When anyone declaws a cat and claims it “convenient”, nothing will stop me from tearing them to pieces and calling them idiots.

When someone claims “belief” that their decision is correct in doing so over the scientific fact that they are wrong, nothing will stop me from tearing them to pieces and calling them willfully ignorant.

I am so infuriated right now that I had to cuddle my beardie so I wouldn’t cry. I had to pet my own cats so I wouldn’t tear up.

There is NEVER a reason to declaw, debark, defang, tail dock, ear crop, beak tip, dehorn, any living animal if it isn’t specifically for their own health due to safety risks of THAT creature. NEVER.

I don’t care if your faith makes animals lesser than equal to human beings. What I do care about is that you use that box of squirrels inside your head to actually think, for one moment, that what you are doing is intentionally causing any other of “Gods” creatures a life of pain or trauma. I’m pretty sure “God” isn’t cool with that, at all.

When someone says their beliefs outweigh science in regards to the wellbeing of any living animal, I can’t help but feel heartbroken for the animals.

When a so-called vet thinks declawing is TOTALLY FINE, it makes me want to punch someone in the face.

When someone can’t see the difference between poaching bird eggs and abortion, they have no room to judge the legalities. AKA: Humans, unlike many bird species, aren’t endangered/threatened/vulnerable.


shirtless the dancing ground
(bearing pinpricks pointed and hirsute)
is pale as linoleum, the shivering cement
lessening the bedsheets of streaming milk,
milking streamers.

the worst part of breathing
is the undergoing pain or sharp ache
of tomorrows becoming todays
and being unable to do it over again
like flipping dough on the board,
cutting it upside down with one hand;

the land is softly bleeding
out on the concrete.

anonymous asked:

What do you think it would take for Mana'Din to kill the Evanuris?

Not… not that much, probably, to be honest.

Like. It depends on the individual evanuris. There’s a scale. Right now she’s still trying to figure out how to save them, how to bring them down without doing too much harm to the infrastructure of elvhen society (there’s always the potential for invading humans, after all) or letting them destroy said society themselves. She doesn’t have a firm enough grip to pull of General Lavellan’s balancing act, so mostly she’s searching for a way.

But if she decided she couldn’t find it? Well. Dirthamen would probably be the least likely for her to kill, and she knows him well enough that she could very well avoid having to. Elgar’nan she could probably trap, and June can be defanged under the right circumstances. Sylaise and Mythal are the hard ones in terms of her probably not wanting to kill them, but them being very hard to trick or subdue. She also knows that ‘killing’ an evanuris isn’t a guarantee, thanks to Flemeth, though, so she might not want to chance it also because she doesn’t want to incur some kind of internal vendetta scheme that will have the reincarnated-ghosts of her dead family members manipulating history so they can murder her back or something.

Meaning she’d probably have to be pretty desperate to KILL-kill them, and it’s more likely she’d pull a Solas and just trap them somewhere. Probably somewhere less devastated than ‘the displaced capital city that has been transported to the Fade and then sealed into it’, though.