We woke to the rain falling heavily outside, the wind whipping it against the walls of our little cabin. The moisture slowly finding its way through the cracks in the old windows drip by drip. We dodged the rain on our way to breakfast and enjoyed french toast and fresh coffee next to a crackling wood fire. After breakfast we left our comfortable accommodations only to find the road covered in water and small landslides. Thanks to the deserted roads we made good time as we drove north to Monterey. At the aquarium we rushed over to see Cricket’s favorite part, the jellies. It was so calming, after the stormy drive, to stand in the dark watching the jellyfish float all around us. We moved from window to window watching each species make its way through the water in a graceful dance. After such a peaceful start to the aquarium it ended up being a bit more of a dramatic day, my camera shutter seized up half way through our visit and became completely useless. We spent the rest of the day taking extra film and polaroid to make up for the loss of the digital camera. Luckily I was able to find a local camera rental that will work for the rest of our trip so we won’t be without photos in these last few days. And I’ve already sent it off to Canon for repair. → Peter Schweitzer


Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn

While driving down the coast, one of the places that we stopped for the evening while driving through the Big Sur was Deetjen’s. Built in the 1930’s the little cottages reminded me more of private little treehouses that felt almost like home. The cozy interior decor and the magical light that filled the rooms were like something out of a magical fairytale

With no phone service, internet, or television (and even no locks on the doors!) we had dinner at the restaurant at Deetjen’s and snuggled in for the evening, and took a step back to slow down and rest our bones. With all of the frenzy of traveling from one location to the next on an every day basis, it was exactly what we needed.

PS - After we left, someone gave me a recommendation to visit the Esalen hot springs and although it was too late for us, if you’re ever in the area, be sure to check it out as it sounds absolutely magical…


I got a message last night from someone (doesn’t want to be named) saying that her and her family stayed at a place that looked a lot like where Karlie and Taylor stayed when they went on their road trip.

As you can see, they’re standing pretty much in the same exact area except for the person who messaged me and her sister are just a little bit further forward and it’s shot from a different angle, but it’s still the same place. She said that this little area is close to the cabins at the Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn, and it can only be accessed if you stay there.

It’s “suitable primarily for couples”, and there’s no cell phone service, internet, or TV. So most likely heaven for the girls. 

Here’s also a link if you want to take a look at some pictures of the place. Where they stayed looked extremely cozy, and a lot more private than the Post Ranch Inn… No doubt in my mind they had a peaceful little get away together.


This also might have been the cabin they stayed in-

Behind and to the left is where Karlie and Taylor took the picture. There’s cabins that are close together, and then ones that stand alone, and based on privacy, they probably got the stand alone one. Might have even been the one above in that picture!