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Yeay! It’s my Birthday. :3 And that is a good reason for presents, right?! :D
Hope you like them all. :)

Part 1

I’m tierd of the barkeeper outfit so I make a default replacement for it. :D
I use Trapping´s “Dream of Tomorrow” as base and make an own recolor with a with blouse and a black skirt. :)

Little Swatch


(Male version here)

Trapping for the mesh
mooglesims for the replacement tutorial

Thom Yorke’s Pathway to Paris Setup.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Silent Spring (Martin 000-18), Desert Island Disk (Gibson B25), The Present Tense (Gibson Hummingbird), The Clock (Martin D35), Default (Lakewood M14), and Fake Plastic Trees (Gibson B25).

On top of the backline piano are Thom’s Elekton Analog Rytm and Electro-Harmonix 45000. He uses the 45000 for looping on on Bloom, the Analog Rytm beats on Default, and both on Atoms for Peace.

Thom also has a small pedalboard consisting of a Boss TU2/3 Tuner, an Akai Headrush E2, and a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus for power.

In addition to the two backline wireless microphones (with a good amount of reverb), Thom has a Shure SM57. The SM57 runs through some sort of delay unit, possibly the Akai Headrush (based on the unreadable delay setting on the pedal). Thom switches between the two mics during both The Present Tense and The Clock to apply the different effects to his vocals.

Yeay, I’m already done with my “NovemberforElder”-Gift. :)

(request by droolworthysims)

EmOpenSweaterPantsShoes replaced with Silivrin’s Edit of TSLD’s “Very V-Neck Sweater” and “Vibe Pants



Custom Version by silivrin (three recolors, fat morph, em-only)

silivrin for the mesh-edit,
tombstoneoflifeanddeath for the original meshes,
mooglesims for the replacement-tutorial

Models: Mortimer Goth and Jack

[Metal hands for servos] default

Replaces regular servo hands with metal hands from afbodymadscientist.
1) It has some clipping issues, sorry :с
2) Servo will look weird before the initialization. I don’t know how to replace this exact object model yet.
3) It doesn’t replace formal clothes meshes. I tried to make a replacement but there’s a problem
Well. You can pretend they wear different hands with gloves for formal occasions. They are robots, after all.

This default replaces aubodylobotnaked mesh and texture. It will work with any other default that doesn’t replace the exact same files.
Head defaults will work with this.
Texture replacements for formal clothes will work with this.

- Amaryll’s files as a base.
- Metal hands from afbodymadscientist.

DOWNLOAD from SimfilesShare

UPD: fixed the mistake Maxis made with the left shoulder bone assignment.


I’m still hanging on
Bird upon the wires
I fall between the waves
I avoid your gaze
I turn out of phase
A pawn into a queen
I laugh now
But later’s not so easy
I gotta stop,
The will is strong, but the flesh is weak
Guess that’s it
I’ve made my bed, I’m lying in it
But it’s eating me up
It’s eating me up
It’s eating me up (if I could feel all the snails on my heads)

Hello all

I’ve had quite the ups and downs this year, but fortunately I’m able to take a little bit of time for tumblr in the near future and BRAVELY SECOND COMES OUT ON APRIL 15th 2016 IN NORTH AMERICA

I’ll be updating this blog more regularly in the coming weeks.  I’ve just placed my order for the collector’s edition because I’m a slut for Artbooks and this one is a 250 PAGE ART BOOK.  Still a 10 song soundtrack but that’s okay.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am


Atoms for Peace- Default

Short Bob mesh replaced with: Pita Sims mesh edited, I slightly edited the mesh and fixed the shadows, the textures are the same just the mesh it’s changed because I never liked it, never used it, thought it was really ugly, this has to be one of the most ugliest hairs EVER!, but thanks to Pita for their mesh edit.

* All 18 colors

* Only mesh replacement

* Custom thumbnail

* Fixed shadows


Credits to: EA, The Sims 4 Studio & Pita.