def jam

Def Jam Concert Photograph, 1986. Photo courtesy of Darlene Lewis. 

This photo was taken 1986 at a Def Jam concert sponsored by Russell Simmons. In the picture are me, then Doug E Fresh (the HUMAN BEAT BOX) and Peaches Brown (Boxer Mitch Green’s girlfriend). This picture was taken backstage after I had interviewed Doug for the On Broadway TV show, which is the second hip-hop music video talk show ever produced. I was the first female host/producer or any hip-hop music video talk show circa 1985. Learn more about Hip-hop Before the Bling, which highlights my years as a model, lyricist, manager of recording artists and TV producer and videographer who archived the legends and pioneers of hip-hop before and during their fame.

Story from Darlene Lewis

For My Muse

How is it that you treat my like no other?
You treat me better than any ex lover.
Meeting you was unexpected,
but I’m very thankful that we connected.

you drove us to the top of the mountains the other night.
There we gazed at the stars and night sky.
Did you know looking at the sky, is one of my favorite pastimes?
Did you know that when I look at you,
I too, see the stars shining brightly within your eyes?
It’s safe to say that in me,
you make something rise.
And I will be forever grateful,
that you’re around in the present time.

I’ve grown so use to people not sticking around.
So, I’ve learned to appreciate your presence,
  in the here and now.
You always seem to pick me up, when I fall.
You help me with my problems, whether big or small.

I wrote this for you so that,
when you decide to leave–
when you decide to go.
Because in many ways,
you have helped me to grow.
I appreciate you, more than you know.