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Again you assumed instead of asked. You have no idea if I speak it or someone really close to me does. My tattoo is not wrong, a friend who passed did it and did it this way on PURPOSE! Again my tattoo is not wrong, it's just not how you want it! So yes your a dumb fuck.

Hebrew isn’t a prop. It’s a language with rules and the word that is written is not Timshel. It says something like Lishmat, which doesn’t mean anything.

So yes, I’m going to go ahead and “assume” that you don’t know Hebrew, that you’ve appropriated a word with religious context with no understanding of how it is written, and no awareness of the larger context of the thieving appropriation of Hebrew and Jewish tradition and the subsequent lashing out against Jews who grow up with it.

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Awesome, good for you. See your comment was unwanted and maybe of you would have asked about it instead of assuming its "wrong" then you would have known the reason behind the way it's done. Another tumblr "know it all" asshole....

Btw I did my research dumb fuck, and my tattoos are for me, not you or anyone else. But nice try trying to call me out. Again ask questions before running shit out of your mouth.

It is wrong. It’s written backwards up your back making the word look, yes, like it was flipped.

People get annoyed when those who don’t know their language use it as cool looking tattoos, especially when they have a religious context, and especially especially when that people have a history of having their religious language appropriated and turned on them. That’s what Jews have been getting from Christians for over a millenium. 

I didn’t feel the need to include all this earlier, because this was never meant to be a “call out.”

But you, who have incorrectly tattooed a word with religious context in a language you don’t speak permanently on your back, have decided to call me a “dumb fuck,” “asshole,” “know it all,” and “idiot” without a sense of the irony or hypocrisy involved. So now I feel that need.

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Don't reblog shit if you don't know what your talking about! It's going down my side it's not upside down idiot. Research before running your mouth.

You’re right, miswrote. 

It’s not upside down, it’s backwards.

The first letter of the word is at the bottom. 

I speak, read, and write Hebrew. Research before tattooing.