Former Judge Pleads Guilty To Violating Defe

Former Judge Pleads Guilty To Violating Defendant’s RightsA former Charles County judge pleaded guilty on a federal charge that he violated a defendant’s rights during a pretrial court proceeding.
Federal prosecutors say Robert C. Nalley of La Plata, a former county circuit court judge, pleaded guilty to one count of deprivation of rights under color of law.
That’s when Nalley ordered the deputy to activate the cuff, giving him a five-second shock that caused him to fall to the ground in pain.
The victim ignored the judge and read instead from a prepared statement in which he objected to Nalley’s authority over the proceedings.
The deputy told Nalley the stun-cuff was on the victim, and Nalley admitted he was aware the cuff would incapacitate the victim and cause him pain.