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Nuts/Trends 2016: Things you can believe in.

  • P&G Champs 2015, clash of the bendiest.
  • Civil rights leader Julian Bond passed away at 75.
  • Teen Choice Awards, the angsty grownup Kids’ Choice Awards that stays up late texting.
  • A bomb in the center of Bangkok killed 20 and injured hundreds.
  • Australia, the closest thing on earth to Jurassic Park.
  • Birds and, separately, bees. Really. Same day, too.
  • Studyblr, happy as clams to be going back to school.
  • Deez Nuts will lead us to the shining city on a hill.
  • Lots of soccer stuff: USWNT’s been down in Costa Rica. Sergio Ramos is sticking with Real Madrid.
  • The D23 Disney Fan Club elected Baloo to a third four-year term as Chairbear.  
  • K-pop is always big: gdragon and snsd this week.
  • In The Martian Matt Damon pretends there are none. Sure, nasa. Sure.
  • And Big Brother—he’s just so big!

Some fancy new Tumblrs, too:

  • Letters to President Obama (letterstopresidentobama): Signed, sealed, scanned, irradiated, opened by an aide, delivered, and posted here. 
  • Magic Wand Art History (magicwandarthistory): Sore necks throughout history.
  • Gecko Galaxy (geckogalaxy): Now on it’s fourth tail. 

Image via bricesander