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if you’ve ever wondered if i have doctor who ocs, the answer is yes
of course
who do you think i am
i’ve got like 4 seasons planned out c’mon
i’ve made them all pinterest boards bc that’s the way i am

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Romanced Hancock and Danse! F! SS finding Fraternal Post 115. She's fallen for her companion but is reminded this is where she and Nate were going night the bombs fell. She breaks down and starts crying about life before the war. Let's get fluffy!

Paladin Danse: 
When Nora starts crying, it’s quiet. Her shoulders are hunched up and her back is to Danse while he looks around the main hall, doing a quick once over of the post before he turns to go back to her. “All clear, soldier,” he reassures her, and it’s then that he hears her crying over the crackling of the fire from the barrel in the center. Danse disengages his power armor pretty quickly after that, stepping out of it and approaching Nora from behind. She almost jumps when she feels his arms fold around her abdomen, but instead she just starts crying harder. She doesn’t mean to be, because she knows that was over 210 years ago, and it’s damn pointless to cry about it now, but she can’t help it. All she can imagine is Nate standing in front of the mirror and smiling back at her on the morning the bombs dropped. They were supposed to be here, and he was supposed to be smiling at her just like that again. But instead, he’s still in Vault 111, and she can’t stop crying. After a few minutes, she’s turned around to press her face into Danse’s shoulder, and he’s rubbing her back, repeating ‘it’s okay’ and similar phrases to her under his breath. As she manages to calm down, she whispers “I miss what we had. I miss the world- I miss him,” and as much as it hits Danse to hear it, he thinks he can understand, and he just nods before calmly suggesting that maybe they should go back to Sanctuary- Shaun’s probably waiting for her to get home.

They’re just wandering along the streets when Nora’s gaze falls onto the building. It takes her a solid second before she recognizes why it looks familiar, and her stomach does a flip. By this point, Hancock’s backtracked a few steps upon noticing that Nora’s not by his side like usual, and he almost asks if she’s alright before he notices that he’s got this look on her face- almost like it’s scrunched up and she’s trying not to show just how clearly upset she is. Before he can say anything, she’s opening the door and lifting her gun, ready to clear out whatever the fuck’s been plaguing the place for the last two hundred years. After quite a bit of fighting and stimpaks, they’re in the main hall and Nora’s behind the podium. She looks like a mess as it is, but as soon as she croaks out “War– War never changes,” she’s got that look that just says she’s been through hell and back. When she steps away from it, Hancock’s already striding up to her to wrap her in a hug. She ducks into it, almost embarrassed when she starts crying, but he seems to be fine with it, defaulting to rubbing her back before he asks her if she wants to get out of there. It’s already cleared out, and they can come back again sometime if she wants, but she shakes her head. “All of that’s gone now,” she reassures him. “I miss him. God, I miss him, but it was a long time ago, and I have you now, right?” Hancock gives her this big crooked grin and wipes away her tears before he tugs back and grabs her hand. “What do you say we get out of here and grab a few drinks, then? There’s nothing wrong with relaxing.”

I swear to god, the people going “Everyone is whining about representation and romances and ruining my hype and I’m just trying to stay POSITIVE and RATIONAL and GOD can’t you just enjoy the game?!??!” are some of the nastiest, most privileged assholes who have no compassion or understanding and refuse to have any when given the opportunity. 

So are the people defending the poor innocent devs from the evil, nasty and “toxic” ess-joos who DARE to ask for a Sara Ryder trailer. “Those people are so hard to please!” they cry, despite the fact that apparently that fucking trailer is so easy to make that they threw one together in 48 hours after the “outrage” and would’ve easily pleased the majority of us if it was released at the same time as the “default” one with Scott.

Protect those pure, precious devs from the evil and completely valid criticism!

Hey, get this: Maybe if the devs hadn’t been bragging about how they would focus on Sara this time around to balance out the old Male!Shep marketing (then going back on that promise to say that they would feature Scott and Sara equally, then forgetting that promise ENTIRELY and shitting out some token videos where she doesn’t speak and her face isn’t even visible) we wouldn’t be demanding that they DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO. 

BioWare likes to talk big about how they’re all about representation and listening to fans, but when we actually try to be heard, we’re always branded as whiners and complainers who are impossible to please. That’s because we’re the wrong fans, the bad fans. They want our money but our opinions we can keep to ourselves.

“Can’t you just enjoy the game??!!”

No, we can’t, and that’s the point. Because we are not you. We want to “just” enjoy the game, desperately, but every time we try, the fandom, the devs or the game remind us that even in fiction, we’re still not as important as the default straight white cis dudes. Every time we tell the devs how they could try to make the game more welcoming for everyone and thus easier to “just enjoy”, every time we tell them how and why something was hurtful or offensive, we’re branded as whiners with an agenda. 

Fuck, we still have to remind them that women exist. We have to demand that they include a trailer featuring a white woman, which is seen by some to already be “too much” progress, too politically correct, too pandering. Those nasty toxic people asking too much of the poor, hardworking devs! The trailers have always featured a male lead, why should this be any different all of a sudden?

You assholes saying that we shouldn’t “whine” don’t realize you have the luxury of not whining. Because your needs are always, always catered to.

If you really wanted everyone to “just enjoy” the game, you’d help us and demand good representation. But you don’t: You just want us to shut up.

We won’t. Because this is how progress is made, by screaming angrily at idiots who only listen when their asses get burned.


I just love Hawke so much, you guys. Just give me every single Hawke. Every. Single. One.

This is possibly me coming out of my hiatus but I’m not sure just yet. Anyway. I’ve never drawn a female Hawke before and that just has to be rectified and what better way to try out a new painting style.

When I was making Finch I chose brown hair ‘cause i thought the blue undertones were part of the colour hahah


JDS: I’m kind of the default “warrior dude” designer, so I took the initial pass on Tonraq’s design for Book One. By the time we got to Book Two, we knew he was playing a much bigger role and his design needed to be refined. The idea was that he’s built like a barbarian and fights brutish, in-your-face style that contrasts with his brother’s slender frame and elegant technique. Expressions by Ki-Hyun Ryu. Tonraq character design by Joaquim Dos Santos and Bryan Konietzko. 

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anime concept:
A bratty, cowardly, delinquent kid stumbles upon a magical girl villain as they’re dying. They absorb their powers and are now the leader of a group of evil bad guys trying to take over earth.

at first, he is ecstatic. he has power, and he can make all the people who looked down on him cower and fear him.

And then he fights the magical girls.

That’s when he realizes magical girls are terrifying. 

Like, one fires their special “love love beam” at him and he dodges all macho, Then is collides with a skyscraper and it topples and scares the shit out of him. The whole anime is him growing into his evil powers and learning to deal with the fear that is anime protagonists.

Featuring the mini bosses: Default blonde dude who dies first, sexy titty lady, macho man, gay guy, and glasses.

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saw your add on that post about sex/gender thing and i have true question here (like i dont really know and the internet has so many answers from unknown ppl) but how do a doctor should ask about the "biological sex" of someone?

There’s a lot of posts I’ve made like that so I’m not sure which one you mean, but I’ll answer the question!

For starters, they shouldn’t be going with the “biological sex” category. That’s only sufficient in a deliberately simplified high school biology textbook, but reality is a lot less binary and the idea that certain sexual characteristics always occur together and that’s what we should label male or female is a social construct.

With that in mind, ideally I think doctors should adapt to the situation. Either by asking if the patient is experiencing issues associated with [insert organ here], or literally rule out possibilities (“do you have [X thing that could be affected]?”). It’s more accurate and doesn’t make assumptions about anyone being cis or trans on sight. That’s probably the root of any good advice: don’t assume this about people, and ask based on relevance.

I’ve filled in medical forms that I just had to completely rewrite to make them accurate and actually give them an idea of what’s relevant to my health, so clearly the “predetermined biological sex” approach isn’t actually useful medically. Another time I had a hospital test me for prostate cancer because I’m on T and they defaulted to cis dude (sigh) and didn’t even ASK ME whether that was going to be relevant or not. I didn’t actually have any serious medical issue at the time so it wasn’t big deal aside from the bigotry and erasure and yet another reminder of how cissexist society is, but it’s a reminder that cis defaults can literally kill in another situation.

The best experiences I’ve had with medical care was when they just asked based on what was relevant and didn’t assume anything. Apparently cis people are confused by what “transgender” means, so some practices just default to asking if you have a particular bit of anatomy. If that’s viewed as impolite, well, we’ve got most cis people’s lack of awareness of even the most rudimentary trans issues to thank for that. Of course it’d be easiest to just ask, or put on a form somewhere, “are you cis or trans?”

so what’s the Yaoi Thing, lucy?

Okay, someone asked me to explain the Yaoi Thing privately, but I think it’s worth sharing publicaly too, so here ya go:

The Yaoi Thing is the most obvious use of ciphers to self-explore that I can think of and articulate.

Think about yaoi tropes. Actually, lemme just– here’s the most cliche boiled down standard yaoi plot, right?

You have the uke, who is svelte and femme and trembling. They’re a virgin and just generally inexperienced in life. Cherry blossoms, shojo sparkles, etc etc, VERY OBVIOUS FEMININE CODING but on a male character.

They meet the seme, who is larger and physically powerful. They knwo the ways of the sexxx and they will look at the uke and see what they need is to be ravished thoroughly. If the uke disagrees with this assessment, they will be overriden by the stronger seme.

They bang. The uke will prob cry and be overwhelmed, almost entirely passive. More cherry blossoms. The seme was right, blah blah. Happy ending with uke barefoot and baking cookies for big seme hottie.

So if you are like me, you find all of that vaguely humorous and ridiculously because you fucking know I’m right, there’s a trillion yaoi manga with that exact set of circumstance, lol right???

Okay so. Change the male uke into a young woman.

Not so funny anymore, is it?

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So it’s not a terribly inspirational landscape if you’re trans and looking for a character you can relate to. That’s too bad, because that’s part of what makes gaming so appealing – you can control someone who’s like you, but more interesting, because they’re a professional demon killer and you had to spend half of last weekend doing paperwork at the DMV.

With that in mind, Amber’s motivations for including a trans character, Mizhena, in her game seem uncontroversial. “I think everyone deserves to play a game that represents them in a fun fantasy setting. That’s how imagination and wonder develops.” There’s also the issue of variety in an industry that has largely defaulted to “strapping white dude” or “voluptuous babe” for its protagonists. “Creating a wide range of characters also makes settings more complex and believable. There’s a certain amount of willful blindness you have to have to believe in a video game world where the entire population is made up of one or two character models in one of five outfits. The more diverse a game world can be, the more like real people the characters become.”

So Mizhena wasn’t an elaborate ploy by Big Social Justice – just one writer trying to flesh out the world she was building with a couple of quick, completely optional lines of dialogue. And yet …

I Put A Trans Character In A Game And Gamers Went Insane