Toronto artist wants Waterloo community to see racist graffiti after work vandalized (video at link)

A Toronto artist’s street artwork was defaced with vulgar, racist graffiti after it was entered into a local festival in Waterloo Region, but he doesn’t want it covered up.

Instead, Evond “Mediah” Blake says he wants the community to see it for what it is.

Blake submitted the piece as a part of the Cambridge International Street Art Festival on Saturday. Yet when Blake returned to the event, he found his piece had been vandalized.

Blake posted a picture on Facebook showing the words “F— you n—–” spray painted on the bottom of the painting, adding his piece was the only one damaged.

He said organizers and residents wanted him to cover the vandalism, but he has refused.

“They can’t stomach the bitter reality of racism in their town so they want it covered,” Blake wrote in part. “I’m done here…time is money and more importantly time is finite. I can’t waste it, especially when the spirit of my artwork has abandoned the surface and left the town.”

When reached by Global News on Monday morning, Blake declined to speak further about what happened due to feedback he received after his initial Facebook post.

“I’m very appalled at what’s happened,” Cambridge mayor Doug Craig told Global News. “In my 16 years as mayor, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Festival spokesperson Brian Price said in a statement the incident “is a social issue, not a festival issue.”

“We are absolutely supportive of Mediah and are 100% against this kind of racial behaviour,” Price added.

Craig said he had spoken with Waterloo Regional Police and said hate crime officers are investigating the incident.

Word of the vandalism has community members in the Waterloo region speaking out.

“There is the part of me that’s saddened to hear this is going on, but I can’t necessarily say that I’m surprised,” Laura Mae Lindo, director of the diversity and equity office at Wilfrid Laurier University, said on Monday.

Lindo organized a summit earlier this year after racist graffiti was found on the university campus. She said there has to be a broader, strategic discussion on how best to respond to these types of incidents.

Lindo said she has heard of people removing racist messages and posting notes telling residents about the graffiti that was found. She said there are pros and cons of keeping the message up.

“On the one hand, if you have the message up there’s the potential of increased harm,” Lindo said. “On the other hand, if you take the message down there’s the potential of silencing the dialogue.”

Meanwhile, Craig said the artwork will stay up for a few weeks, but the graffiti will be covered.

The mayor has apologized on behalf of the community on Monday and welcomed Blake to return to Cambridge.

“I want to reassure the artist that in fact this is not who we are as a Cambridge community,” Craig said.

“This is one person that has done something that has brought a disgrace upon all of us in terms of what they have done.”

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You can literally say anything about the Joker and #onlyingotham would none of the citizens question it. What? Joker defaced the Mona Lisa? Not surprised. Hm? Did you say Joker built an amusement park featuring live and venomous snakes? At least they aren't piranhas. Wait a moment, Joker sent 37 human hearts inside a pink box to Batman for Valentine's? Sooooo. What did the note say? #thatmanneedsattentionlikeweneedair #twoofthoseactuallyhappened #srslythothatmanneedshelp

Mammoth man guilty of looting 20,000 prehistoric artifacts

A Mammoth Lakes doctor faces up to two years in prison and a hefty fine after pleading guilty to illegally looting about 20,000 Native American artifacts from Nevadan prehistoric sites for more than two decades in Nevada.

Jonathan Cornelius Bourne, 59, an anesthesiologist at Mammoth Hospital, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 21 felony counts of transporting archaeological resources and excavating, removing, damaging or defacing those resources, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in California.

Officials said Bourne was collecting artifacts and archaeological resources since 1994. He was accused of taking glass trade beads to his Mammoth home on October 2010. He also allegedly altered a small prehistoric site, cremation site and burial cairns at the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Read more.
Anti-Semitic Graffiti Returns To Chinatown Zodiac Crosswalk ... Again
For the third time in a week, the rats say "JEW."

For the third time in a week, anti-Semitic graffiti returned to deface a popular Chinatown crosswalk.

Once again, the rats depicted in the 7th and H Streets NW intersection’s public art installation said “JEW.” The rats painted onto the intersection are part of the Chinese zodiac, but in labeling them “JEW” the graffiti joins a long, bigoted tradition of tying Jewish people to vermin.
Army veteran arrested for hanging US flag upside down in protest
An Iowa man was arrested Thursday and was charged with desecrating the U.S. flag after hanging it upside down beneath a Chinese flag in protest at his home

The Fort Dodge Messenger reported that Homer Martz, an Army veteran, of Somers, put up the flag to protest an oil pipeline being built without his consent next to a well that supplies water to his home. Martz said he was arrested at by Calhoun County sheriffs at around 11 a.m.

“They said, ‘You can’t do this. We have a statute.’ I said I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have took them down,” Martz told The Messenger. “So I walked back out and put them back up, and they arrested me.”

Calhoun County Attorney Tina Meth-Farrington said that Martz faces simple misdemeanor and if convicted he could get a fine and at least 30 days in jail for a desecration charge.

Martz said he didn’t know he was breaking the law. According to Iowa code 718A, Martz was charged with a misdemeanor because he tried to “publicly mutilate, deface, defile or defy, trample upon, cast contempt upon, satirize, deride or burlesque, either by words or act, such flag, standard, color, ensign, shield, or other insignia of the United States, or flag, ensign, great seal, or other insignia of this state.”


I am so righteously pissed!

Look at the size of this gorgeous tomato!!! I have been keeping my eyes on her for weeks now, but then in an instant, muthafuckin squirrel completely defaced the pride of my summer! All that water, nutrients, weeding, and whispers of sweet nothings…GONE. Alas my caged defense system were not foolproof enough. What bothers me most is that the fur brick doesn’t know how to appreciate it and did even have the decency to finish the fruit!

I need a drink…

I can literally just imagine Jared and Jensen when they’re messing with someone or something and them laughing together like school girls. Like when they defaced Stephen Amell’s parking spot I can see them now, giggling and nudging each other as they doodle childishly all over it. Or when Misha’s doing a live stream and they get the notification and when one of them sees it they’ll go to the other and be like “Dude, dude! Misha’s doing another live stream” and they both dissolve into snorts and giggles as they start phoning him.
Children. They are both massive children and God help me I love them with all my heart


Mikleo looked up in time to see Sorey bounding towards him, Rose trailing behind. A few hours ago, the party had split up with the goal of determining if there was anything more worth exploring in the Meadow of Triumph. Since the area was known to be treacherous, each of them had gone off with a partner. Rose had yanked Sorey away, claiming they needed to have an important discussion “as a Shepherd and his Squire.” Zaveid shot Lailah a mischievous grin, and while Lailah shook her head in disapproval, she joined him with no protest. To Mikleo’s displeasure, this meant he and Edna were the only two remaining. His ribs were already bruising from how many times she’d speared him with that damned umbrella.

“Hey, Mikleo, look at this!” Sorey called, holding something up as he slowed his pace to a jog. Mikleo squinted, but he couldn’t tell what it was. Probably some trinket he’d found near one of the towers. Sorey was adamant about not defacing historical treasures, but every once in awhile he’d find something and insist on holding onto it “for further study.” Rather like the Shepherd’s glove they’d found what felt like so long ago.

Mikleo waited until Sorey reached them, panting and sweating but still beaming. “What is it?” he asked. Sorey, eyes shining with excitement, had hidden the mystery object behind his back.

“It’s for you!” Sorey said, cheerfully revealing his find. Though actually, upon inspection, Mikleo realized it was not a “find” so much as a “make.” Using the native flowers growing in the Meadow of Triumph region, Sorey had shaped a sort of crown. It was actually impressive, Mikleo thought, how he had been able to get all the flowers to hold together so securely. “Rose taught me how to make it. What do you think?”

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lucy/alura for the ship thing. you don't even have to post it, just THINK ABOUT IT ehehehe

I’ve had this sitting in my ask since May. May. Thats when I came up with this ship. Thats how long I’ve been, not so silently really, screaming about them. Anyway enjoy, I love them. 

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa
    Alura. She’s easily distracted, with all the new, wondrous things in the world, and she often doesn’t glance at the sign on the door when she goes to open it. Its Much Worse if she happens to get distracted by Lucy. She’s walked straight through a door before. Hank certainly wasn’t happy.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them
    While she doesn’t deface property, Alura carries that notebook Kara gave her around with her everywhere she goes, and replaces it with a new one when she’s filled its pages with questions and answers and sketches of things that strike her, like the lines of tree branches and the shape of Lucy’s mouth when she sleeps, the way Alex and Astra’s hands fit together so easily and the waves of Kara’s golden hair. She saw the design of hearts and initials one day in a movie that Kara made her watch, and quite liked it, despite its ‘cheesiness’ as Alex called it. She has at least a page filled with them in every notebook. 
  • Who starts the tickle fights (from @commander-maria-hill-rp )
    Alura. A touch from Lucy can ground her so easily that it still startles her sometimes, and she spends a great deal of time in physical contact with her. The only thing that Alura loves more than Lucy’s smile is her laugh, and she does her best to make her laugh when she can. She learns, quite quickly, that if she touches Lucy in a certain way, she’ll giggle, and its hilarious to Alura to see how easily this small soldier is reduced to tears by a little nudge here and there. Alura might start them, but Lucy is always the one to finish them. She’s very good at distracting Alura, after all. 

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