here’s the thing, if you stop and wonder if you are faking that is proof you aren’t.

fakers don’t spend time agonizing over if they fit into a community or if their symptoms are real or if they have a right to be disabled and use a certain label – they don’t need to!

so if you experience those things then guess what? you’re not a faker. 🌷

you know you’re brave, right?

…no really, you are. when you’re part of an oppressed group your very existence is brave.

it isn’t something you signed up for but that’s how it is. that you draw breath into your body in the face of everything that you’re up against is a radical act in and of itself.

you are braver than you realize and stronger than you think.

to those who started school or will be starting school soon: best wishes for a wonderful year! ✎📓 ☀ 🌈

helpful things to remember:

  • you are worthwhile and valuable no matter what grades you’re able to get.
  • your health is important! don’t forget to take care of yourself as best you can.
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help! you deserve to be supported and helped when you need it.
  • your best is enough, regardless of what anyone else says.

to any disabled person who may now be doubting their worth or if they deserve to exist:

you do deserve to exist, you have every right to be here and to take up space and live a life that makes you happy!

your worth is inherent, no one – especially abled people – can determine it for you or take it away, you will always have worth! it is not based on your abilities and how much you can contribute to our capitalist society!

you are a person worthy of love and respect, this i know with all of my heart.