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السلام عليكم بحكم قراءاتك للكتب صديقة لي توفي افراد من عائلتها ، هل من كتاب يكون لها بلسم او محتواه يواسيها ؟

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته , الله يربط على قلبها ويعينها ويريح قلبها :/

والله سؤال صعب يبغى له يكون كتاب للتو قرأته لأنها أكيد تحتاج شيء يرفع من معنوياتها وللأسف اللحين مو جاي فبالي ولا شيء لكن متابعين الصفحه أكيييييد ماراح يقصرون

أرجوكم ساعدوها . 

ونصيحة بسيطه خليها كل ماضاق صدرها تصلي والدعاء , ربي يسعدكِ وياها حتى أنتِ صديقة وفيه لها 


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Deerre, feeling selfish about ignoring her feelings isn't really a good basis for starting a relationship with her again... You should only start a relationship if you actually want to... You did already break up with her once, so if you start a relationship half-heartedly, then that could just lead to another break-up. And despite her still having feelings for you, she certainly won't push them on you, especially because you broke up with her.

“-( Well, yes…I don’t know. I don’t even feel ready for another relationship, this is the last thing I want to think about… )-”

“-( I’m going to go talk to Keirla… )-”

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(Time for an angst question! I've been curious) Hey Deerre, did you actually have feelings for Idalin, or were you just going through the motions and giving her what you thought she wanted?

“-( Of course I had feelings for her! There were a lot of things I was incapable of then, but feeling red for someone as wonderful as her was not one of them. I don’t think I tried hard enough to make her happy, much less just giving her what I thought she wanted… )-”

“-( …Most of my life back then was just going through the motions. If anything, Idalin was the only real light in my life. I…Words cannot describe how much I regret everything that came to pass. )-”

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do re mi fullmetal alchemist so la ti

do, a deer a female deer

re, a drop of golden sun

mi, a name i call myself

fa, alchemy is a science where one understands the structure of matter, breaks it down, then rebuilds it. However, it is not an all-powerful technique, as one cannot create something out of nothing. If one wishes to gain something, one must present something of equal value.This is the concept of equivalent exchange, the fundamental basis of alchemy. However, there is a taboo in alchemy. Human transmutation.

so, a needle pulling threa