'human’ as the rootstock…
Kanou: It will cover up the 'fragility of the human body’ and it will 'omit parts of the nutrition’ that would be needed by the ghoul.
Kanou: Well, it’s going to shorten the lifespan but, what I want to know is…


Scrubby under-nourished lumpbulb with defecating tetra // slobby sketchbook warmup to see if my brain won’t try to show up to work this morning. #wip #sketchbook

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The Factory

The factory was massive. Shiny and chrome and white enameled walls, a model of modern efficiency. The World had turned a corner and had finally passed the population point where everyone could be fed, so the World governments approved cannibalism. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but eventually the riots and other problems that a lack of food caused forced people to act. Anyone was allowed to volunteer. Men and women alike would be paid a large sum of money and given two years to live a lavish life, then, they came here.

When she arrived at the plant she was already stripped and cleaned. The truck was equipped with spray nozzles and chemical baths that dissolved the clothing and removed the hair on the cattle. It was about a three hour drive from the import facility and by the time the animals were delivered to the entrance they’d been sanitized and tenderized. Each truck held about one hundred head, and all were standing shoulder to shoulder, crammed in pretty tight. Many urinated and defecated on the trip, out of fear or being made ill by the washing. There wasn’t enough room for anyone to fall down, so those that had fainted were still standing, even if not on their own.

The truck backed up to the arrival door and the doors opened without ceremony. The entire herd was pushed by machinery out of the van and into a chute that gradually narrowed to a point where only one could pass through. It was in this passage that each of the animals was scanned and graded, measured and barcoded on the right breast by a laser. She felt the burning sensation of the powerful beam as it permanently marked her as prime cattle, suitable for whole roasting. She, of course, had no idea what was happening, except that the fear she felt was becoming a little more than she could take.

The line of women turned a corner and one at a time they were stopped directly under a round tube about three feet across. Suddenly, as she was standing looking around wondering what was happening, a powerful suction lifted her off the ground and rapidly pulled her through a smooth and slippery tunnel where she was unceremoniously spit out headfirst onto a floor towards a large robot. Her head slammed into a post and she was stunned, but she felt the strong grip of clamps around her neck that lifted her up and held her there, hanging. She struggled and tried to break free but couldn’t, and without thought the machine rotated and held her as two clamshell doors closed around her, fitting snuggly to the disk around her neck.

A light turned green on the panel in front of her, and she felt intense pain that caused her to scream uncontrollably. Inside the tube that surrounded her, ultrasonic knives had reached out and precisely skinned her, removing the dermis which fell to the floor to be processed as leather. The pain was excruciating but there was no blood, and she was still alive and feeling as the doors opened and the machine moved her to another position, over a conveyer. The neck clamps opened and she fell onto the belt where she was moved further into the belly of the machine. She was completely unaware of anything else except the intense burning she felt, so she didn’t hear the other screams and cries of the others being butchered all around her.

The conveyer stopped her over a device that rammed a steel rod up into her ass, through her belly and out of the top of her head. Her eyes rolled back and she was silenced by the force and intrusion of the spike in her throat. Because she was a prime cut, the machine held her while it pressed her arms and legs in tightly, and a set of manipulators rapidly wove a tight net of strong cord around her. The web was tight and the thin cords pressed into her exposed muscle causing more pain. But, her life was fading so any sensations were losing their severity. When finished, she was neatly spun into a slab of beef that would easily have been mistaken for a fly caught in a web.

The prepared slab of meat was moved to a packaging area where strong plastic was wrapped around her and cut and closed. She went into a chamber and after a few moments, the thin, clear film was firmly vacuum sealed around her. She had long since stopped moving. With programmed precision the robots lifted her lifeless body onto a rack laden with several hundred other head. Her previously partying and dancing body was now nothing more than a serving of beef soon to be roasting over a charcoal fire, probably on some island paradise.

The meat was moved onto more refrigerated trucks and carried away to the waiting cargo ships bound for ports all over the world. Even as this shipment was loaded, thousands more women and men were funneled into waiting machines to be slaughtered. Day and night, 365 days a year, the cattle never stopped coming.

Reducing Hibernation Problems in Tortoises

Notes from an excellent article in the Vet Times, Vol 46, No 27 by Monica Guerrero-Mendez.

Before hibernation

  • Ensure optimal BCS
  • Bring to vet for clinical check-up 
    • Clinical exam
    • Chelonian blood profile (includes complete blood count, total protein, albumin, globulin, AST, GLDH, ALP, GGT, bile acids, CK, urea, uric acid, calcium, phosphorus, ionised calcium, sodium, potassium, BHB)
    • Ultrasonography/radiography
    • Faecal exam
    • Record bodyweight
  • Feed carbohydrate-rich foods (squash, alfalfa pellets, mixed fruits) 6 weeks before hibernation to provide enough vitamin A
  • Stop feeding 1 month before hibernation
  • Provide daily baths to empty the GI tract
  • Reduce temperature by 2°C per day from 2 weeks before hibernation


  • Hibernate from mid-January to March (if in the UK)
  • Keep at 4-7°C, ideally by keeping the tortoise in a polystyrene box in the fridge
  • Weigh weekly - wake up if bodyweight drops >10% in a week
  • Wake up if tortoise urinates, defecates or moves
  • Do not hibernate Horsfield tortoises!

After hibernation

  • Warm tortoises slowly to room temperature before placing in vivarium
  • Give warm daily baths to hydrate
  • Bring to vet if not eating or showing strange behaviour a week after waking

Possible problems

  • Stomatitis
    • Treatment: rehydration using Reptoboost baths (probiotic), systemic antibiotics (ceftazidime), topical treatment (cleaning mucosa with diluted iodine), assisted feeding by oesophagostomy tube if needed
  • Renal failure
    • Signs: anorexia, sunken eyes, dry skin, passing limited urine and dark yellow/orange urates
    • Treatment: rehydration using intracoelomic and oral fluids and Reptoboost baths, allopurinol (reduces uric acid production), multivitamin injections
  • Non-obstructive dystocia
    • Treatment: rehydration using intracoelomic and oral Reptoboost fluids, assisted feeding by oesophagostomy tube, multivitamin injections, anabolic steroids (laurabolin), once adequately hydrated induce parturition using calcium and oxytocin
  • Wounds from rodent/fox attacks
    • Treatment: clean wound, wet-to-dry bandages, antibiotics (ceftazidime)
  • Anorexia
    • Usually due to vitamin A deficiencies and minor dehydration
    • Treatment: two vitamin A injections 2 weeks apart, rehydration using five minute Reptoboost baths three times a day
Please help me.

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jellycolored-rose replied to your post: “jellycolored-rose replied to your post: “Alright, my discourse battery…”:

so I just tried the wiki article, and it might be cause I’m a non-native english speaker, or that I just have this much bad at biology, butI didn’t understand a word in it…I can’t decide which one.

Here we go with gross science! :D

Basically it is an orifice that has multiple purposes.  Most mammals have separate orifices for urinating, defecating, and sexual reproduction.  A cloaca is a single orifice that serves multiple purposes.

So an omega male still has a butthole, but the scientific term is cloaca instead of anus because he can get pregnant through his butt lol

I’m 12, this conversation makes me giggle so much lol

It’s not important in the grand scheme of things, I just think it’s hilarious that when she made her post about how she imagines a/b/o biology works that she went so far as to properly define the orifice :D


Having a smoke and I’m not talking a cigarette.

The year was 1992, it was springtime and it was in the old Washington Square Park Men’s room NYC. I enter the restroom for a leak into the urinal, at the same time 2 guys next to each other at separate urinals jerking off together, as I was done. I saw this dude calmly enter going into toilet area, as a pic of the spot seen during my early blogs, the 5 toilets a row with no partition for privacy. Young man had to be in his 20s, grabbing sheets of toilet paper then going to the middle open toilet with the seat already down not paying me or others no mind. Sitting straight down on the public toilet not wiping or lining with his bare bottom touching surface of the toilet seat when the kid pulls out a crack-pipe lighting up and smoking didn’t care while he was defecating. The young man was giggling a little while getting high along with the smell of crack in the air. I left the men’s room laughing and shaking my head in disbelief. I wish I had a camera back then to post. These days a scene like that could be photo or go viral.

Sitting on an open toilet with your pants down smoking crack in plain view, crazy times back then.

2016 election be like
  • Clinton:I'm associated with a few scandals.
  • White Hipster Dudes:See, they're equally terrible!
Getting to know the HTC Titan

As an instance successor to the HTC HD7, the HTC Titan was announced insofar as vouchsafement last September 1st 2011. Moving in point of the latest Windows Phone acting system Mango, this smartphone features the biggest screen out of all Windows smartphones at 4.7 inches and defecation on a 1.5GHz processor to 16GB internal memory and 512MB RAM. The HTC Superman is beyond just 9.9mm thin, making it one of the sleekest smartphones widdershins.

Life-like entertainment

Partnered with the HTC Titan, you can enjoy entertainment that comes in contemplation of life wherever you are whenever you want over against, letting him make the presidency out of the closing Hollywood hits at your fingertips. And with Zune, you’ll be able in consideration of fit millions as respects tunes instantly so you never run nirvanic of harmonics to enjoy. Can’t quick without video games? Show of hands problem. The HTC Sol is also built with the Xbox Live gangway place quite you’ll all the time have your games with yours truly.

Satirize better pictures

The HTC Titan has an 8MP photostat fitted by means of F2.2 lens and a BSI sensor pretty much you chemical toilet take high-resolution photographs under something kind of condition. With this kind of picture quality, lugging around your gentleman point-and-shoot camera becomes a thing in regard to the past, letting you leave your worries behind as ourselves are resolute that you self-command continue taking first and last great photos every time.

A multi-tasking machine

Because entertainment and capturing moments found just part of what you need from a smartphone, the HTC Titan takes care in point of things by adroitly letting you multitask. All your communion histories and accounts are linked together so sending emails is easier, for starters. And you can seamlessly bear off between work and play as long as i necessity so herself can check your messages while swish the middle apropos of a game or listen in transit to music whereas working on documents. It item helps that other self have a good screen to work with, with an equally large unmanifested keyboard that makes editing and creating Sacrament documents a snap.


The HTC Helios weighs good understanding at just 160 grams regardless the battery in ready and a 4.7-inch touchscreen that features 480x800 resolutions. Abreast with an 8MP main camera, this smartphone along has a 1.3MP front camera and allows for HD 720p video recording. Systematize formats supported on account of audio and video include m4a, mp3, m4b, and wma, and 3gp, mp4, 3g2, mbr, m4v, and wmv. For video inscribing, default file cast is mp4. Playback on behalf of 3gp and 3g2 videos is only allowed in any event if the video is part of an MMS incidental information or is an email answerability. For internet obtainableness, the HTC Titan is capable of harnessing 3G, GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi technologies, ideal with social networking apps that ok you clearly access your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Bluetooth 2.1 is in place for connectivity, along in A2DP for hands-free four-channel stereo system headsets and PBAP for accessing phonebooks via the smoking car kit. The HTC Titan features a rechargeable 1600maH lithium-ion battery that offers up till 710 minutes of talk time (GSM) and 360 hours in relation with standby (GSM).

Riyad as-Salihin, The Book of Miscellany Book 1, Hadith 500

Narrated ‘Sa’d bin Abu Waqqas (ra):
By Allah, I am the first Arab who shot an arrow in the Cause of Allah. We fought along with Messenger of Allah (pbuh) when our food was only the leaves of Hublah and Samur trees (wild trees) until one of us would defecate like the droppings of sheep.[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

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This blog is a fictional Doll House.  Enjoy.. 

Things you are likely to see here…. Age Play, Race Play, Domination, Humiliation, Extortion, Gender Roles & Role Reversal, Servitude, Compliance, Rape/Abduction fantasy. | Original Fiction & Stories


This you are not likely to see here…. Defecation/Urination, Blood Play, Brutal Harm, Death & Destruction, Animals, Children, Elderly. | Original Photography


An Olympic marathoner pooped himself and collapsed — here's why marathons wreak havoc on your body

French Olympic race walker Yohann Diniz was leading Friday’s 50K — until he collapsed on the side of the track shortly after apparently defecating mid-walk.

Evidence of Diniz’s severe gastrointestinal issues — including video of the athlete apparently attempting to soak up leaking fecal matter using a sponge — has surfaced on NBC.

And while Diniz’s problems are severe, it’s not unusual for athletes to experience gastrointestinal problems while competing in long-distance events.

‘Runner’s trots’ are a real thing, and they’re not fun.

Up to 71% of long-distance runners experience abdominal cramping and diarrhea. Of those, the latter is so common that runners call it “runner’s trots.”

(Diniz, apparently with a sponge in his shorts to try to soak up the problems.NBC)

According to the Mayo Clinic, scientists still aren’t sure exactly what causes runner’s diarrhea, but they have some compelling theories. Some suggest it’s a result of the severe physical jostling a marathon can impose on your internal organs. Others think it happens after prolonged periods of decreased blood flow to your intestines.

Personally, the one that hits home the most for me is prerace anxiety and stress. As a former competitive swimmer, I can honestly say there’s no sensation that quite equals the stomach-churning fight-or-flight butterflies I used to get just before diving into the water.

Among all of these theories, one thing is clear from studies on long-distance athletes: Food simply moves more quickly through your system when you’re an athlete training for a strenuous event.


Aside from diarrhea, many long-distance runners and race-walkers experience other health issues during or after training, including acid reflux — a condition with effects like heartburn, indigestion, coughing, hoarseness, and asthma.

There’s even some evidence to suggest that prolonged, intense exercise — like the kind you’d do in the weeks and months before a marathon and during the race — can negatively affect your immune system by reducing the body’s natural ability to fend off upper-respiratory infections including colds and the flu.

Marathoners, meet interval training

Still, there’s good news for those of us who are committed to working out. There’s plenty of evidence, in fact, that suggests you can get some of the same benefits of long-distance running and other types of endurance training without ever passing the five-mile mark.

That’s right. Running fast and hard for five to 10 minutes a day may help add years to your life, just as running for hours can.

In fact, people who run for less than an hour a week — so long as they get in their few minutes of daily running — appear to rack up similar benefits in terms of heart health compared with people who run more than three hours a week.

That finding squares with recent research showing that short bursts of intense exercise can provide some of the same health benefits as long, endurance-style workouts.

One of the most popular forms of the quick workout — and the one that has been studied the most — is interval training. Basically, you work yourself as hard and fast as you can for a few minutes, rest, then do it again.

The best part? It typically lasts only between five and 10 minutes total. (There’s even an app based on the idea, called the 7-Minute Workout, which you can read more about here.)

So, whether you stick to a long-distance routine or opt for a quicker, daily exercise plan, it’s important to keep in mind that more is not always better.

NOW WATCH: An exercise scientist explains what everyone gets wrong about stretching

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The Swine Brothers Show, Episode 102. Metallica Black Album Review and UFO Conspiracies

On this episode, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Metallica’s Black Album by shitting on it, before defecating on the Millennials outraged over TV show portraying millennials as outraged, how the Hillary Trump vote are railing against third party candidates via the standard  "vote for X is vote for Y" scare tactics, rape charges filed against a Pokemon, and the immortal SPACE JESUS!