def con 4

Avenger Advantage has been introducing modded game controllers to Xbox and PS3 for a while now, there latest innovative controller for the Xbox/PS3 is the Def-Con 4. The Def Con 4 has an array of levers that keep hand movement to a minimum, the new model will bring an extra palm lever, chrome-plated aesthetics and increased ruggedness. Check out the vid to see it in action.

(This link is for info on the product aswell as if you want to back it and buy yourself one)

Official (not final) artwork from Kraken Releasing.

Wow, I was not far off.

Kraken’s Blu-ray and DVD will feature the uncut Japanese language and Toho English dubs of THE RETURN OF GODZILLA, neither of which have been commercially available in North America. “The original materials came from Toho, but we have a fantastic production team and studio that’s been going through and massaging everything. It’s a huge improvement over my old Japanese laserdisc and I think the fans will be quite happy with the picture and audio.”

Greenfield also stated that the Americanized version GODZILLA 1985 will, unfortunately, not be included. “That’s a big part of why it’s taken so long to announce this title. We tried, but unlike the Classic Media [Godzilla/Toho DVD] releases, where the dubs used were controlled by one company, the GODZILLA 1985 situation is a mess,” he explained.

“Between all the changes of ownership and title that have occurred after New World released their version, the fact that you’re dealing with two entirely different production teams belonging to different sets of unions, and the fact that music from another film by a different composer was reused in NW’s dub [GODZILLA 1985 used music from Christopher Young’s soundtrack for the New World Pictures movie DEF-CON 4]… there’s a point where it became clear that it just wasn’t going to happen. And it’s not just that it would cost more than the title could probably make to try and clear all the myriad of issues, but that you’d be on pins and needles waiting for someone to pop up and make a claim over something you’d missed for years afterward.”