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Lance has shown traits of Slytherin. Cunning, resourcefulness, ambition. Lance can exhibit aspects of Gryffindor, but I think that’s more Keith’s area: charging headlong into battle and such. At one point Lance had to hold him back from doing so, and inform him of a better plan, so as not to hurt the Balmera. We see Keith do this again in the last episode where he took on Zarkon even though Coran warned him not to, going so far as to switch off his comm so he couldn’t hear him. 

I think Keith is more a Gryffindor as he is very brave, courageous, daring and is known to be reckless.

We know that Lance is schemer, and I don’t mean that in a bad sort of way. Only that he tries to think things through before actually diving into the thick of things. We see examples of this also in the Balmera episode. He’s tactical, whereas Keith would prefer to charge in swinging his sword. 

NOT that you can’t exhibit more than one house traits. 

I’m not trying to shit on Keith, I love Keith almost as much as I love Lance. I’m not saying that these character traits make him a bad person or a bad character. Not in the slightest. I’m just saying. Lance is a Slytherin and Keith is a Gryffindor. 


Lee is a complex man.

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whats gonna be Jungkook's reaction when his little son comes to his parents room on a stormy night. and he feels scared? N the kid is 4 years old

I know you said reaction but I really couldn’t resist writing a scenario for this!! im sorry pls forgive me D: lol daddy!jk is so cute


Jungkook stirred in his sleep slightly. It had been a long, long week with a lot of strenuous practices. He had been so focused and frustrated on perfecting his performance that he had thrown the need for sleep out the window the past few days. He was exhausted to say the least. It explained why he was so anxious to be able to get to bed tonight. His arm was slung around your waist lazily and his mouth hung open slightly, hoarse breathing filling the more or less silent air that had settled in the room. At least, it had been silent…

He was brought back to consciousness after hearing a few whimpers and soft voice on the verge of crying in the room. He hefted himself up hastily, his body feeling heavy and tired. He was met by his son slowly inching his way into their room, a blanket clutched in his right fist and his left hand’s fingers quivering in his mouth. Jungkook’s face softened.

“D-daddy,” he stammered quietly, his face twisted up like he was about to cry, but the loud struggled sounds coming from him suggested he had a hard time getting it out.

“Shh shh shh,” he quieted him quickly before pulling himself out of bed, stumbling a bit as he jogged to pick his son up. He rocked back and forth on his heels while rubbing his back. The last thing he wanted to do was wake you up too. “What’s wrong buddy? Tell appa what’s wrong.”

The little boy looked like he was going to respond, but he was interrupted by the boom of thunder outside answering for him instead. Instantly, he felt his son’s little shaky hands clutch at his t-shirt tensely. Though he didn’t usually wear one to bed, he was thankful that he had kept it on tonight out of all nights because if not, his son’s nails would’ve dug themselves into his chest.

“The sky i-is crying,” his son managed to mumble into his father’s chest. Jungkook could feel the hot tears soaking the front of his shirt. Like warm rain. Jungkook’s sleepy eyes glanced over from the storming window to the clock on his nightstand: 1:34 AM.

Jungkook sighed mentally.

It was then that he heard your body start to shift in your bed. He panicked silently, shushing his son once again softly.

“What’s…what’s going on…Kookie…” He heard you trail off, your head still pressed to your pillow sleepily. One of his hands gently opened the door to your room.

“Go back to sleep baby, I got it,” he murmured back quietly, “I got it.”

He closed the door gently and carried his son down the hall to his room.

“Don’t tell her I said this, but your eomma gets feisty when she’s tired,” he whispered to him, smiling. The whole way he kept humming and tickling his son to try to get him to stop crying. “We can’t have both my buddy and the sky crying, yeah?” His hands ran across the boy’s sides playfully. It always made Jungkook laugh as well to hear his son giggle.

He was able to lay him back in his bed without a problem, both of them sharing yawns in the process. His lids were so heavy, he thought. The sleep seemed to be tempting his body…


When you awoke, you realized that your bed felt a little lighter than usual. Jungkook’s usual spot was deserted, and you realized the absence of his arm clutching your waist disappointed you a little more than it should’ve. However, when you went down the hall to go make breakfast you had to backtrack after peering into your son’s room. There, in that tiny little race car bed, was Jungkook—one arm flung off the side of the bed while your son was curled up on top of his chest. Both had their mouths wide open as they slept, drool and all. Like father, like son, right? After awhile, you just chuckled and smirked while continuing down the hall.

You murmured to yourself smugly, “Pfft I better be on top next later, Daddy~.”

So fucking cheesy I’m sorry

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Radio 1 Breakfast Show
27th September 2016
Radio 1 Breakfast Show

The team discuss Harry’s Another Man magazine cover, or as some might say, him singlehandedly saving the magazine industry.

Alternatively titled: ⬜⬜⬜👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻

I gotta draw for Operation Canada because it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my adventures, but once that’s done you all convinced me to keep drawing for The 100 HP AU so expect a lot of that. Sorry in advance if the sorting doesn’t suit you, and if it doesn’t feature your ship! 

Guys I don’t think you understand
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