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They don’t tend to get invited to the neighborhood cookouts very often… 

anonymous asked:

the way you draw stan is probably the cutest thing ive ever seen im so in love

AHH THANK YOU!! Well I always feel like I don’t draw him sad enough actually but I want him to be happy :s Almost worry it’s ooc sometimes..Also I did a Stan drawing for my cool down last night partly for this so enjoy! Posting later :D

93mess  asked:

Darling? I absolutely love the way you see the bond between Itachi & Sasuke. While reading some shitty itasasu fanfictions ( I swear I'll ask a great fanfic to Santa Claus or something aish cause those fanfics makes me cringe ew) And I... just fell in love with your posts, it was an inner dream to find someone with the sames feels for the ending, anti-ss and itasasu hardcore shipping. MAY I ASK... any itasasu good fandics? 💕

hahah thanks, also I might ask for the same thing, I’m picky with Itasasu fics too~

Soo I’ll link you to my Itasasu fic recs post because I recently updated it.

I’ll only add Fallen Angels by memoriesofdarkness. I haven’t read it yet, but I remember having talked with the author whose ideas on Itasasu were interesting, so I can assume it’s good. 

Btw if you have problems opening the link with the app, it’s because tumblr app sucks (I might also ask Santa to do something about it), it works if you open it on a web browser. I know apps are there so not to use a web browser but still.


Where’s the fun in playing fair?

Uuuggh. Hmmm.

Hey readers, if you’ll humor me…
What are you preferences these days for keeping up with new content from creators and artists you follow?
Do you rely on push notifications from webcomic apps at all?
What social media platforms do you like best?

I’ve found tumblr to be a pretty ideal place for sharing art up until this point.  It’s been my go-to spot to notify followers of new stuff almost specifically because it doesn’t behave like Facebook, but I’ve got the sudden, sad impression the developers here are now dabbling in the FB algorithmic spice rack - Hmm. What magic ingredients make that unnavigable hellscape so relentlessly frustrating,  and how can we too make it difficult for creators to reliably reach their followers?

I’m talking about the Best Stuff First feature/scourge, of course…which makes me think perhaps it’s time to seek out other venues.

lup, taako, and krav go out shopping, and leave the ango-sitting to barry bc he is not good at shopping (”we tried for a century, krav, i swear it’s a lost cause”). they come back and angus is decked out in an all-denim ensemble. they fall to the floor in tears. in the pursuit of their own selfish goals they neglected to protect he who needed it most. shame upon their souls, and a plague upon their houses,