def is a gm

one of the greatest pieces of advice i ever got as a gm was

“if you didn’t plan for any of this that just happened

(e.g. the players ask the monster its name, go to an area you’ve never planned out, talk to an NPC you forgot, or latch onto a plot hook that wasn’t actually intended as a plot hook)

spend a few moments pretending to consult your notes behind the DM screen, make up some pure high octane horseshit, and then deliver it with confidence and authority as though it was part of your plan all along.”

i wonder AT LEAST once an episode if matthew mercer has ever done this, or if he really is just THAT well prepared and has notes on EVERYTHING

It’s honestly a little weird to remember that dnd is heavily associated with cis hetero men and for years catered to that demographic because for four years of undergrad I played with almost entirely women and trans people many (or most) of whom were lesbian or bi and I legitimately associate the rpg scene with LBGTetc ladies now.

i must sit on the urge to world build and troubleshoot world building for the dnd campaign i’m not even running right now omfg i have a final project i need to focus on instead!!!! i don’t need to be considering how to build wyvern mounts into my world without breaking the game right now!!!!!