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Not exactly Maxis made, but this Lilith’s been filling the original’s combat boots for a while in my game nevertheless. I checked the original in bodyshop for comparison and oh boy I seem to have taken actually way more liberties with the interpretation than I thought I had, heh.

Aged up to adult, comes with the cc shown and listed in the third image. She comes in default S2 skintone and green eyes.

I’d love to see her in other games, so do tag me if you post any photos!

Download at SFS!


Created for: The Sims 4
Skintones, Aisan bassis 1.0 for male and female, 2 versions.

this is a skin for asians look , for making asian sims, you can see the detail from the eyelid and eyebag and nose, we had try to make them more realism and detail.

This version is different from H.S version, it can works with all the makeup, tatoo, gloves, but with the limit of EA’s layer set, they are still overlay muscle layer.

This is a NON DEFAULT REPLACEMENT skintones, you can find them in Cas skindetail, with their own logo ASIAN BASSIS 1.0 XX.


anonymous asked:

Wcif the genetics/skin details on your recent blonde curly haired sim? all your sims are beautiful and I aspire to make mine like that <3

Thanks♥ you warmed my heart!

First of all, i use Ooh Smoothish as skin default and this skintone set

Skin details:

Lower eyelids by @imadako
Defined nose overlay 1 & 2 by @sims4nexus
Eyebags by @tamo-sim
Eyelashes by @kijiko-sims


Soft blush by @chisimi
Real lips revisited by @pictureamoebae


34 new non default skintones with highligts, shadows and redness added to achieve a more realistic and vibrant look. Combine them with EA default skin or any skin overlay of your choice and you can use any makeup you like. Skintone female, teen to elder will have full body and face highlights and the skintones male, teen to elder has face highlights. Can be located along with other skintones. 



Skintone Set V1 by Ms Blue

Two non default pale skintones for your sims. I created these two skintones as i wasn’t happy with the EA ones. I also added some color to the the lips and ears as well as some other subtle changes. I used a blush for the picture but other than that it’s makeup free. Created based on my upcoming skin overlay but can be used with others too, color and shade will depend on the skin.


It’s done! Thank the gods, it is finished! I present to you, my Stars Skintones.

I redid my skinblend, made it nice and smooth, and decided to recolor it in all my current skin colors + trapping’s colors. There are 66 skintones, 47 naturals (34 of my colors and 13 of Trapping’s), 3 aliens (purple, blue and green), and 16 unnaturals. You can get either the custom skins or the geneticized and townified skins. 

I genetcized the natural skins based on darkness from 0.02 to 0.98. The alien skins are 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. The unnatural skins are genetized from 1.43 to 4.82, based on color. The swatches show the skins in the correct genetic order.

I also made some defaults for the natural skintones that fit in the genetic order: The Damsel’s Window as S1, Humble Dirt as S2, As Soft as Wine as S3 and Rolling Downhill as S4. A little swatch is included with the download.

These skintones have a fat, normal and fit state and an elderly state for females. (only saggy boobs) They are as smooth as I could get them and are tooltipped with their names, so you can easily find out which skin you’re dealing with. The files are compressorized and clearly named.

In the download files you will find the skintones, a read me, the swatch and the previews. I also included a textfile with all the genetic values with the genticized skintones. You can only have one default per skin at the time, so delete any other defaults for S1, S2, S3 or S4 if you download the defaults. The alien skintones are included with the naturals. If you want the naturals geneticized, but the aliens custom, please download the Alien Only file, and delete the geneticized alien skins. 

DOWNLOAD Naturals Custom - 31.6 MB

DOWNLOAD Naturals Custom - Alien Only - 2.1 MB

DOWNLOAD Naturals Geneticized - 31.6 MB

DOWNLOAD Unnaturals Custom - 10.7 MB

DOWNLOAD Unnaturals Geneticized - 10.7 MB

DOWNLOAD Defaults - 2.6 MB

Let me know if there’s something wrong! (Or if you like them a lot, or if have a question, my inbox is open for not just problems.) :)

Confession:  I love custom character creation, so when I first designed my Hawke I made her look a bit different from the default, but it bothered me in game that her hair wasn’t black like Bethany and Carver. I tweaked it in the Mirror of Transformation, and kept going back to change my Hawke’s features as well. As she grew older, her face became more gaunt and her brow furrowed, and after her mother’s death she cut her hair short. By the time she battled the Arishok (which is when I headcanon that she put the blood swipe across her nose, the most famous image of the champion), she almost looked exactly like the default, and I would have switched it to the default (mostly to get the blood swipe) if not for one thing: the skintone. My Hawke was around 4 shades darker than default Marian Hawke. I really wish you could change the skintone on default Hawke.