“Easy Women” sounds wrong but whatevs.

The kick-ass ladies of Easy Company.  I wrote this mostly from memory so sorry if I’ve gotten anything wrong.

Renee Lemaire & Augusta Chiwy - friends and nurses from Brussels both visiting their families in Bastogne for Christmas when the Battle of the Bulge began.  They worked an aid station for the 20th Armored Division.  

DeEtta Almon - Dick Winters penpal during the war.  DeEtta fancied marrying Dick but at the time Dick was too focussed on the war to consider romance.

Ethel Estoppey-Winters - Dick Winters wife.  Ethel checked out Dick’s credentials before accepting a date with him and later in life acted as a go-between between the public and Dick.

Frances Peca-Guarnere - Bill Guarnere’s wife.  They had dated since Bill was 16 and Frannie was 13 and Frannie gave Bill a risque photograph of herself before he headed to war.  When he returned home, Bill was shocked to find Frannie still wanted to marry him.  Later when the army demanded backpay from Bill from the time he had technically been demoted to Private, despite the fact that he was always acting as Sergeant, Frannie petitioned against it.

Antonia Pulchaska - Gordon Carson’s first wife.  Antonia had been married previously to a member of the Polish resistance who was killed in action and had a young son to him.  She remained an active member of the resistance and for a while she, her mother and her son were all imprisoned in a concentration camp.

Faye Tanner - Skip Muck’s fiance.  She and Malarkey wrote to each other after Skip’s death and planned to meet up upon Don’s return to New York after the war, but he wussed out because he had fallen in love with her and felt it would be wrong to ‘steal’ his dead best friend’s fiancee.  They finally met face-to-face many years later, after both were happily married to other people.

Kitty Grogan - An Irish girl Harry met during Easy’s time in the U.K.  Yes, he did carry his reserve chute around Normandy for her and yes, she did make a wedding dress out of it.

Ruth Muck - Skip Muck’s sister.  Gave him a damn good talking to after he swam across the Niagara River.

Blanche Nixon - Lew Nixon’s sister.  I don’t know anything about her apart from her name.

Katherine Page-Nixon - Lew’s first wife who divorced him during the war.  Apparently she took the dog.

Grace Umezawa-Nixon - Spent time in an internment camp in California during the war.  Became Lew’s third wife and helped him tackle his alcoholism.

Irene Moore - Don Malarkey’s wife who he met after the war.  Was agreeable to Don naming their first child Michael just because he liked the sound of Michael Malarkey.

Vera Roe - Eugene Roe’s wife.  He first met her in England where she gave him the false name of Marlene when he asked.  His persistence paid off however and they planned to marry in England - on June 6 1944.  Of course Eugene was unable to attend the wedding on this date, or let Vera know what was going on.  She was understanding and they finally married once the war was over.

Cleta Gordon - Smokey Gordon’s twin sister.  She died of breast cancer in her 30s and Smokey was so shattered that he stopped attending church.

Jerry Starr - A cheerleader that Buck Compton dated before the war.  She is the one who sent him the “Dear John” letter.

Bernice Franetovich - Don Malarkey’s on again off again girlfriend before and during the war.