deerstalkers are cool

SH: Why is it always the *hat* photograph? 

JW: “*Bachelor* John Watson”? “Bachelor”? What the hell are they implying? 

SH: What kind of hat is it anyway? Is it a cap? Why has it got two fronts? 

JW: It’s a deerstalker. “Frequently seen in the company of *bachelor* John Watson.”

SH: How do you stalk a deer with a hat? What are you going to do, throw it? 

JW: "*Confirmed* bachelor…“ 

SH: Some sort of death frisbee?

JW: Okay, this is too much. We’ve got to be more careful. 

SH: It’s got flaps. *Ear* flaps! It’s an *ear* hat, John!

[Throws the hat to John

SH: What do you mean, "more careful”?

JW: I mean, this isn’t a deerstalker now, it’s a Sherlock Holmes hat. I mean, you’re not exactly a *private* detective any more! You’re this far from famous! 

SH: Oh, it’ll pass

The deerstalker.