defeat denial


These men are brothers. They’re a family. I’ve never had a family.

Hand of God (Jefferson x Reader)

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Prompt: I have an angst + Jefferson idea! I don’t really care how it ends. Jefferson sees reader in Henry’s book and her fate seems to be leaning toward tragedy, so he can either step in and change her fate and run the risk of changing everyone else’s fate (including Grace’s) or he can let her story play out. 

A/N: OK…guess who went off prompt again? Only slightly. I have to admit, I’ve been struggling with writing today, but I wanted to give you all something. So enjoy. I feel a little so-so on it, but yeah. Thanks to one of my favourite people in the world, @poe-also-bucky for the prompt and fuelling my Jefferson obsession.

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‘For the time being’ he said with distaste 'we are being subjected to what I can best describe as the “Scuola di Coca-Cola”. Baseball, amusement arcades, hot dogs, hideously large bosoms, neon lighting - these are part of our payment for defeat in battle. They are the tepid tea of the way of life we know under the name “demokorasu”. They are a frenzied denial of the official scapegoats for our defeat - a denial of the spirit of the samurai as expressed in the kamikaze, a denial of our ancestors, a denial of our gods. They are a despicable way of life…but fortunately they are also expendable and temporary’.
—  You Only Live Twice, Ian Fleming, 1964