so I was watching bioshock’s walkthrough lately, coz I haven’t play it before but I’ve bought bioshock infinite last time it’s on sale on steam … :/ think I should catch up with the story before I start the game?

I think the game looks really interesting to me even after all these years, kinda regret that why I haven’t play it before (because I don’t like FPS games at all, even now) But I’m not so sure I would step into  Rapture in the first place if I were Jack (like….after I just saw somebody got killed right before my eyes???? =_=||| ) I haven’t finish the walkthrough just yet, but this is what the game look like to me so far :P  “NO Atlas you don’t get to tell me where to go or who to shoot ( I love big daddy!!!) no matter how nice your voice sound …I don’t even know your face….where am I going again? OK thanks Atlas…” << yes, something like this gotta say I like that Atlas call Jack boyo all the time

and talking about bioshock, please tell me I’m not the only one who think this picture this photo taken by dear dees (I’ve asked her permission to post it here) looks like Rapture??

I kinda shout out “BIOSHOCK!” the first time she post it and that’s before I even know anything about the game …030… (and this is HK shooting from sky100 btw)

time to bed now, goodnite