defamation of character is not nice

“Ambrose is finally getting out of Roman’s shadow!” 


  • Better feuds. 
  • Was repackaged along with Rollins when The Shield split. 
  • One title away from being a grand slam champion.
  • Longest reigning US champion
  • MITB winner
  • Has main evented more televised shows. 
  • Better booking (Yes, I understand his loss-record, but when’s the last time that even mattered) 
  • Has the freedom to pretty much do what he wants with his character and promos. 
  • Given unique gimmick matches to fit his persona. 
  • Was the first wrestler picked to face Cena in the first US open challenge (putting Ambrose over big time with the face of the company no less) 
  • Has his own talk show
  • Has had more opportunities to showcase his talent in high-profile feuds/matches with the likes of Cena, Owens, Rollins, Wyatt, Cesaro, Ziggler, Lesnar and others. 

Roman Reigns: 

  • Was stuck with the same gimmick. 
  • No new gear. 
  • No new music.
  • Has actually had the least television time out of all 3 members (fun fact!) 
  • Has had the worst booking out of all 3. 
  • In a span of two years, his only high-profile feuds as a singles competitor have been with Lesnar (and Brock barely showed up for it, so I use that term LOOSELY), HHH (again, lol because Reigns was injured for most of it and Dean was actually the one that gained from it lmao), Bryan, Wyatt (?) and Styles. 
  • Is only given the chance to showcase himself in PPV matches. 
  • Hasn’t done shit to anyone, but has been so poorly handled by WWE that he’s the most hated wrestler in existence. Despite being one of the most genuine and nice guys on the roster. 
  • Racism. 
  • Has been given the worsts scripts and lines imaginable. 
  • Constantly scrutinized for things out of his control, and for things that have nothing to do with him at all.
  • Often seen as the weakest of The Shield and least talented. 
  • Has literally been slandered by wrestling news sites, to the point where I’m surprised he hasn’t sued for defamation of character. 

I don’t know about you, but it looks to me that Ambrose has had a far more favorable career experience than Reigns. 


positive smap update! i wanted to share things from the past few days. there’s plenty of times smap has talked about not breaking up in the past (not even the distant past), but it’s more reassuring seeing things from after the initial disbanding reports came out. after endless speculation, i wore myself out & decided it’s best to just wait. it sucks, but the best thing to do is wait for the members themselves to talk about it. so not including opinions from reporters and other celebrities (i’ll maybe do that later), here are just some recent things that helped me feel that smap won’t break up. i realize there’s a 2top focus, but that’s mostly because if you’ve been following the tabloids and all the online articles and comments (protip: don’t l o l), kimura and nakai have been being bashed hardcore. i liked this tweet by a fan: “was it mado or something? where nakai-kun defended the other 3 & called them amazing. it’s said that just him & kimura-kun stand out, but when something bad happens, just the two of them have to deal with the defamation of character that comes with it.” for anyone having trouble being positive, going through these trending hashtags on twitter made me feel better: smap is japan’s fortune + we won’t let smap end. i’ve seen a lot of people in international fandom talking about this as if smap has already disbanded. and yeah, this might be the beginning of the end, but they haven’t disbanded yet, so i think it’d be nice to stop casually spreading misinformation lol and to stop acting as if they’re already over. SMAP最高!