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Rihanna is a global icon and a living legend.

She has sold about 500 million records worldwide (Singles are records. 80 million is almost 100, 100 is almost halfway to 300, which is more than halfway to 500. # webadyoumad)

Artist Bio:

The story of Rihanna the Global Queen begins on the small island of Barbados. When she was a little girl, her classmates called her “globe”. No, that was not a forehead joke; they just knew that one day she would be a global pop queen who would effortlessly slay your faves.

When she was 16 she auditioned for Def Jam Records and her voice sounded like a mixture of Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill, Jesus, and Coko from SWV. She was quickly signed and she then went on to become the Global Queen that she is today and one of the biggest selling artists of all time. # webadyoumad # navi # phuckyofavs


Rihanna is a better singer than Whitney Houston and a better dancer than Michael Jackson and I’m about to tell you why.

Performing is not always about being perfect, on-key, on-pitch, on beat or even sober. Rihanna may not be the best technical singer, but Grace Jones, Gwen Stefani, Macy Gray and Prince are not technical singers either. Sometimes it’s not about technical proficiency, it’s about emotion and personality and Rihanna’s voice has a lot of character and emotion. Rihanna’s voice is very unique and distinct.

Contrary to popular opinion, Rihanna is extremely talented she just chooses to express it in a different way. What she has decided to do is show a little bit of her talent at a time. See, if she were to show all of her talent at one time like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, people would get bored with her; so she rations her talent out in bits and pieces to keep people interested. She gives one barely sufficient live performance every 8 months to keep people interested and ensure her longevity. She definitely has the capacity to be the best entertainer in the world; she just chooses to be mediocre because she’s humble, unlike some artists.

What some pressed stan bases fail to understand is that Rihanna is only 24 years old, she’s only had 8 years in the industry, 7 albums, dozens of singles and hundreds of TV performances and tour dates; she’s basically a new and inexperienced artist — she has time to get better.

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Rihanna is a global superstar. She’s a fashion icon, hair icon, shoe icon, earring icon, pantyhose icon, bra icon, she’s so iconic and impactful and global and iconicful and other words I heard the Monsters and The Beyhive use and if it’s good enough for Gaga and Beyonce then damn it, it’s good enough for Rihanna.