White Women are not “Women”

There is no default “Woman.” There is no default female experience. Our experiences are shaped by many different factors: race, class, age, sexuality, religion, disability status, being cis or being trans, etc. 

Making the privileged group the default ignores the ways in which different groups of women can be affected by a singular issue. Framing issues around the privileged group oversimplifies complex problems and erases the experiences of the non-privileged, who are often more adversely affected. Intersectionality is the key to including all women in the fight for gender equality.

So don’t write “women” if you’re only going to mention how white women are affected. White women are just one group of women, not the default.

I’m currenly in love in Crystaldollhouse’s maxis eyebrows edit, sooo I recolored them in Poppet’s V2 colors (bc I mainly use Keoni’s hair defaults) and defaulted them! Also you can download custom version. Enjoy.

[DOWNLOAD DEFAULTS] (simfileshare)


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Friendly reminder: you can have only one default file per brows, so you should delate your old brow replacements :)

And it’s info time:

+ all ages, both genders, natural colors, grey for elders, binned & compressed (for both customs and defaults),

+ all needed photos in dl folders,

+ credits: Crystaldollhouse & Poppet (I also “borrowed” @poppet-sims’s color swatch, I hope you don’t mind)

Quite nice color preview under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Ey there brooooooo. Is there a tutorial or somethin' 'bout how to make brushes fo' Medibangz and FireAlpacs? Sorry, I'm new to the Digital Art World

here ya go:

1)Brushes settings by KittyKittyKittyzz <–|these first four work for both FA & MBP

2)FireAlpaca Tutorial: Custom brushes by TheShadowyBlaze (video)

3)Fire Alpaca texture brush by Hyan-Doodles

4)Custom brush tutorial by CocoBunnie (video)

1)Brush sync in MBP by Obtusity <–|just medibang paint

2)MediBang Paint preset brushes by medibangadmin

3)Downloading cloud brushes tutorial on medibangpaint.com

and i have this tag for useful stuff everyone should learn at some point

And you can find more with searches:

medibangpaint site brush tutorials find one that’s for you

Their brush list that really helps with deciding which brushes to download.

From that one above ^^^^ u can also get to the #MBbrush tag on twitter and give out brush suggestion for the Medibang Paint dev team to consider

google search is really helpful for quick searches of popular tutorials.

for custom brushes you can check out this tag list I’ve tried to gather

Me: Writes extensive post about how men/male is often used as the default in many different instances in our society and language and how it is othering, neglecting and harmful to non-men

Some man: Does it really matter tho? why are you making such a big deal about it?

Gay Marriage

I wish parents wouldn’t say “when you find the perfect husband” etc. Why does marrying a man have to be the default? It should be “When you find that perfect person or individual.”