With this whole “deez nuts” running for president thing… let me tell you guys a funny story.

I was in the car with my mom and my sister, and my sister is making fun of the way I say an arabic word. The word was a type of food (I forgot which one) so she’s like “SAY IT AGAIN LAYLA SAY IT AGAIN” trying to make fun of me. “WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR LUNCH LAYLA?” So I got annoyed and was like “Deez” and all the sudden my mom starts yelling at me and I’m like ????? Theres no way in hell she knows what deez nuts means so I’m like why are you yelling at me? And then I realized the arabic word for ass is Teez. Teez and Deez sound exactly alike. SO SHE THOUGHT I WAS SAYING I HAD ASS FOR LUNCH. But in actuality I was saying I had deez nuts for lunch but other way I’m disgusting DJFSHFLAJDAKJSD.

 Anyway I told my mom I wasn’t saying what she thought I was saying and my mom kinda relaxes but then my bitch ass sister is like she’s saying something worse. I was just like 

The end.