Hera fully intends to go to the ball, alone or not, same for Keirla and Mirral

Gurren will likely go, but will probably hide his tail/act at least slightly normal

Floren is interested but too nervous

Sakana will go as it is an important function, Dohvan and Hikari will not

Nihl would like to go but he has never gone before and wants a date

Yomi has gone before but doesn’t intend on going this sweep as it’s more high-profile

Tauali and Deerre have people they’d like to ask to go with them, Lloric will probably get dragged along by Sionne

Cyr is vaguely interested but probably won’t go unless he gets a date

Rigell wants to go but is unsure and too nervous to ask his flushcrush out

The rest aren’t interested/didn’t receive an invite