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(To clarify on the song choice… I kinda imagine the lyrics as Ford’s more negative thoughts towards himself- especially as Weirdmageddon happens, since he fully believes it’s all his fault. I chose this song mainly because I saw a lot of parallels between some of the lyrics and Ford’s experiences- especially some of the mistakes he made. And also, it’s hella catchy and has a good beat. That’s all. No hate on Ford, you all should know by now that I love the man XD) 

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My dad just adopted a clown, but he doesn't like the noises it makes so he's going to have it de-honked! How can I convince him that this is cruel?

The American Veterinary Association increasingly points to evidence that clowns shouldn’t be de-honked. De-honking, (as well as the declawing and defanging procedures done to breeds such as the scary clown) is a painful procedure that removes a clown’s ability to communicate. This makes reintroduction into the troop difficult and sometimes dangerous for a clown, and they may resort to physical aggression such as biting and firing tiny cannons to get their point across because they can no longer peacefully do so. Tell your dad to pass, unless he wants an aggressive clown.

You can claim that the word queer is no longer a slur because it’s been so defanged by academia and liberalism to the point where it has so little bite to it that the long history of violence and oppression behind it is no longer relevant

OR you can wax poetic about the power that comes from reclaiming–reclaiming, something you can only do with a slur!–it from those who would use it to hurt you.

Both cannot simultaneously be correct, so you can’t defend both of these viewpoints. Either you understand that it’s a slur–and understand why some people might be uncomfortable with its usage–OR you don’t believe it’s a slur, meaning there is no power that comes in reclaiming it.

now that the Haters ™ have come out of the woodwork to whine about the batcat proposal, some complaints i keep hearing again and again are that this marriage is bad for selina because she’ll be stuck in some domestic role and that she doesn’t get enough out of their relationship and batcat shippers only care about bruce??? which honestly couldn’t be further from the truth.

so here, my friends, are some reasons batcat is a good pairing for selina and how their relationship has positively affected her growth as a character

first off, as most selina fans know, while our girl talks a big game, she still deals with a fair amount of self-loathing and often talks about herself in a negative way. 

i’m too lazy to flip through my entire comics collection, but suffice it to say, there have also been multiple times when selina has called herself ‘street trash’, ‘not a good person’, or just plain ‘bad’. she sometimes plays it off as part of her bravado, but look at her facial expressions when she says stuff like this. at best, she’s resigned, and at worst, she looks downright heartbroken.




selina has been looked down on her entire life and used like a tool by others–to the point where at times she feels like the only positive thing about her is that she’s a master thief.

bruce, on the other hand, doesn’t let selina get away with talking about herself like that. bruce is someone who always, always believes the best of her, even when she feels like she doesn’t deserve it. someone who reminds her that she’s actually a compassionate and selfless person capable of great things. 

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…But that made her angry.  And she’s all too eager for an excuse to eliminate the other witness.

…Okay, look.  This is a bad direction to go in.

The entirety of Rose Quartz’ character has been built up under the assumption that she is actually guilty of killing Pink Diamond.  That’s what makes her interesting!  She was a real person, with real flaws, who lived in gray areas like tossing Bismuth down the deepest hole she could find and, oh, I dunno, the whole murdering a god thing that Steven’s been struggling with for the last couple seasons.  That’s what makes her interesting!  Without that she’s nothing–just another flawless dead female character who isn’t allowed to be a person, only an icon, a memory, a source of angst.  It’s important that Pearl’s unshakable faith in her be torn apart.  It’s important that Steven come to terms with the fact that a person can both do morally questionable things and be a hero–that while there is no such thing as a good war, there is such a thing as a right war, and it doesn’t get much more right than protecting a people from extermination.  Absolving Rose Quartz of her greatest sin does nothing but defang her, taking away all the interesting parts of her character and leaving that soulless husk we saw in Storm in the Room.

Look, I’m sure we’re still going to get an interesting story out of all this, if that’s where the Crewniverse is going.  I’m still excited to learn more.  But…I’m not gonna lie, if this is true, it kind of ruins the character of Rose Quartz for me.

Ways that Draco Malfoy Can Demonstrate Redemption Without Becoming a Defanged Fluffy Puppy and/or Miserable Penitent

expanded from this list

  • Living with Muggles and trying to learn their ways
    • Meeting Muggles who are inventive and kind and skilled
    • Meeting Muggles who are assholes and realizing we’re all pretty similar for better or worse
  • Going to Muggle university and/or holding a Muggle job
    • Seriously any job
    • Mechanic. Banker. Cab driver. Veterinarian. Doctor. Janitor. Genius Bar Employee. Lawyer. All of them.
    • Generally asserting that there is value in Muggles and non-magical knowledge
    • Of which he was previously unaware and/or resents having been deprived and now wants to celebrate
  • Disowning his parents and their money after learning that they are only re-examining their views for show, especially in combination with…
  • Striking out on his own
  • Becoming a reformer who actively seeks to change the Hogwarts curriculum so that future generations of purebloods will not be as ignorant of Muggles as he was
    • Or Ministry Policy
    • Revamps the Muggle-Wizarding Liaison Office
    • Very humbly goes to Arthur Weasley for help because he knows Arthur has no reason to help him and every reason not to but who else can understand what it’s like trying to learn this stuff when you’re as clueless as purebloods as
  • Apologizing directly to the people he wronged
    • Which can be done entirely or partly off screen
    • Including but not limited to: Ron, Hermione, Bill, Fleur, every member of the Weasley family, Andromeda, Teddy when it’s time, the families and friends of students killed in the Battle of Hogwarts, Muggle families who were affected
  • Declining to have Harry testify for him and choosing to take whatever sentence the Wizengamot hands down because he realizes what he did was very wrong and he doesn’t want any more exceptions made to the law when the wizarding world needs to rebuild from stuff he was part of
  • Becoming a crusader for transparency and democracy lest another Voldemort rise to power
    • Taking his family’s Wizengamot seat and becoming the most annoying, loudmouthed agitator for reform because he seriously understands how fucked up shit can get without it
    • Starting a new political party that’s all about reform
    • Fighting to modify the Statute of Secrecy
  • Becoming a Muggle studies expert and professor
    • Imagine the scholarly papers
  • Tracking down Muggle families who were harmed in the war and, with the recognition that he cannot undo what has been done, trying to use some combination of magic and money to improve their lot or ease their pain
    • kind of like Muggle reparations
    • which he learned about in a Muggle history book
    • because the wizarding world wasn’t doing a very good job of getting past it and maybe the Muggles would have a better idea of how to make it up to them
  • Writing a tell-all about what really happened in the ranks of the Death Eaters (perhaps following on a lot of deceptive testimony from DEs trying to save their own hides) as a way of offering closure to victims and setting the record straight, even though it will mean that he suffers more than he could otherwise
    • and maybe it’s juicy and gossipy because that’s how he writes it
      • because he’s a Slytherin after all and he wants readers
    • and maybe he goes on tour and has to speak from behind a Protego
    • but being really insistent about telling the truth so it doesn’t happen again
    • Because he really wants to see change and has come to understand that it’s essential on every level
      • but you don’t have to spend your whole life apologizing in order to make change

You know, if I could change ONE thing about Moffat’s Doctor Who run, just one thing that I think would honestly make it more watchable (though certainly not save it completely) 

-Do not make River Song and Melody Pond the same person. 

Like, I know Moffat thinks that this twist was really clever. But it’s not.

River Song: Badass time traveler who meets the Doctor out of order and they have a flirty, whirlwind romance? Really fun idea.

Melody Pond: The child of his companions, stolen in infancy, raised to be an assassin? Maybe a little harder to sell, but has potential to be a real sympathetic antagonist. 

But meshing them into the same person? Totally defangs Melody’s potential as an antagonist AND makes River’s romance weird and gross. 

But I guess having more than 2 recurring female characters in the cast wouldn’t have been wibbly wobbly enough for DipShit McGee. 

literally engineer adam or BUST idk what world you live in where adam would a) want to have to put up with other people once he was established in his career or b) wouldn’t be actively undermining his boss 24/7. let adam be his own boss and work alone except for the scrappy hopeful youths he allows to be part of his team. let everyone quake in fear of annoying him bc when they annoy him he wont send them his amazing discoveries/inventions/plans/will look elsewhere for employment bc he’s obviously in demand. canonically what adam likes is to find out how things work, to take things apart and to make things happen. accept the gospel truth of intj slytherin engineer adam essentially

Let’s call this a public service announcement:
When you aren’t queer and you use the word fag
in your poem, in your argument, in your story
about an oppression that doesn’t belong to you,
when you use it to make a point,
you aren’t an ally, anymore.
That word is still a slur in your mouth,
no matter your “good intentions.”
When you use it for shock value,
you reduce all our history into flinch,
into knuckles on jawbone, into sympathy porn.
Exploitation in sheep’s clothing still bears its teeth.
That word is just as violent in the hands of a loved one—
after all, we don’t expect it from you.
And you have no right to defang a revolution
you’ve never had to fight for.
My life is not the prop in your sob story.
There is blood on the walls in Orlando, Florida.
Springfield, Massachusetts. Medford, Oregon.
Laramie, Wyoming. Syracuse. San Francisco. Manhattan.
In 1969, the first Pride was a riot.
In 2016, the 47th Pride is a massacre.
It’s 2016, and I still hear straight poets use the word
and think themselves enlightened.
How could you let a word like that sit so comfortable
between your teeth when you’ve never had it thrown at you?
When you don’t know that kind of bite.
When your love has never been called into question,
when you get be the default.
Sticks and stones may break our bones but words
keep frightened kids in the closet. It does not
make you brave to use the language of our murderers,
our bullies,
our parents.
Remember that there were those who saw the AIDs crisis
not as an epidemic, but as a cleansing. Remember
that there are still people who view my existence,
not as a miracle but as a sickness.
When you are not queer, you don’t understand the luxury
of never having to put your own body on the witness stand
and made it testify against itself.
You don’t see that word reflected in the jury of your peers.
So, no. You can’t have it. Not as a plot point,
not as punctuation, not as the freakshow circus attraction
in your carnival of a mouth.
Your good intentions are useless currency, here.
For us, simply existing will always be a radical, political act of bravery
and I don’t want to be brave, anymore.
I just want to be alive.
—  SLUR by Ashe Vernon

Elia Martell - Reign of the Sun Queen

Elia Martell spent her time in King’s Landing in contempt of half the royal court, declared frail, considered unworthy of the Silver Prince, nearly died giving birth to his two heads of the dragon, despised by her mad good-father, never safe, friendless but for her children and a husband who was by all accounts a dreamer cursed with an elegant madness… a husband who humiliated her by taking off with a wild woman-child and thrusting the Seven Kingdoms into war.

Sometime during the end of Robert’s Rebellion, she defeated Gregor Clegane, a poisoned quill from a crossbow that entered his brain through his eye and killed him within seconds. She and Tywin’s Heir slayed the Mad King. And why not? Aerys had caches of wildfire beneath the city and would have set every living soul in King’s Landing ablaze. She took his crown and smashed the Rebellion to pieces. Rhaegar and Robert killed each other on the Trident and the Rebel forces scattered like rats. If Elia Martell had not used that crossbow to kill the Mountain, she would have been most brutally savaged by Ser Clegane and Robert Baratheon would have been King. Elia Martell is a fierce and determined woman who crowned herself Queen of the Seven Kingdoms over the broken body of Aerys. Covered in blood with the sun shining down her hair, she crowned herself and even Eddard Stark knelt at the sight.

She has survived an unworthy husband, a mad king, and conspiracies and escaped slew the Mountain That Rides, defanged the Lion of Casterly Rock, crushed the Rebellion beneath her dainty feet and pardoned the crown’s traitors who swore fealty with poisoned spears pointed at their throats. 

Elia Martell ruled the Seven Kingdoms with a wise and gentle hand. Beloved by all and protected by her brother’s daughters who declared themselves her Sunguard. She ruled until her daughter, Rhaenys, became of age and ruled just as wisely as her mother.  - Maester Howar

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have you ever shared your views on people labeling other lgbt individuals with "queer" and insisting it be called the "queer" community? and if not, would you be willing to share your thoughts?

I think that “queer” as a term for self- and community-identification with specifically political / radical / anti-assimilationist implications made a lot of sense for a lot of people when it originally started being used for that purpose (although, as with every term that’s ever been used to talk about this, some were more fond of it than others). at this point, though, with the increasing use of “queer” to mean “anything but gay,” emphasising homogenous fluidity & eroding our ability to reckon with the specifics of esp. gay & trans people’s experiences (to the point of including people w/ sexual proclivities that have nothing to do with sexual orientation while simultaneously acting like being gay is somehow inherently assimilationist or regressive), I’m very wary of it–not to mention the absolute ignorance & absurdity of claiming that it’s not used as a slur anymore (& yet there’s still “power” to be had in reclaiming something that’s not even a slur?), plus how it’s been defanged in a lot of ways by being incorporated into the language of the academy (see: the very… varied quality of the works put out under the bander of queer theory). plus using slurs to refer to other people without permission is just bad form in general.
basically a lot has changed in the political climate & in the terminology + conceptualisation of LGBT identity over the past several decades and we have to look at where we are now in order to make these kinds of decisions.

I find it so weird that they’re women with radfem knowledge who STILL want to include dickhavers in female-centered feminism and feminist spaces.

We’re talking about radfem-informed women who have read the studies proving that men have a pattern of dominating and controlling conversations and spaces. That men have a documented pattern of cutting women off/interrupting women in conversations and a history of taking credit for women’s ideas & work.

We’re talking about radfem-informed women who understand how men being present in spaces with women increases women’s sense of self-surveillance and self-awareness about our appearance, and makes us self-censor and modify our tone, speech, and behavior out of fear or concern we might offend male sensibilities or “provoke” male anger.

We’re talking about radfem-informed women who have read many reports and statistics on male violence and understand that once men occupy a space that they immediately pose a threat to female physical and sexual safety in a way that women collectively never have and that this male threat/male presence causes women to alter ourselves, our consciousness, and our behavior which ruins the authentic and open experience that feminist spaces should give women and can only be really given to women when the feminist space is female-only.

We’re talking about radfem-informed women who seem (on the surface) to accept the arguments against male-inclusivity in feminism because of how male-inclusivity sabotages and undermines feminist movements by weakening them and redirecting feminist activism in a way that causes it to focus on being palatable to males, resulting in the watering down, deradicalizing, and defanging of feminist politics. This inclusivity and palatability to males helped give us the trash that is third wave/liberal ‘choice’ ‘sex-positive’ feminism.

And yet, even with ALL this, we get women in radfem female separatist circles – with all this background of information and knowledge and research – who still want to reopen stale debates about male-inclusivity in feminism that should be a closed case at this point.

If they want male-inclusivity so damn badly, then why insist on participating in a movement/community (i.e.: radical feminism) that has not, does not, and will not accommodate males in such a way?

After awhile of seeing supposed radfem women push for male-inclusivity in radical feminist female separatism, it begins to smell like attempts to sabotage the movement/community from within with an “issue” that shouldn’t even be one since female separatism is a very fundamental organizing strategy in radical feminism.

liberal feminism is literally never going to accomplish anything for women. liberal feminists wouldn’t have fought for abortion rights, because that would exclude trans women. liberal feminists wouldn’t have fought for the right to wear pants, because femininity is empowering. liberal feminists only care about validating people’s identities and reaffirming the same actions patriarchy demands (wearing makeup, creating porn, etc.). liberal feminism is not going to end patriarchy or help women fight their oppression. it’s useless and defanged and we as women deserve better than a movement that doesn’t give a damn about actually helping us.

I have a material interest in the ending of patriarchy as a means of controlling women, distributing resources, and distributing work loads. But men being nicer people? This gain me nothing. I’d like it, but the idea that feminists want to make men nicer or that feminism has to be about personal interactions reflects a deeply defanged approach to patriarchal oppression. Of course I’d like for men to be nicer people, generally, along with everyone else. But that’s not what feminism should be about. It’s about ending the system by which men’s supremacy is assured, broadly. I’m a lesbian who intentionally centers lesbians and bi women first, then other women, and goes out of my way to avoid interactions with men in general, fairly close to separatist. I don’t care at all what men do when it isn’t hurting women.

i love nsfw gays. i love gays who shove their sexuality in straight people’s faces and refuse to be defanged. i love gays who are unashamed and angry i love you all