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This is the late blog birthday gift now. 4t2 Conversion of @elzascarlet-yan​‘s beautiful Party hair (done with their permission) and edit of Mouseyblue’s Leftover24 eyes because apparently I still don’t have enough eyes. It also turns out that I’ve already made one edit of those same eyes but as these turned completely different I’m uploading them anyway.

Download Elza Party female / male / (binned) volatile+mesh for retexturing
Download Mouseyblue Leftover24-Eyes edit

Credits & other info:

  • The original hair mesh is by Elza, converted for both genders and all ages.
  • Colors by Pooklet, Io, Hat Aweeshie & me
  • (hair)Textures are Remi’s curly blend blended together with tiny bit of Io’s Digitalbabes+Pooklet V3 blend. Alpha was borrowed from some Cazy hair and edited quite a bit.
  • Mouseyblue for the original eyes, I’m pretty sure the shine is from another Mouseyblue eyes too but I didn’t write down which one.
  • Lovely dark haired male model Rico belongs to @royalblues87​ 
  • In game pictures have been brightened and edited a little mostly to fix one messed up neck and necklace poking through the collar, bodyshop pictures are unedited. 

I plan to do most of Elza’s other hairs too, they just need more work and I’m so damn slow with converting and keep getting distracted with other things that it’ll probably take a while until I’m done with the next one. ^^;


Elexis Ada Wong                                         Newsea Sexy Bomb Edit by Mikke

Sintiklia Linn                                               Stealthic Vivacity 

Stealthic Misery                                          Trapping 3t2 Soft Spike

Grey link to black 

Credit: Trapping, Remi, Newsea, Mikke, Martini, Rented Space