When anyone declaws a cat and claims it “convenient”, nothing will stop me from tearing them to pieces and calling them idiots.

When someone claims “belief” that their decision is correct in doing so over the scientific fact that they are wrong, nothing will stop me from tearing them to pieces and calling them willfully ignorant.

I am so infuriated right now that I had to cuddle my beardie so I wouldn’t cry. I had to pet my own cats so I wouldn’t tear up.

There is NEVER a reason to declaw, debark, defang, tail dock, ear crop, beak tip, dehorn, any living animal if it isn’t specifically for their own health due to safety risks of THAT creature. NEVER.

I don’t care if your faith makes animals lesser than equal to human beings. What I do care about is that you use that box of squirrels inside your head to actually think, for one moment, that what you are doing is intentionally causing any other of “Gods” creatures a life of pain or trauma. I’m pretty sure “God” isn’t cool with that, at all.

When someone says their beliefs outweigh science in regards to the wellbeing of any living animal, I can’t help but feel heartbroken for the animals.

When a so-called vet thinks declawing is TOTALLY FINE, it makes me want to punch someone in the face.

When someone can’t see the difference between poaching bird eggs and abortion, they have no room to judge the legalities. AKA: Humans, unlike many bird species, aren’t endangered/threatened/vulnerable.


shirtless the dancing ground
(bearing pinpricks pointed and hirsute)
is pale as linoleum, the shivering cement
lessening the bedsheets of streaming milk,
milking streamers.

the worst part of breathing
is the undergoing pain or sharp ache
of tomorrows becoming todays
and being unable to do it over again
like flipping dough on the board,
cutting it upside down with one hand;

the land is softly bleeding
out on the concrete.

America ceded the West, and what remained split in half. Southeast Asia has balkanized into a sea of warring states. Much of Western Europe is an irradiated mess. The map of the world is barely recognizable as the final decades of the 21st century approach, warped by the return of magic and the rise of technology. It’s not like the borders and names matter, anyway; corporations have pulled the strings behind everyone and acted with impunity for years now, and it’s their capitalistic feuds that have defined life more than political, religious, and ethnic tensions. It’s only a matter of time before they cast away the facade and everyone admits that they live in a world dictated by corporate interests rather than nation-states, or so the futurists say.

But the old world is not so keen to die off, and the shatered empires have been playing the Great Game for a long, long time.

The United Nations have been defanged for generations now, its rulings and authority a quaint relic of how things used to be… but a cabal within the UN realizes this is the last chance go undo the stranglehold megacorporations have on the globe. Assets and personnel are quietly gathered from across the world, from militaries and intelligence agencies and academia and everywhere else that was once important. This task force has no name, no oversight, and a shoestring budget.

Their mission? Go deep, deep cover into the shadow world of corporate espionage, contract crime, and sponsored terrorism, with the goal of destabilizing the AAA megacorps in order to bring them to heel. Hit the biggest blood pyramid in Tenochitlan. Burn the Ares bug lab to the ground. Find and kill the artifical intelligence sleeping inside the Russian Matrix. Upset the flow of feng shui in Hong Kong enough to sink the islands.

Throw away your old uniform. You’re shadowrunners now.

BLM is regressive??…..Wanna elaborate on that opinion a bit? Fighting police brutality and systemic racism are necessary struggles that need to be worked on in tandem with class struggle against capitalism. Social trauma linked to centuries of racist state violence and class oppression isn’t gonna just disappear if you wave it off. Just because there isn’t an explicitly anti-capitalist position advocated by BLM, it doesn’t mean they’re regressive. Speakers at a large BLM march I went to a little while ago actually mentioned opposing the larger capitalist system with vigor, followed by audience proclamations of approval – I know that could just be a circumstantial example, but let’s just say it’s easy to pull someone leftward if they’re already involved in BLM and other social justice movements. Absolutely avoid the liberal co-opting and defanging that can seep into social justice movements, but you also can’t write off all non-explicitly-socialist movements as regressive. BLM is necessary.

Modern American conservatism, I’ve long held, has succeeded. It essentially destroyed the labor movement, which was, in conservatism’s most recent incarnation in response to the New Deal, its original enemy. It also successfully beat back the Black Freedom movement, which was its second enemy. And it was able to defang the feminist movement, its third enemy. While all these movements are still around—the labor movement, only barely—they don’t have the same traction and forward momentum they once did.

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"Maybe if you weren't such a stubborn, picky piece of shit, your wife wouldn't have left you."

☽║☾ Just huffs, crossing his arms. He begins to pout like a child. “She didn’t leave me– it was a mutual separation! && that’s some abrasive language there, my friend, maybe you should tone it down… hate for somethin’ to happen just because you meddled with a god of death.” 

Does anyone else think that Aphrodite and Ares’ “affair” isn’t actually an affair but that she and Hephaestus have an open marriage (basically allowing each other to sleep with other people whilst still being happily married). I don’t mean to defang the gods, but I don’t think that the gods would be truly something to look up to and regard as moral idols. The gods are supposed to be beacons of morality and I don’t agree with how Aphrodite is portrayed, and Zeus, with their many “affairs”. I have my own post about Zeus. But since Hephaestus is portrayed as being cool with it and even playing a joke on Ares and Aphrodite for it makes me think he knew about it and didn’t care. He just had to put on a show for everyone else. And to make a good story for the mortals.

But yeah, any thoughts on it?

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Would you say the libertarian left wing is populist in a way as it places great importance on democracy and the will of the people?

Yeah I suppose so. I just want to make sure that by “democracy” we mean the democratization of the means of production and the sources of wealth, and that by “will of the people” we don’t mean a defanged conception of it where people cast votes into an unaccountable parliamentary government that ultimately caters to the needs of the powerful. There are those who argue that left-libertarian ideals are natural conclusions to the “classically-liberal” ideas of the Enlightenment and the 18th/19th century revolutions in the West (including Noam Chomsky), “liberty and democracy and the will of the people”, but I’m inclined to disagree – the vague notions of liberty, equality, and democracy that were advocated by classical liberals were shown to be nothing but an ideological front for the interests of the capitalist class. Free acquisition by elites of socially-relevant property (the workplaces, the resources, the flats, and the land) became a central tenant of capitalist democracy. But if we want genuine democracy and “will of the people”, we need to recognize the necessity of democratic control over that socially-relevant property and ditch the capitalist system that makes it an impossibility.