EileMonty. vs KRISTEN

Since we are receiving a cascade of comments about this I want to clarify one thing about our current production, The Moon Rises.

We are very aware about the existence of Kristen’s version, we had it on our hands months before release, and we chose Ely Monty’s for our production without even doubting.

WHile Kristen has done a wonderful job on the song, with a Broadway flare, Ely’s version has a better grip on performance and giving queues for animation, because she is an actress before she is a singer.

If you listen to Kristen’s song with our Current preview, it simply falls apart because the emotions are completely different.  When Ely sighs in frustration, Kristen let’s a shake in her voice appear, which indicates defeat or nervousness.  It would work great for a play! heck! it would be great to have it in your MP3! but it just didn’t work for our project

If you want to judge by yourselves,  be free to do it. We appreciate your opinions, but we stand for our choice.

Here is someone’s upload with Kristen’s take

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Hrrrrrrm, okay, lol. Here we go- 

1. Serendipitous Fate - Miraculous Ladybug 

Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them.

Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

Takes place following season 1.

Chapters 1 - 10
Word Count: 122,141

2. Beyond Reality - Final Fantasy X

A year after defeating Sin, Yuna and her friends are asked to investigate the Farplane, which seems to have been put out of balance. However, upon doing so, they’re whisked off to another reality. Not just any reality, but the one and only Zanarkand. It’s hard for them all to believe, and even harder to comprehend upon coming across old acquaintances.

3.  Flight Paths Home - Supernatural 

Cas and Dean are roommates, neither one of them aware that the other is secretly flying around the city in the guise of a superhero saving innocent lives–even if they do regularly stitch each other up. Cas is quite convinced he’s in love with Dean however, yet Dean is interested in someone else. Someone he “works with.” Someone that later comes crashing through his window with a familiar face.

4. One Thing After Another - Miraculous Ladybug

Marinette notices that, sometimes, Adrien acts a little out of the ordinary–like the time he stood in a cardboard box for no reason, or when he actually hissed at Nino. It’s only when she starts to notice the similarities between Adrien and a certain feline that she begins to get suspicious.

Basically, Adrien acts like a cat when he probably shouldn’t.

5. Tipping the Hourglass - Supernatural 

It’s been ten years since high school – since Cas told Dean how he felt and was rejected. Now he has a new life in Chicago, but he can’t avoid that small Kansas town forever. He’s home for the holidays and, low and behold, after his rental car breaks down on the side of the road, the first person he happens upon is none other than a certain Dean Winchester. Yet, in a town where homophobia runs rampant and old tiffs still hover, both Dean and Cas may find themselves at the dangerous end of pointed fingers and vulnerable circumstance.

And I guess I’ll tag @metawohoo, @wintermoth, @kingcael, @breeeliss, and @destieldrabblesdaily

All her smile’s fault - part 3

Yet another high school AU

Part 1 - HERE / Part 2 - HERE

Thanks to @mmmtion for being sweet and letting me use her words as inspiration.  And thanks to @withaflashoflove for being my trusty beta and @blueorchidsforever for listening to my blues.

“Mom, I told you I don’t want pizza.”

Iris’s voice sounded almost… defeated. It made things worse. It made it all hurt even more.

“Not your mom,” Barry told her through her closed bedroom door.

It had been a while since he had last been there. They were probably 12. All the other times he had been to the Wests since then, he had never gone upstairs again.

They used to spend hours in Iris’s bedroom. Lying on her fluffy rug, playing feet war and board games. Clue was Iris’s favourite, and the summer when they were 11 and it rained everyday in the afternoon for two months straight, they spent all of their evenings playing Clue and listening to terrible songs. Every time it rained on summers’ afternoons, Barry was always reminded of that. If he concentrated enough, he could smell those days. Damped grass and cookies Iris had just learned to bake.

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Can we hear a story about how lin got some of those scars?

The scars on her back are all from her childhood and early teens, when she engaged in combat with the creatures in the desert where she lived for fun, as you can see in the first part of her background comic here.
She tried to flee from the creatures when overwhelmed so they always hit her back badly.

Those two large ones were from the battle against Linette Blanc, the shadowy lalafell in the part two of LInette’s backstory comic, here. 

In Ul’dah. Noir was defeated and sent to jail after that.

In jail she got a couple more scars from fighting with the other prisioners.

The rest of the scars were earned in battles she doesn’t even remember anymore. Others were from murder attemptos from rival families.


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Some info on the show’s premise and its three main Riders.

It is present day. A secret computer game virus spreads in the world. When humans become infected, the game viruses known as Bugsters take over their bodies and mutate them. They threaten the world as they plan to overthrow the human race!

The only thing that can defeat the game virus is a game Rider! In order to counteract the Bugsters, humans have developed a Kamen Rider system to fight with the power of video games. The video game developer, the Genmu Corporation, has given the Seito University Hospital their Gamer Driver - fitted with a game console as a belt, inserting the game carts (Rider Gashatto) allows them to become Kamen Riders!

The warriors, four doctors, are compatible users chosen to defeat the viruses! It’s time to kick off the never-before-seen battle of Bugster VS Game Rider and Doctor VS Doctor in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!

Emu Hojo / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Played by Hiroki Ijima 

Our hero, 24-year-old Emu Hojo, is a Seito University Hospital resident physician studying in pediatrics. He is also the face behind a prodigy gamer known as “M”.

Hiiro Kagami / Kamen Rider Brave: Played by Toshiki Seto

Although Hiiro works at the same hospital as Emu, he comes from overseas as a gifted surgeon*. Although he looks down on Emu, he will fight by his side to destroy the Bugsters and will eventually warm up to him. He is Ex-Aid’s first hurdle as a hero.

* The kanji used here (外科医) can either mean “psysician” or “surgeon” which are different things, so that’s tricky to translate without visual context. But surgeon sounds more impressive since they are calling him a GIFTED one.

Taiga Hanaya / Kamen Rider Snipe: Played by Ukyo Matsumoto

A silver-haired doctor? Taiga is actually a former doctor who was stripped of his medical license, and there will be a story as to why. He is fierce in battle.

In addition to this, the series will be narrated by Junichi Suwabe.
BREAKING: Angela Corey and Jeff Ashton defeated in Florida
Remarkable news in Jacksonville, Florida, where State Attorney Angela Corey was defeated in the Republican Primary. Corey, who we called “one of the nation's most vindictive prosecutors,” was defeated by Melissa Nelson.

Remarkable news in Jacksonville, Florida, where State Attorney Angela Corey was defeated in the Republican Primary. Corey, who we called “one of the nation’s most vindictive prosecutors,” was defeated by Melissa Nelson. Nelson isn’t perfect, but her approach to criminal prosecution is far more reasonable than that of Corey.

Corey was most well known for her failure to convict George Zimmerman. Her prosecution of Marissa Alexander also brought her significant notoriety. She was also recently the subject of The Nation magazine’s cover story. Her racially-based and overly-harsh prosecution made her a poster child for mass incarceration. Last week we reported that:

[Seventy-seven] kids have been charged as adults at Corey’s discretion this fiscal year alone, 65 of whom were black. And her jurisdiction “sends 75 percent of the young people charged as adults to prison or jail—the highest rate in the state. (By contrast, Miami-Dade County weighs in at around 12 percent.)”

Unsurprisingly, Corey also loves the death penalty. Duval County, which includes Jacksonville, has only 5 percent of the state’s population but 25 percent of its death sentences.

And, in equally remarkable news, Jeff Ashton has been defeated in Orlando after just one term. I covered Ashton last week after his opponent’s husband was being criticized for having a criminal record.

An era of change is upon us.
The Devils On Our Backs - Chapter 1 - skillzyo - Wynonna Earp (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s finally happening! Updates will be bi-weekly so I have time to finish the last three chapters :)

It’s been months since Bobo and Willa were defeated. Months since Waverly was possessed and exorcised. Months since Xavier was rescued from a Black Badge containment unit. Since then, the Earp sisters and their strange new family have settled into a routine and work well together, like an oiled machine. They’ve taken down several individual Revenants by working together. But a new Revenant has finally taken Bobo’s place as the Revenant leader, and he has a new plan to break free from the Ghost River Triangle.

Meanwhile, a strange woman has come to Purgatory to reconnect with Nicole, but it puts a strain on the relationship between her and Waverly.

No fight left

I raise my hands to You
Surrender to Your power
With this familiar weakness
I have been devoured
By a bleak struggle
My worst fear
To find my only strength
My battle comes to a close
As I march upon defeat
Barely on my own two feet
I kneel on the ground
It’s You that I seek
I tried it on my own
But I have no fight left
So I ask You, Allah
Give me strength

— Mobeen Hakeem
BREAKING: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Holds On To Her Seat In Florida, Defeats Sanders-Backed Challenger
Wasserman Schultz will go on to serve her seventh term in Congress.
By Sean Colarossi

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz staved off a challenge from Sanders-backed political outsider Tim Canova on Tuesday, holding on to her seat in Florida’s 23rd congressional district, according to major news outlets.

With nearly all the votes counted, Wasserman Schultz leads Canova by double digits, 57 to 43 percent.

Even though the Florida congresswoman handily defeated Canova, there was some thought that the race could be an upset, particularly since Bernie Sanders threw his support behind her opponent, at one point this year even sending out fundraising emails for him.

As a result, Canova managed to raise a formidable amount of money – over $3 million dollars – for his campaign, though it wasn’t enough to defeat the congresswoman in a district Clinton easily won in the state’s Democratic primary.

Wasserman Schultz spent much of the year embroiled in controversy surrounding her role as the now-former chair of the DNC. A large chunk of passionate Sanders supporters claimed she put her thumb on the scale to help Hillary Clinton become the nominee, even though Clinton captured a clear majority of Democratic primary votes over Sanders.

Still, after the release of private DNC emails prior to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Wasserman Schultz was forced to step down in hopes that it would have a unifying effect on the party going into the general election.

After putting away her primary challenger, Wasserman Schultz will go on to serve her seventh term in Congress.

Me: Aw yeah I’m gonna research the fuck out of social anxiety! Defeat these feelings!

Me: *gets a bunch of resources on social anxiety*

Me: …

Me: …

Me: …

Me:  Okay so maybe every week I’ll bribe myself with cake to spend 15 minutes reading about it.

Mice, spin, spider, spun, the moon goes round and round again

I re-conjure the strange fae cat.

He looks at me quizically. “You shall not get another blessing,” he says.

“Your blessing was very nice,” I say. “What did it mean?”

“What does it mean, you mean,” he says. “That is for you to figure out. It is not my job.” He sits down and looks at me while I try to strengthen the connection.

“You met [the black cat]. What did you think of him?” I said I though that he was very nice but a little formal. “Everyone likes him the most because he can talk the best,” says this odd cat. “Why do you always conjure me within a circle?” I explain it is in my best interest to have safe conjuring habits. “If you cannot defeat me in battle, truly you are a lost cause,” he says. “Let me see you,” he requests. I bring to him an image of myself.

“You could be an elf cat,” he suggests. “Except you look too human.” I agree that I do look quite human. “Do not flatter my powers of perception,” he says. “This crystal you have conjured me in is most worthless.” I explain that it is not a crystal but a plastic bottle cap. He fluffs up, indignantly. “I am not good enough for a crystal?!” I explain that I am at work and do not have access to a crystal. “Then you should focus on your work. Good day.” But he does not leave.

Although I am poor at energy work I try to conjure forth a few catnip leaves for him. His eyes widen. “It must be fairy-nip,” he says. “Or else it is not good.” I do not know what fairy-nip is, but I turn the catnip leaves rainbow in color. He dives in to my hands, snorting up the leaves as if it were the 80s. For several moments he has been rolling about on the ground. “Conjure me a mouse,” he demands. I create a little energy mouse without a mind. I expect he will pounce on it, but he just pats it with his paw. “Mice are my friends,” he explains. “I will keep this one.” He picks it up gently and pads back through the portal on wobbly, nipped-out legs.